tattered floral winners…

wow bloggers…what an amazing turn out for the tattered floral challenge!  i can’t believe there were over 700 submissions to the challenge so i just want to start off by saying thank you all for being part of it.  to be honest, the whole idea behind this was to really inspire you to just take time to create something…whatever it was…using the same “ingredient” so to speak (i guess this was iron chef crafting style).  to see how many of you decided to actually take me up on this challenge blows me away, and i really hope that simply by taking part was really worth it to you and somehow inspired your creativity.  i know that most of you have checked out the submissions and clicked on the links to see the other amazing ideas shared by the participants – after all, that was the whole purpose behind the challenge.  i’ve said it many times before, the most important thing to me, and by far the most rewarding, is to see how all of you take the ideas and make them your own.  i thank you again for being part of this challenge, whether you submitted a project, or simply for cheering along with your comments on the blog, they most certainly did not go unnoticed.  now although it might seem cliche, you are all winners in my book – so bravo to you…

that being said we do have 5 winners to announce for the “tattered floral challenge” who will each receive a tim holtz prize package filled with $175 of creative goodness.  it was fun looking at your submissions you’ve been posting throughout the past month and certainly our challenge was choosing our favorites, but after much deliberation, we narrowed it down to our top 5.  so if you see your name and project listed, congrats to you for being one of our tattered floral winners – please email mario@timholtz.com to claim your prize package.

thanks again everyone…t!m


lisa nazario-gregory: i would have to say that we were blow away by the talents this crafter had for taking the tattered floral die and making some amazing flower variations.  the best part is she shares her tutorials for making many of these right on her blog.  it was really wonderful to see all of the different styles and colors of flowers made by a single die.  well done lisa…


linda kobosky: the idea of taking flowers to adorn projects with was definitely the inspiration for this project.  we loved the birdhouse decorated with a variety of tattered floral flowers, but it was the versatility of this die used to create architectural features on her birdhouse like the shingles for the rooftop that had us loving this project.  very clever linda…


angelica: now this is one we definitely wanted to see in person.  to think that these are all created using the tattered floral die, and even more amazing white copy paper?  something about the classic look of the white bouquet of flowers is rather stunning don’t you think?  there are tutorials on many of these flowers too on her blog.  simplicity at it’s finest angelica…


tamera: this was one of those projects that made us smile because of the innovative materials used to create it.  i mean who would have possibly looked at the pile of supplies she shows on her blog, and then watch as she turns them into very clever and rustic tattered florals.  i just thought it was very different, and unique.  clever ideas tamera…


jennifer lynn newcomb: when you think over the top, this one definitely fits the bill.  can you imagine covering a wall in your house with tattered florals?  well this crafter did, and we’re so happy she did.  this entry was submitted through flickr so there is no blog to link to unfortunately to see the process, but if you click the link there are more pictures of the finished wall.  awesome work jennifer…

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226 Comments to “tattered floral winners…”

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  4. Emily Barker says:

    Finally getting around to posting a comment. Better late than never. Congratulations to the winners. Happy to say my eye is good–I picked 3 of the winners myself. You are awesome! Tim, I have no idea how you were able to pick just 5! A great challenge!

  5. caroleb says:

    Would really love to have these metallics–the male perspective really shows in everything Tim creates!

  6. Cathy says:

    Wow, is all I can say. It is amazing the creativity people have!!!

  7. Roxanne says:

    Congrats Congrats to the Lucky 5! Really great projects and inspiration! My fav is that birdhouse….how adorable and interesting!

  8. Bev Linkhart says:

    WOW! Super awesome! Love all the incredible ideas from just one die. So cool!

  9. Lisa Geraty says:

    Wow, amazing projects from these 5 ladies. I didn’t look at too many of the entries, but you must of had a hard time choosing only 5.

  10. Deanna Schone says:

    Congratulations winners! Beautiful inspiration.

  11. Wow- gorgeous projects! I can’t wait to see some of these up close! I’m planning on making some paper flowers for my wedding bouquet, and there is certainly some great inspiration here!!

  12. absolutely awesome winners – so well deserved
    thanks again Tim

  13. Brin says:

    Ummm WOW, that wall is amazing. All of them are great but that wall is absolutely awesome. I cannot imagine how much time that took. Very cool inspiration!

  14. Annamarie says:

    Congrats to ALL of the winners and your wonderful creative ideas.

  15. Sara Jansen says:

    Congratulations to the winners…cant wait to go check them out some more…and I’m hoping you will run more challenges over time. It was a great process for me personally and so much fun to see all the other projects. As always, I end a comment with THANKS!!

  16. Wow! That is some amazing stuff! I saw several of these along the way during the challenge and was so impressed. I can see why they won!

  17. Lagene says:

    Amazing projects! Congrats to all the winners!

  18. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    Wow!! These projects are fabulous.

  19. ArteDar says:

    I’m soooooo so happy for the winners…CONGRATULATIONS!!!…Your work was MAGNIFICENT…enjoy your goodie prize and make more amazing art. Peace and Love and Blessings

  20. Heather says:

    Thank you Tim for such a fun challenge. It was great to see how many people took part and the ideas are amazing! Congrats to all that received Tim’s very generous giveaways but I too think we were all winners with everyone sharing and commenting.

  21. Ilona says:

    Congrats to all the winners!!!

  22. Pam B says:

    Wow! Simply amazing! I so appreciate seeing all the fabulous things people do, and how creative everyone is. It really helps me spur my own creativity.

  23. Congrats to the winners! Amazing creativity!

  24. Really these designs are amazing, i like these, i will make it.

  25. Rei says:

    Wow I love the wall covering so much i want to do that to my wall!!!
    Thanks Jennifer for thinking outside the box and all over the wall hahaha

  26. cheryl c says:

    The flowers made from white office paper blew me away! Also loved how Lisa N-G is so creative with the same die. These are very inspirational!

  27. TSBroome says:

    WOW WOW WOW! Amazing job, everyone. Each one is so inspiring in its own way – thank you for sharing. Congratulations to all the winners.

  28. Cindy C says:

    Congratulations to all the winners. Tamera, your project caught my eye. Guess its the scrapbooker in me 😉

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