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hi bloggers and greetings from chilly ohio.  we spent the weekend in cleveland with our stampers anonymous family mr. and mrs.(ted & michelle) and their kids (trevor and katie) who were our hosts.  we’ve  had lots of fun, and really enjoyed just enjoying spending time together.  yesterday afternoon we did a little antique shopping where i was able to find a few treasures to take back in my suitcase…


today we had the opportunity to head down to stampers anonymous headquarters to check out the new addition they are making to the building – wowza!  lot’s more room to make more stamps we hope.  ted was our tour guide giving us a glimpse of the plans for the expansion as well as taking us around the build site.  it’s really going to be so amazing when it’s all finished (there’s even talk of having an on-site classroom for future events).  while we were there carl came in to press a little rubber to begin building stock of the new images coming your way soon.  such a cool process to watch rubber stamps being made from start to finish, right before your eyes…

so we are now in columbus and tomorrow we’re spending the day with our friends at simon says stamp.  i’ll be teaching the staff my patchwork pandemonium project so it’s going to be a technique filled day, i can’t wait.  no doubt there will be lots of tweeting and facebook posts to share the fun with all of you too as always.  happy monday…t!m

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  2. Sue McG says:

    More room to make stamps, gratuitous rubber stamp production photos, and the tease of a classroom?? You’re killing me (in the best way) 🙂

  3. Yelowflower says:

    gotta say I love to see how things are made, so this is very interesting to me.

  4. Lisa Holtsberry says:

    Where is this new building addition located. I am completely coming into this game late. But through looking at Jo-Ann’s sales for this weekend I was completely excited about your stamps which I haven’t even known exsisted (your line, to be specific) because I am not real kin on what I have see in stamp lines and since I am an artist who likes to do all original designs from my own hand. This got me thinking. Maybe a future job… 🙂 Doesn’t hurt to ask, right? A new big fan, Lisa

  5. Deb says:

    that would be fun to see the rubber made. hmmm.. new images coming our way! Can hardly wait

  6. Gloria L. says:

    It is always interesting to me to see how things are “made”, so thanks for that! Stay warm!

  7. Thanks for showing us around the up and coming Stampers Annoymous site and I love the ‘lookin’ at the big picture photo’ – talk about hamming it up!


  8. tammy says:

    how fun 🙂

  9. Hettie says:

    I cannot wait to see those stamps over in the UK! I NEED those!
    Great looking extension in the making!

  10. Pamela Palm says:

    Wow! I think it would be fun to take a tour of a rubber stamp making factory. That rubber looks like it is still liquid on the back as he is picking it up. Is it really something brand new?

  11. Debbie B says:

    Boy, would I like to go there or what!!! That would be a hoot.

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