sizzix village gingerbread…

2016photosverticalthe sweet smell of gingerbread fills the air in this video tutorial for the new village gingerbread.  create a colorful cottage accented with whimsical candies and sugary sparkle that looks good enough to eat, but the best part of this one is no baking required – happy holidays…t!m

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24 Comments to “sizzix village gingerbread…”

  1. Bonnie Epps says:

    Just got the village. Where are all the parts???

  2. Jessica Germain says:

    So sweet! I need to get this one too! Thanks Tim

  3. Love the little houses but I have no place to display them. (Insert big sigh here)

  4. Lisa Leavitt says:

    loads of fun techniques! great tutorial .. gets the creative thoughts flowing

  5. Sheila Bacon says:

    Yummy! Yummy! No calories, yeah! Thank you for the video!

  6. Sheila Bacon says:

    Yummy! Yummy! No calories, yeah!

  7. Shirley says:

    Love this house!

  8. Wilma Fox says:

    Oh my gosh, creative genius at work, thank you for sharing Tim, and Season Greeting to you and yours.

  9. Shirley says:

    Great house Tim!! I am so looking forward to making this with my granddaughter next week….SO EXCITED!!! I LOVE every sing house and every single accessory that you have created…and oh yes I own them all:) So happy for Christmas and all the cards, decorations, etc. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mario and the rest of your family. You guys are the best!

  10. Anne V says:

    Cant wait to make this wonderful reminder of past times of family fun. Note to self-Don’t squirt this “Icing” into your mouth like you did when you were a kid! No licking fingers, either LOL! I might have to find some type of Gingerbread/cinnamon scented something to tuck inside, though.

  11. Jo says:

    Tim this is a fantastic gingerbread house!!!! My 13 year old daughter sat here and watched the video with me and said, ” I want this so bad so that I can make different shops and houses for my Barbies to go shopping” and I thought, OMG she is just too cute!!!! But I will say, I do love your invention of this dwelling and all the add-ons. I don’t own any of them, really wish I did to be honest but I am disabled and a single mom, don’t have any income yet (fighting for my disability) and I live with my family to help care for my daughter and I. So needless to say, my wishlist is so so so long!! I really do wish I could own the dwelling and this gingerbread add-on… it would definitely have been something fun to do with my daughter for the holiday. Thank you for making such awesome products Tim and for always inspiring me. I truly do love ya man. I hope you have a great weekend and a truly blessed holiday season.

  12. Angele van Leeuwen says:

    Love the video – makes it so much easier to understand all the techniques!
    Of course the end result is T!Mtastic 😉

  13. Ann says:

    Delightful!! Thanks for sharing a tutorial for this adorable gingerbread house–love all your tips, including the dollar store icing kit! We all know you’re just a kid at heart, Tim!! : ) Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mario!

  14. What a fun project! The tinted windows and mini wreath on the door are soooooooo cute!

  15. Rosann says:

    OMG … how cute is that … such a great pictured you “painted” … I smell the gingerbread LOL !
    I may have to get this … you killing me Tim 🙂

  16. I need to want this add on die… I am slowly collecting them all…

  17. paula says:

    Love, love the roof with the colored tiles! Sure glad you created a tutorial for this one!

  18. Kim wolff says:

    Beautiful! Looks just like a gingerbread house!

  19. SusanK says:

    Have been working on my own version…these are so much fun!

  20. Steve Jenks says:

    Somehow this video gave me the idea to use my thinlets as cookie cutters this season. Let’s see how this works out haha

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