simply bird crazy…


from birthday to baby, bow ties to ballooons, boxes to books and everything else in between, the new bird crazy stamps are showing up everywhere!  these fun and whimsical birds are one of the most popular stamp releases from stampers anonymous, and when you see the various creative personalities they seem to have it’s easy to see why.  i love that these crazy feathered friends are just perfect for coloring and ready to express whatever artful thoughts you give them.  check out these wonderful projects created by the following talented artists who’ve gone a little bird crazy too…

sandy allnock: cool coloring comparison.
chelle fowler: an instant favorite of mine.
kath stewart: share the love with this springtime collage card.
debra james: a great idea for a simple colorful background.
kristina werner: there are so many ways to color.
vicky papaioannou: this colorful art journal page is such fun.
barbarayaya: love the use of dies, stamps, and shadowpress.
candy colwell: another colorful art journaling idea.
berdien weideveld: just perfect indeed.
richardbreaks: you can never use too many numbers.
jodene: all dressed up and ready to go.
amanda: the perfect way to grunge these up.
lorraine a: cute and clever card ideas.
nicole wright: what a great dimensional project.
anna-karin: such a creative journal page.
jingle: simple and perfect.
houses built of cards: vibrant and colorful.

speaking of crazy, we managed to grab a few sets of these stamps at the show last weekend…


although mario doesn’t want to give up the shirt off his back, he does want to give these stamps away!  for your chance to win, simply post a comment about your favorite “crazy bird” here on the blog…

winners will be announced sunday 3/22 – enjoy your weekend…t!m

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991 Comments to “simply bird crazy…”

  1. zoe says:

    Omg … love them all… The monty python sketch book piece is quite inspirational. …. will be whistling the end to Life of Brian for rest of the day

  2. Karen Buchanan says:

    The pink one on Mario’s back is my favorite! Have so many ideas for these crazy birds, just need to get the stamps! Love this set so much!

  3. Sandra Lavoie says:

    These are the best birds ever!

  4. Sheri K says:

    I must confess, I have these birds, your latest inks, in my cart at an online store. With tax time nearly upon us, I’m waiting, how much do “I owe, I owe” before making the purchase, again with thoughts, “Ooo, almost April, new ink color….” I do love how Chelle stacked my 3 favorite birds, and yes, I “want” the shirt off Mario’s back! You are turning ME into one crazy bird!

  5. Amaia says:

    My favorite one is the penguin (I think it’s a penguin!!) but I like all of them. I like the projects shown as well, endless posibilities.

  6. Brenda Price says:

    I am the LUCKY owner of one of these adorable bird set and am teaching a class this weekend using them. I would LOVE to win the shirt off Mario’s back. Great release this time!!! Can’t wait to get the coffee set!

  7. Linda J.W. says:

    All of them are so stinking cute I would love to have them all
    My favorite card is with the bird with the birthday hat on
    says he is sorry that he missed your birthday… Such a cute way
    to use the stamp

  8. Dolly says:

    They are adorable!! I cracked right up when I saw Kristina Werner’s version! Their little faces seem to have a lot to say!

  9. Sharon Young says:

    Yes, they are cute and crazy. And multiplying! I’ve already pinned many of these on my birds board. Just can’t get enough. Working on a journal page with them this weekend.

  10. DLJackson says:

    Love that shirt! And those stamps. I have enjoyed coloring them.

  11. Atticelf says:

    LOL…seeing that expression on Mario’s face…HE’S my favorite crazy bird! Love the art journal pages too. I’m always singing that song. 🙂

  12. They are all so cute. Tough choice. These could turn me into a card-maker. I think my favorite is the chubby guy…the yellow one on Mario’s shirt. And where can we get that shirt, btw? I want one. 🙂

  13. Diane Olson says:

    Love the crazy birds. Hard to pick a favorite. As a bird watcher, Id love to get my hands on these little guys. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Sue S says:

    I got my set as soon as they were released along with the Flower Garden. That’s how to spell happy.

  15. Mary Babet says:

    I so love this stamp set of crazy birds! Of course I love all birds but these are so stinking cute and can be used in so many different ways. Thank you for the opportunity to win a set!

  16. Barb says:

    These birds are so fun! I like all the different expressions on their faces. My favorite one is the green one on Mario’s shirt. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

  17. PATRICIA REY says:

    Amazing projects my favorites are Kristina card , vicky art jounal and baby card is super cute

  18. Redanne says:

    That is like asking us to choose a favourite child! I love them all, they really do make me smile – big, every time I see them being used… I do love Mario’s tee shirt…

  19. Sanisah says:

    Love Kristina and Vicky’s design best. Love the bird with the bow too! Simply quirky, especially the eyes!
    Lol. Don’t mind the T-shirt on Mario’s back too. Why not give both T-shirt and stamp set? Pretty pls…

  20. The crazy birds are such a fun release. I love Mario’s shirt….brilliant. I would love to give a home to a set of the birds, my favourite is the green guy at the bottom left of Marios shirt, the little quiff of hair really makes me smile. Happy spring to you guys

  21. They’re so cute! Its the craziest things … I swear I can hear the partridge bird sing … “pick me, pick me” … and I think I will 🙂
    ~ Terry ~

  22. stampersuzz says:

    I have been seeing so many silly, fun, funky and all around awesome birds out there in pinterest and blogland glad you created a roost of them here to see! Awesome projects! I love the birthday hat and deflated balloon! That gave me a chuckle.

  23. It’s too hard to pick just one of these cute birdies, but I do love the one looking up in the air with the curl on his (or her) head as in the heartfelt wishes card and several of the others. Thank you for a chance to win a set!

  24. g says:

    Why? Do you do this to me? So cute.

  25. Loving the projects by all those talented creatives, and I adore the slightly confused bird in the middle of the bottom row (beautifully represents life sometimes!) Thanks for the chance to win x

  26. Barbara Albrecht says:

    Sandy Allnocks has fabulous color. Kristina Werner’s sad little birdie is just too cute. I love them ALL!! I especially love Mario’s shirt….I’ll trade him so he has a shirt to wear. I also loved the apron I saw a while back. I would love to win the birdies because I can’t find them anywhere. Please tell Mr. Stampers Anonymous that we all NEED these little birdies!!

  27. Amanda says:

    I don’t have a favorite I LOVE them all! Need them all

  28. Memoriesbymanda says:

    These crazy birds are hilarious one. I especially like the yellow one on Marios top.

  29. Marian says:

    I saw these n a book at my local crafting store and loved them.
    Would be a fun thing to win.

  30. Lisa H says:

    They are all crazy fun! I think I like the worried looking one best though. =)

  31. Vicki Way says:

    i love Vicki’s art journal and how she used these kooky birds! Great use of the stamp set from all submissions!

  32. Pat Carmody says:

    I absolutely love Vicky’s art jounaling page using “Crazy Birds” and so many other Tim Holtz products. She captured the true essence of the fun birds!!!

  33. Dee in NH says:

    LOVE these birds!!! So far back-ordered everywhere! Vicky P. had already convinced me I had to have them!

  34. Tim, these are just the best that you have ever done! Every single one of them puts a smile on my face! Love them all!!!

  35. Nancy in Oregon says:

    These birds are so me!!! My sense of humor, I love them!!!! I just can’t wait to get this set!!!! I love the one with the balloon and the birthday hat!! Haahaaaa Hilarious!!

  36. Elvira says:

    i LOVE then all, but my favorite is the one with the skinny pink

  37. Lori Williams says:

    These crazy birds are so awesome! Haven’t seen them anywhere yet! Love what Candy Colwell did with the journal pages and the birds!

  38. Dawn Craumer says:

    Love the little green one! Handsome little reminds me of a weeble. Would love to work with this set!

  39. Gail Walsh says:

    My fave is the little yellow chubby fellow, such a happy and bright color! And when Mario is tired of the shirt, he can send it along as well! 😀 I want these so badly and it’s going to be forrrrr everrrrr before our local crafty places will get them!!!! And I just can’t wait!

  40. Deborah LaVoie says:

    I LOVE this set!!! The round chubbie bird is the best…but I love them ALL!

  41. Marian M says:

    No one could be more bird crazy than I am! Put wings on it and I want it. This set was my favorite this year and I especially love the green guy on Mario’s shirt. The shirt is great, too!

  42. Bødker says:

    Hey, wouw all those examples are great!
    I just love the bird with the elvis hair….

  43. Lee Ann Parrish says:

    I wasn’t crazy about these birds at first, but have to admit they’ve grown on me. Love the little guy with the “tuft” on his head

  44. Kathy Andrews says:

    P.S. I think my favorite bird is the fat little yellow one with the questionable quirky expression… I can think of SOOOO many creative uses for that stamp in particular. But seriously, I want them all (and I can see more additional birds in the future).

  45. Karen Stevens says:

    I love them all, but the little fat yellow one on Mario’s Tshirt cracks me up!!!!!! Thanks for a chance to win the set.

  46. Trent Miller says:

    i love the yellow bird. Is a great stampset. Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. Jen Shipley says:

    I just love the yellow bird! This stamp set is so stinkin’ cute!!!!!!

  48. Loraine says:

    Mario I just love your top, what a cute little flock they are. I love the little one with one eye bigger than the other. I think they should all have names. So versatile I would never run out of ideas for these cuties x

  49. Kathy Andrews says:

    OMGoodness… loved these birds from the very moment I saw them. Creative ideas popped in my head immediately… a definite must have. And, since I can’t get the shirt of Mario’s back… I’ll settle for the stamps. LOVE THE SHIRT though!

  50. Ohhh Snap says:

    These birds are so very versatile!

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