packing up…

hi bloggers… hope your week is going well so far.  we’ve been busy as usual around the studio getting everything packed up and ready to hit the road for our workshops next weekend at beautiful impressions.  it’s my first store visit of the year and i’m excited to be teaching with the new products from cha.  there is so much that’s involved in traveling and teaching since we prep everything in our kits and of course ship every supply the students will ever need in the workshops.  we start out with lots of cutting, scoring, drilling, punching, counting, and then of course putting it all together.  my system for sorting embellishments is sometimes a logistical challenge especially if i’m only using certain pieces since like everyone else, i have to order everything packaged.  unfortunately nothing comes bulk as all of my idea-ology items are manufactured as “sets” to keep costs down.  i think i have it down to a science though with my high-tech bucket system (lol), and it challenges me to use all of the components throughout my different workshops…

then it’s on to the packing which mario is the expert in for sure.  every project gets kitted with full instructions, sorted by workshop, and any additional supplies are labeled and shipped.  we ship in these industrial plastic bins which is more efficient and we get use out of them for all of our events (they last us years this way)…

so it’s back to work to get everything ready to ship today.  i’ve spent the last couple of days finishing up the project samples and taking photos for my workshops.  i’ll be sharing photos of the projects tomorrow on the blog – enjoy today…t!m

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170 Comments to “packing up…”

  1. Diane F Tate says:

    Oh la la !! Wish you would come to Baton Rouge Cher’!! Any plans to? I’ve bought every item you’ve sold. Need some ideas to use some of it up . I’m real big into steampunk cards
    Come soon

  2. susan salyer says:

    Your goodies and studio is a dreamy world to play..Have fun and enjoy
    susan s

  3. cheryl c says:

    I can’t believe you guys can do all that without a crew of 20 to help! I’m wowed.

  4. Sara Ament says:

    Whew! I am really behind, as life has gotten in the way again! LOL! Wow… all of those goodies! I hope both of you and the kits have arrived safely!!!

  5. Donna says:

    Ill be there! I’m so looking forward to meeting you!

  6. Kelly H says:

    Looks like lots of fun – wish I was there to enjoy it!!! Have Fun!!!

  7. Karen M. says:

    You guys work so hard to bring us such joy! But I’m positive all the ladies in the class appreciate it!
    Karen M.

  8. karenajo says:

    sounds like a lot of work packing up, but the results will be a grand time had by all – making all the great projects !

  9. Carmen Lucero says:

    Wow, whatever works for you, Tim. I notice you glue a sample to the outside of the box, great idea!! Happy teaching!!


    Carmen L

  10. Linda H says:

    Exciting times! Have safe travels!

  11. LeeAnne says:

    Would love to be able to attend one of your workshops someday.

  12. Shelann says:

    That is an amazing amount of work and loveliness. I’m curious if that is you origInal vagabond, because it gets a ton of use from what I see.

  13. Jean D says:

    excited to be on the receiving end in CT!

  14. Gina H. says:

    You know, I bet there are a bunch of us that would come and help just for the chance to see and touch all that awesomeness!

  15. Kate Burroughs says:

    Wow. look at all those glorious supplies! Lucky to be a workshop attendee also. Have fun!
    Aloha, Kate

  16. Maura says:

    You guys are awesome!!! We knew you worked hard, but this really tells a story. Can’t wait to see you in class!!

  17. You Guys just amaze me!! Us Crafters are so lucky to have you in our world. I hope that some day I get a chance to take one of your Classes. Thank you for all that you do, Tim and Mario!

  18. Nana says:

    Lots of work, but a lot of excitement too.

  19. Andrene says:

    That little Vagabond must be smoking!! i dont see how y’all do it….true dedication.

  20. Jan Castle says:

    That’s quite the system…large scale of course!!!! Happy yo say I do not have that much to store!!!!!

  21. Oooh – I want to come to a class soooo badly. the kits look delicious. When are you coming to New Zealand?? We would love to have you visit!! xx Michelle

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