planning makes perfect…

1i know it’s been a while, but as always we’ve been crazy busy around here prepping for a couple of retailer workshop events i have this month.  i wanted to share highlights from our most recent one in orlando, florida this past weekend.  i was there along with fellow ranger designers dyan, dina, and wendy teaching various ranger workshops to store owners.  for my class, i had this idea to teach a spooktacular mixed-media configurations project “halloween reliquary”.  i knew this would be a huge undertaking (pun intended) to have 96 students complete a project like this in just the 3 hours i had to teach them.  in order to make this happen i needed a plan to prep this kit to assure every detail would be taken care of, and all i can say is – thank goodness for friends…

prep1mario started the prepping madness during our visit to ranger last month.  while i was in meetings, etc. he was busy cutting and scoring 1000+ pieces of paper for the kits.  considering the measurements we’re within 1/8″ of one another it was no easy task, but of course every piece was done perfectly…

prep2when we got back home it was time to tackle the next part of the project which included cutting lots of textured surface pieces including burlap, cork, corrugate as well as fabric strips for the project.  since these were all thicker materials we had to cut them one by one, never a dull moment…

friends prep3 prep4then it was time to bring in the back-up help of our good friend joy who flew in from california to help us over labor day weekend.  we were busy working from morning to night opening packages of findings, brooms, mini pumpkins, cutting ribbons, and sorting everything into individual kit bags.  we literally spent all four days of her visit prepping and kitting since we had to head out to the event just a few days later.  we definitely couldn’t have done it without her help – thanks again joy…

airportearly saturday morning mario and i headed down to the airport on our way to orlando with suitcases full of supplies and boxes full of kits (talk about down to the wire).  lucky for us everything arrived in orlando baggage claim and we made our way to the hotel to meet up with everyone from ranger…

prep5the following day at the hotel mario and i spent the afternoon making even more kits of all the idea-ology products the students were getting to use.  since advantus/idea-ology is in florida it didn’t make much sense for them to ship the product to arizona only to have us ship it back to florida again.  we managed to get the last of the kits put together in time to meet our friends for dinner and then back to the hotel to get the classroom set up for an early morning start…

class1thank goodness for mario who literally crawled around on the floor for over an hour taping down extension cords to each table, it was a good laugh and as always he did it with a smile on his face.  then with the help of some friends (thanks anita, colleen, and stephanie) we got all of the tables set up with tools, supplies, products, and kits to tackle this very ambitious workshop…

class2 class3finally it’s monday and the students made their way into the class with halloween tunes playing and a table filled with creative goodness.  we jumped right into the project altering our mini configurations book using distress spray stains, paints, inks, mediums, layering stencils, papers, textured surfaces, fragments, and all sorts of halloween trinkets.  i’m happy to say our hard work paid off as the students completed their own halloween reliquary in record time – sure made it all worth it…t!m

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117 Comments to “planning makes perfect…”

  1. Suzie Quebedeaux says:

    Such a cool project!!! It looks like (and I’m sure it was) a lot of work!

    Wish I were in there working on it with y’all! If you ever need help kitting just book my flight and I will be there with bells on. ;D

  2. Barbara in Fla says:

    I’m so disappointed that all of the Halloween Adornments have already been discontinued. It’s not even October, and I can’t find them anywhere. Poor planing, Mr. Holtz.

  3. Lisa Hess says:

    Hi Tim, Next time you need any help with such a huge endeavor and it begins in NJ, I’d be happy to help you and Mario out. I live in the town next to Ranger’s and am not working, so as long as I am physically able, prepping and organizing is my favorite thing to do. Anyone who knows me, knows it’s my favorite thing to do. Unfortunately, I can’t fly so many hours otherwise I would love to help you in Arizona. I have ton’s of room here in my home so save Ranger the postage and allow me to help out doing set up. So, just contact me, and I’ll be there for you. ps, we have met a couple of times when you have been in NJ and I still have the tag hanging in my studio that you made for me at a show 10 years ago.

  4. Linda Newcomb says:

    Sounds like a lot hard work went into this class. Lucky students!

  5. Tommye Bell says:

    Boy, you guys live on the edge…don’t you? I cant even imagine getting all that done and, AND, having a successful event. I know those (lucky) students are happy “crafters” having all that ‘creativity” surrounding them. Oh, and having you there, of course. Props to Mario, he is one smart and dedicated dude!

  6. What an amazing undertaking to create all of those kits to make that fabulous Halloween reliquary configuration box! Way to go guys, you are a constant source of inspiration.

  7. Candy says:

    Perfectly creepy. Just in time for the big day.

  8. ann black says:

    Holy Smokes…. that is a lot of work!

  9. Gwendolyn Taylor says:

    I can’t wait until you start doing classes in AZ again. You have amazing friends and I’m sure you already know Mario is priceless. Thanks for catching us up on your world. I’m sure, like the majority of crafty artists, I would love to be a stow-away in the world of tim and mario.

  10. TheresaMP says:

    I just bought a configuration book to make for my daughter. Halloween is her favorite holiday so the timing of your photo is just right. She just moved to Prescott to work at the hospital there. Her family won’t be joining her until their house in Colorado sells so I keep making her little things and sending them to her so she can feel a little bit connected. thanks as always for sharing.

  11. RandellynB says:

    Wow…that was a lot of work and I’m sure much appreciated and fun! Looks like a fantastic project and would be fun to make. Great way to kick off the autumnal season…bring on Halloween! Great jobs guys and gals.

  12. Rosann says:

    It looks fabulous … I know they had a great time with them ( I saw a couple on their blogs ) ! Well done Guys 🙂

  13. Paulette S. says:

    Looks like a blast! Love your teams dedication.

  14. Kathleen Lundman says:

    Wow! I am so impressed, once again! You have so many little things packed in each packet for making this project. I don’t know how you manage to pull this off every time and make it look so easy. Love the new products AND this project. Good going everyone!

  15. Gigi says:

    I’d say that you did a great job! Judging from the pictures, this was a huge time consuming task. I would have loved to help.

  16. Gigi says:

    I’d say you did a great job. Judging from the pictures, that was a huge time consuming task. I would have loved to help!

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