well bloggers, another adventure to report!  tonight i was on QVC-Germany for the first time.  as many of you know, i'm no stranger to QVC.  i've been on QVC in the US, the UK, and now in Germany.  of course this one was a bit more difficult considering i don't speak or understand a word of german.  nevertheless, the show was a blast!  it was scheduled for 2 full hours of stamping fun with the talented and famous "blanche" the QVC-Germany celeb and owner of La Blanche who makes incredible craft and stamping products here in Germany.  she is so genuine, smart, creative, and passionate about the art of crafting, and she sure has an eye for decorating.  she provided the samples, created the sets on QVC, and designed the kits.  everything in the show sold out so fast that our 2 hour show, ended after only 1 1/2 hours.  i did my best to stamp, ink, and distress as fast as i could while Blanche and our wonderful QVC host talked about every kit (in german of course), while i was getting a live english translation in my ear.  talk about too much for my brain to process!  between hearing german in one ear, listening to english in the other, watching the monitors for the upcoming kits, and working with the current kit, it all seemed to go off pretty darn good (i hope).  we all had great fun and lots of laughs especially when i was referred to as the "barbara streisand of crafts"…seriously?  i couldn't stop laughing – i simply stopped what i was doing, interrupted the host because i asked, "couldn't i be compared to someone else-like elvis maybe?"  i guess trying to explain to their viewers who didn't know who i was, seemed a bit of a challenge, but we all enjoyed ourselves laughing throughout the entire show over that one.  so thanks again to all of you who watched it live via the web in the US, to mario for sharing the behind the scenes via tiwtter, and thank you also to the many viewers and shoppers in Germany, to QVC, and of course my wonderful friend Blanche – i look forward to next time (whenever that may be)…  tomorrow we're off to visit 2 stamp and scrapbook stores on our way to holland for the next trade show event.  what a day, time to get some much needed sleep…t!m


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