hey bloggers!  well today is one of those days when i sit here ready to blog and way too many random thoughts keep whizzing through my head…  the studio is a mess today as i am finally unpacking from cha and repacking for the next trip across the pond.  the walls of my studio are filled with pendulum clocks ticking away – and trust me there are lots of them!  most people would find the constant ticking annoying, but quite the opposite for me, i find it inspiring to keep pressing along and get things done.

i've received many random questions – some of them emailed to me, and others posted as comments on the blog.  so i thought today would be a good day to answer some of those, here goes:

"can i use the new alterations dies and folders in other machines – if so, which ones?"-
yes you can!  my alterations dies and embossing folders will work on all sizzix "big" machines (the big kick, big shot, and big shot express), they will also work on a cuttlebug machine.  for more info on plate configurations for each machine, refer to that manufacturer's suggestions for sizzix dies (most of this info can be found online with a simple google search).  i know this is good news for many of you who already own a machine or two (or three, or four!…)

"when is all the new cha stuff shipping?"-
well that's a hard question to answer with one specific date, but here's what i do know…
*new distress inks have already been shipping from ranger – woo hoo!
*new stamps from stampers anonymous have already been shipping – awesome!
*new idea-ology started shipping monday 2/15 and more to ship at the beginning of march – so far so good!
*new alterations from sizzix will be shipping by the end of this month and through april – i had some last minute art changes to a few things so most will be shipping now, but some won't be until later (you know how us creative types are!)

"are you going to be doing more demo videos on the new stuff?"-
you bet i am!  i am waiting until i am finished with my extensive international travel schedule and more importantly until the stores have the new products in stock.  teasing you with sneak peeks is one thing, but torturing you with video demos when you can't get the product yet is too much to handle!

"what's up with the whole facebook/twitter thing?"-
to be completely honest, i haven't a clue.  i believe technology has unlimited potential of communication, but that doesn't mean it all makes sense.  i know some people follow my blog by simply clicking on it, others by subscribing to a feed, and others via facebook and even some via twitter.  whatever way works for you, i have everything linked up so no matter how you choose to follow, you can and i appreciate that…

facebook:  when i blog, it shows up on facebook providing a link on my wall.   i have recently discovered though, that i am at my max of 5000 friends on facebook -who knew??? and thank you all!! so…i have now linked up my fan page to my blog so all posts will go there as well.  the fan page has unlimited followers so from now on, please click the link on my blog to become a fan since i can't add anymore friends.  confused yet?  i am, but that's okay, i don't need to understand facebook since i don't use it as much as others do.

twitter:  okay, i like twitter i admit!  i know many of you are overwhelmed with this techno stuff, but twitter is easy to follow and fun to read the random bits people tweet.  i follow many of my friends in the industry as well as other people i enjoy reading like ellen, ashton kutcher, ryan seacrest, and yes even the president.  so follow me on twitter if you wish, and another one to follow is mario who is also big on tweeting, and i mean BIG!  he tweets several times a day with all of the going's on and behind the scenes around the studio and throughout our travels.  it's fun to follow and you don't have to do a thing except sign up. 

of course, if you're just enjoying reading the blog and can't be bothered by all of this other stuff, no worries, i'm happy you're here!  so there you have it, some answers to random stuff.  time to get back to work here in the studio…t!m

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