simply bird crazy…


from birthday to baby, bow ties to ballooons, boxes to books and everything else in between, the new bird crazy stamps are showing up everywhere!  these fun and whimsical birds are one of the most popular stamp releases from stampers anonymous, and when you see the various creative personalities they seem to have it’s easy to see why.  i love that these crazy feathered friends are just perfect for coloring and ready to express whatever artful thoughts you give them.  check out these wonderful projects created by the following talented artists who’ve gone a little bird crazy too…

sandy allnock: cool coloring comparison.
chelle fowler: an instant favorite of mine.
kath stewart: share the love with this springtime collage card.
debra james: a great idea for a simple colorful background.
kristina werner: there are so many ways to color.
vicky papaioannou: this colorful art journal page is such fun.
barbarayaya: love the use of dies, stamps, and shadowpress.
candy colwell: another colorful art journaling idea.
berdien weideveld: just perfect indeed.
richardbreaks: you can never use too many numbers.
jodene: all dressed up and ready to go.
amanda: the perfect way to grunge these up.
lorraine a: cute and clever card ideas.
nicole wright: what a great dimensional project.
anna-karin: such a creative journal page.
jingle: simple and perfect.
houses built of cards: vibrant and colorful.

speaking of crazy, we managed to grab a few sets of these stamps at the show last weekend…


although mario doesn’t want to give up the shirt off his back, he does want to give these stamps away!  for your chance to win, simply post a comment about your favorite “crazy bird” here on the blog…

winners will be announced sunday 3/22 – enjoy your weekend…t!m

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991 Comments to “simply bird crazy…”

  1. Cindy Kincaid says:

    These stamps are perfect as I have nine rescued parrots. If I win I’m going to make cards to sell at the bird nerds rescue in Canton. Donations will go to the rescue to feed the many unwanted parrots they house.

  2. Deb Miller says:

    These birds are the coolest and goofiest! I would love to win a set! Kind of fits my family. Lol

  3. Teddi whitney says:

    I am obsessed with ALL things Crazy , Birds especially. I have ordered dies as well. Cant wait ti start creating. Winning more would let me spread the joy that is Tim Holtz.

  4. Terri Conrad says:

    Love the cock-eyed one! Kind of how I feel some days!! Love these guys! I need yo save for the accessories for them! Great stuff!!

  5. […] posted HERE by Tim. I still get tons of people coming from that link! […]

  6. Carol Held says:

    I adore the one by Kristina, because she saw beyond the delicious little birdie, and pulled you in with her own adaptation of one sad bird missing a birthday…..soooo crazy bird cute!

  7. […] posted HERE by Tim. I still get tons of people coming from that link! […]

  8. Judy La Mantia says:

    OMGosh these crazy birds are just to adorable!!! I love the little fat, fluffy one, but, wait a minute I love them all!!!! How can you make us decide on just one, they are all “crazy”.

  9. Becky Cantu says:

    i want the shirt!!!!!

  10. Kathy Andrews says:

    AND.. my favorite bird… let’s see… my favorite is the little yellow bird, but I like the little black/white one too because he reminds me of a whimsy Dracula. HOWEVER, to be truly honest… I lOVE them all! Can’t wait to get my hands on the accessories to these little crazy birdies!

  11. Kathy Andrews says:

    I need one of those Stampers Anonymous Crazy Bird shirts… one long sleeve and one short sleeve… where can I get them? I LOVE that shirt Mario!

  12. Pammy says:

    Please don’t make me chose a favorite because it’s just like asking which of your kids is your fav. Answer is that I love ’em all!!

  13. Wanda Plonk says:

    Would love to win these,I look at all the beautiful cards on Pinterest and would love to make my own,Please, Please ,Please let me win.

  14. Cindy Close says:

    I like the middle bottom one. So often after a stressful day at work, I swear that’s just what I look like.

  15. Julie Louis-Benaglio says:

    I love the crazy birds. I feel I belong with them

  16. Terri Jansma says:

    Love these birds! Loads of ways to use them.

  17. Paula Gale says:

    I love love love them all. I am a pediatric occupational therapist that brings crafting into my treatment sessions making fine motor skills fun for kids with major challenges. Most of my kids can’t draw recognizable objects so stamping is a real motivator when working on grasp, strength, and targeting. I would really love to get hands on a ste of those stamps.

  18. Shirl Boughner says:

    love the one on the bottom left on your shirt with the green belly. She looks a bit pregnant

  19. Yvonne Barbosa says:

    Okay, so I’m really, really late for the giveaway, but I just had to comment anyway! I just stumbled upon this via Pinterest, and I just love these birds! Where have I been? I haven’t seen these in any of the shops near me, but I will now be on the lookout for them online, for sure. 🙂 My favorite one? If I had to pick one… it would have to be the blue one on Mario’s shirt with the one small eye and one big eye. Reminds me of how I feel when I get home from work!! 😉

  20. Jacqueline hall says:

    I love the owl…so much personality!

  21. Lila Schmidt says:

    The shape on that little chubby one reminds me of myself. Would love the birdy to land on my patio and stay awhile with me.

  22. Rhonda Parkins says:

    I will fly so high if I would win a stamp set. I love the characters these little fellows have. Too bad about the shirt

  23. Judithann illingworth says:

    my favorite stamps. At first I thought I would never have any use for yhem, but after all of the amazing cards samples I have seen, I have fallen in love with them. So versatile and fun.

  24. Kim Blanchette says:

    You can’t choose just one bird! You simply have to have them all! Choosing just one would be like picking a favourite child and that is just not an option, LOVE them ALL!

  25. Jeri Blaufuss says:

    What to look at first!!! So many great cards.

  26. Jacque Pearsall says:

    I love the creativity that these stamps have inspired. I love to win a set and get inspired myself

  27. Angela Lauerman says:

    Oh boy! Would love these mystical creatures! Thanks for the opportunity to win a set of the stamps, maybe I will be able to make a shirt similiar to Marios.

  28. aww love your birds totally, ;O))

  29. Sarah-Ann Littler says:

    I like the fat yellow one at the top of his tshirts he reminds me of me though im not yellow but like to wear it lol

  30. Ann Littler says:

    I so love the little green one bottom left on t shirt. I mean look at that hair style it’s a classic. I want them all but one would do for now if I could find them to buy lol

  31. Ann Littler says:

    I so love the little green one bottom left. I mean that hair style is a classic lol they are all cute. I want them all but even one would be good for now lol

  32. Audrey Aitken says:

    I love these stamps they’re beautiful and have got my imagination going with the cards that I could make!

    I like the chartreuse-pear-shaped bird on the back of the shirt. With the bit of the cowlick (although I’m not an Elvis fan) I can just hear that bird whistling “Jailhouse Rock” while swishing his wings about from side to side.

  33. Ava mah says:

    I love them all but if I chose one it be the plump one.But there all cute

  34. I love birds! Asking me to make a choice is like choosing a favorite between my kids! Oh the heights one can soar with these little birds! Thanks

  35. […] cards and projects featuring these whimsical birds online.  If you haven’t checked out Tim’s blog post for inspiration you should.  I also absolutely fell in love with this card  and this one […]

  36. Kirsten B. says:

    WOW!! I’m going bird crazy! My favorite is the bird with the deflated balloon for the late birthday wish…Perfect!!!

  37. Laura Y says:

    I love Sandy Allnock’s version. So bright an colorful!

  38. Carolyn Steele says:

    My favorite (although it is tough because they are all amazing) is Kristina Werner with her sad bird and his deflated balloon. The bird’s expression really matches with a missed party!

  39. Amy McCue says:

    Those birds are crazy. I haven’t gotten my hands on a set yet, but I am hoping to soon.

  40. Debbie Dunn says:

    I love them all but my fav is the puffy yellow fellow! He’s the bomb!

  41. Margaret Griffiths says:

    Love them all they are so fun and crazy

  42. Carmen Graulau says:

    I love them all, but my favorite is the one Jodene used. I think it’s bird 5. Too cute and funny 🙂

  43. Jenn says:

    Ohhh, love the little yellow birdie! Can’t wait to get a hold of these! Thank you for the great products and a chance to win some!

  44. susan salyer says:

    Oh wow I have been off looking at Traders Village sorry I missed the try I just adore the quirky birdies.
    congrats to the winners. yay!!!

  45. Millie says:

    Love the shirt..You should sell those too!!!

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