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You don’t have to be an Impressionist painter to create watercolor masterpieces! Explore the many different (and easy!) ways to create beautiful watercolor effects in Online Card Classes’ Watercolor for Cardmakers.

Join Kristina Werner, Jennifer McGuire, Jennifer Rsaza, and friends (including me!) for a fun-filled, all-video, two-week course packed with inspiring, approachable techniques. Starting with easy soft sky washes and progressing to darling hand-painted images, this class is tailor-made for the both the aspiring artist and the cardmaker who wants to add to her go-to collection of on-trend techniques.

Class includes over 30 videos and even more card ideas from top artists with a variety of styles. Visit Online Card Classes to sign up for Watercolor for Cardmakers today, and discover for yourself the fantastic looks you can create with watercolors! (Class begins May 5 but you will have lifetime access to the content.)

Sounds fun right?  Well since I am a Guest Artist in this workshop, I get to giveaway THREE class seats.  For your chance to win, just post a comment on the blog before 12midnight PST on Saturday, April 19th.  TWO winners will be selected and posted on the blog Sunday, April 20th.  ONE winner will be selected via instagram on Sunday, April 20th – so be sure to follow me on instagram and stay tuned for your chance to win!  Good luck everyone and enjoy the weekend…t!m

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888 Comments to “online card classes giveaway…”

  1. sbo says:

    This article is intersted and I must to follow it.

  2. carmen says:

    Tim, I am sure the class would be fabulous, looking forward to win a spot on this fun and creative class.

  3. looks awesome. I love to use your products in my art therapy classes

  4. I have never taken an online class before. This one looks like so much fun and I already own heaps of Tim Holtz products to use in the class. I’ll keep my fingers crossed when they are not busy making tags.

  5. Deb Schilli says:

    Hi Tim…..I have always wanted to learn this beautiful art! My heart has been telling me to paint but, I am afraid to try. I just need something or someone to lead me there! I would live to WIN! I enjoy e-v-e-r-y-t-h-I-n-g you do! Good luck going forward. Deb ; ) : > }

  6. Lucy E. says:

    This would be such an amazing class to take! I have wanted to learn water color techniques for years now. Thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  7. Celestine says:

    I would love to win a seat in your awesome class.

  8. Rupa says:

    Whenever I go a day or two without visiting your site, there is a giveaway that has closed 🙁 Sheesh, I have to be more vigilant 🙂 Class sounds like fun since my first ever intro to art as a 7 yr old was water color painting.

  9. Kathy Andrews says:

    I already signed up for this class weeks ago; can’t wait for it to start. Good luck to all the winners and thank you for giving away three slots (even though I am already too late to win). So thoughtful and generous!

  10. coco says:

    Wow, what a great class and opportunity to follow it, thank you very much for the chance to win it, it sounds amazing!!

  11. Elektra says:

    Yay! That sounds fun!2283465

  12. Becky Wall says:

    Thanks for another chance….class sounds like a wonderful challenge. 39″

  13. Cynthia F says:

    Watercolor look is my favorite … would love to learn some new techniques!

  14. Linda Kerspilo says:


  15. Cheri Slider says:

    This class looks amazing! What a great creative outlet. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  16. Alina says:

    What a great idea of a class. Love the subject!

  17. Therese says:

    Happy hippity hoppy day….. Love those on line classes now and with great instructors…….. Love to win a class.

  18. well I am a little late for the draw but would like to leave a comment anyway. I guess to wish good luck to deserving winners. its a wonderful opportunity. 🙂

  19. Tracy Bayley says:

    Hi Tim, Wow! 870 replies already….think you must be the most popular artist that I follow 🙂 Really looking forward to the class but gritting my teeth as I know as soon as I start the class, I will want to purchase more products – but as I got retrenched last week, I am going to have to tighten my belt and be uber creative with what I do have. Looking forward to seeing you in class T!im as you are a joy to watch x x

  20. Small T says:

    This class sounds like fun! Thank you so much for the chance! xo

  21. marie doody says:

    Awesome colours looks like a great class

  22. I missed the chance to enter for the drawing, bit I am going to register for the class. Watercolour is one of my favorite media.

  23. cyndi elliott says:

    I would love the chance to play more with watercolors; I love working with the distress line to watercolor.

  24. Deanna says:

    What a fabulous idea.


  25. Susanne says:

    This sounds like a wonderful fun filled on line class – I’d love a chance to win a place on the Water Colour Class THANK YOU for offering such a generous giveaway.

  26. Susanne says:

    It sounds a wonderful fun filled on line class – I’d love a chance to win a place THANK YOU.

  27. ninajean says:

    Happy Easter to all!!! Watercolor touches my he(art) in so many ways and this looks fabulous!!!!! I love that you pulls us all over the charts with mediums and ideas!

  28. Aileen says:

    Tim, I would love to learn a new skill like the use of watercolors.

  29. Linda Levine says:

    Wow! This sounds exciting!

  30. Alison Portelli says:

    Oh My Goodness!! All my favorite things in the one place…with all my favorite designers??!! I can’t wait!!! Sign me up please!!

  31. Wow I would be in my element, I just crave for different techniques all the time, so I would totally be in heaven….
    Happy Easter everyone…

    Rhonda A

  32. Wow I would be in my element, I just crave for different techniques all the time, so I would totally be in heaven….
    Happy Easter everyone…

    Rhonda A

  33. I would love to win this! Sounds like so much fun!

  34. aussiebug says:

    Wow! What an opportunity! Those cards look amazing, I’d love to learn how and create my own!

  35. Ira Za says:

    Watercolour is something I really adore and really cant do. It’s a chance!!!

  36. Debbie Myers says:

    I would die for a spot in this class. I love all those girls and then there’s you. What can I say.

  37. Danielle says:

    I would love the opportunity to join in these card classes, and if it was for free, even better!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Tim 🙂

  38. Faïza says:

    Wouawww I know I will looove this…!

  39. I have been looking at this class like a 100 times now, it sound so great.
    I have “only” participate in cc101 and 102, yhis could be te
    He time to try something new.
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  40. Susan T says:

    This looks like so much fun and definitely something I would enjoy while learning new techniques for painting. Right up my alley!

  41. Ruth L says:

    Sounds a lot of fun, would be great to join, thanks for the opportunity!

  42. Judith Aitken says:

    Awesome. It would be great to learn to do this. I have a friend who does amazing watercolours.

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