next stop – south africa…

well our bags are packed and we are headed to the airport for our long journey to south africa.  hard to believe we are lucky enough to get to return to one of the most spectacular places in the world…the people, the art, the landscape, the animals, all simply amazing.  we’ve been working non-stop getting ready for this event along with the team in south africa who’s also been busy prepping, kitting, and packing too.  it’s been a huge team effort for sure and we appreciate everyone’s help.  i’m so excited to have the opportunity to teach again at the south africa scrapbook event, and as i’ve said before, this time with close to 500 students, we have quite the busy schedule!  we’re looking forward to meeting so many creative people, and spending time doing what we all love to do.


a funny story to share… last time we were in south africa back in 2011, our handy neighbor art spent the time at the house replacing the floors (perfect timing for a project like that i must say).  this time, he’s remodeling his own house and redoing his bathrooms so he asked to stay at the house while we’re gone (again, perfect timing).  the funny part is that yesterday mario decided to give art a hand to help with the demolition of his bathroom’s – love the photos!  so as we’re packing to get ready to go, art has been moving in – gotta appreciate a good neighbor (now we just have to convince him to kit while he’s here – lol).

so we’re heading out the door and down to the airport with a 20 hour flight time ahead of us – enjoy the journey right?…t!m

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