ranger mystery sneak peek 2013…

rangermysteryhey everyone.  my sincere thank you to each of you for sharing in the fun of the “sneak peeks” tradition when it comes to the cha trade show.  your comments, posts, likes, tweets, etc. all make this journey even better for me when i get to share in your excitement for the new designs i work on for each release.  no doubt there are lots of great new things coming your way and honestly many of them are shipping as early as the end of this month and others in august so there’s not long to wait…

well today is the first time i’m posting a sneak peek with nothing to really “peek” at.  what’s up with that???  well the guys at ranger want to keep the latest addition to the distress line a “mystery” until the actual first day of the cha show.  even the retailers and our distributors have no idea what the product is that i’m going to be releasing.  crazy huh?…


well i can give you a hint: it’s a new spin on an existing product in the line.  something i’ve changed up a bit that i think you’re going to love and just in time for the holiday season.  well that’s really all i can say about it today, but i’ll be tweeting, mario will be tweeting all of the BTS/behind the scenes, we’ll be on facebook, and sharing via instagram (my favorite) all throughout the cha show from set up to break down so you can bet i’ll be sharing at 9am MST on tuesday july 23rd what this “mystery” product is…
*UPDATE: click here to view the reveal on rangerink.com.

i hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peek weeks on the blog.  i wanted to remind you about the tim holtz app i launched last year.  if you haven’t downloaded it to your iphone, ipad, or android what are you waiting for – it’s free!?  the best part is all of my new release products are already listed in the app so you can create your “wish lists” and even email them to your store right from your device (by clicking the little envelope in the upper right corner).  this way you can get what you want right away.  visit the app store here and download the app today.  it has direct links to my blog, calendar, video, product inventory, your wish lists, and more.  if you have downloaded my app, i would sure appreciate you posting a rating and review on itunes (it only has 19 right now so c’mon you guys)…

well i need to finish the last of the samples and get packing to fly out tomorrow.  look out vegas – here we come…t!m

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249 Comments to “ranger mystery sneak peek 2013…”

  1. Kathleen Harrington says:

    CHA! CHA! CHA! (to be chanted like the USA! chant).

  2. Holly Johnson says:

    I would love to get the app for my kindle. I don’t have an i- anything.

  3. cant wait to try all the new items!

  4. love the iceskate tag. very pretty!

  5. Dria says:

    hmmm..we know what it is now but you need to show us some fun things done using it..what makes it better than the white/clear t hat we color to suit ourselves? what makes it better than using the distress stickles?

  6. ionabunny says:

    A sneak peek without a peak. Very intriguing

  7. Sandra Nosek says:

    Tried to download your app and wen under many categories including typing in your name with no success! If you can help I would be grateful! Thx!

  8. Heidi G says:

    So excited to see all that you created with all the new products. Hope it is all a great success.

  9. cant wait to see the new items. have fun at the cha!

  10. chimerastone says:

    Please don’t tempt me my wishlist is almost full in the app. Only joking I still have plenty of room but not limitless credit.

  11. Was SO excited to see the distressed glitter! Cannot WAIT to get some! Awesome product as usual!

  12. Carolyn Bosley says:

    Just took a look at the Ranger site…….loving the new spin on an old product.

  13. Amy Bagley says:

    Anxiously awaiting the announcement of the Newest addition to the Distress line of products…trying to be patient…the anticipation is building…can’t wait!

  14. Cannot wait for the reveal today! Have fun!

  15. Yes I am enjoying the new app. Wish all ur rubberstamps were on the website. Luv the stains and all ur new products definitely christmas in july1

  16. have a safe trip! can’t wait to see the new items.

  17. Roxanne Pafundi says:

    TeeHee! I Love Suspense! Can’t wait to see the ‘new’ distress something or other! 😉 Thanks for the Goosebumps!

  18. Patricia says:

    Can’t wait!

  19. Carole says:

    Have a wonderful time in Vegas and looking forward to the unveiling.

  20. Jessica R says:

    I bet it’s an updated Vagabond! Great for a Holiday Gift!!! Can’t wait to find out what it is!!!

  21. Helen says:

    can’t wait to see what this is!!

  22. Sue A. says:

    Hmm, I’m wondering what it could. Curiosity is killing me….

  23. Cindy says:

    Sorry, don’t have an iPad and due to our cutbacks at work and loss in pay I had to prioritize and my android was no longer a priority, so that cost was cut; otherwise, I would download the ap. Looking forward to checking everything out on Tuesday.

  24. Kathy Nycz says:

    I hope it’s a line of spray mists in the distress colors. I love playing with spray mists and I would really like to see the distress line in sprays.

  25. Dria says:

    WELL as long as “What Happens in Vegas doesn’t Stay in Vegas!!” better show all of us poor souls that don’t get to be in Vegas!

  26. Isabelle M says:

    Have a safe fly, and I would be there, but so far from me…I’LL wait for blog post…

  27. Reah Feiertag says:

    Wish I was in Vegas!

  28. lacyquilter says:

    I’m guessing a spinner for stickles just in time for sparkly holiday cards.

  29. Hi Tim, I cannot wait to see this new twist mystery product! I love your app, I believe every one using any of the products you design should use it, makes it much easier to shop without buying what is already in our toolbox! I Tried to find a way to rate it on the app store but did not succeed yet. It would be a 5 stars for sure! Have a whole lot of fun at CHA!

  30. Bethany Metkovich says:

    Tim, thanks for all your “sneak peaks” this week…I love the new stencils!
    Thanks for your comments last weekend at Carson….about taking time to “play” for at least an hour with your stuff….I seem to have no problem collecting all this stuff and admiring it, but I need to just play with it!!! and not worry about “if I use it up, I won’t have anymore of it” syndrome!

  31. Mickie says:

    Can’t wait to see what you’re up to Tim?!??!

  32. Dana B says:

    Sorry 🙂 Going to download the ap now… Enjoy cha!!!

  33. Julia says:

    I do hope your new product is a “Clean Your House” distress product, while you Scrapbook. We could sure use that. Cannot Wait.

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