NEW Sizzix Sidekick Side-Orders…

the year starts off with an appetite for creativity and a taste for fun!  introducing the new sizzix sidekick side-orders.  these mini die & embossing sets are perfect for card making, planners, gift giving, scrapbooking, and more.  their unique design makes cutting & layering simple, and their size to work in the sidekick makes creative convenience a breeze.  in addition to the 6 new side-orders there are replacement cutting pads, embossing pad, adhesive sheets, and a new mini tool set for the sidekick. check out the video below to learn more…t!m (ding-ding…order up!)

projects by: tami bastiaans & richele christensen


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72 Comments to “NEW Sizzix Sidekick Side-Orders…”

  1. Carol Davis says:

    Tim, I just love your manor house and all the rest. I wish you would come out with castles and old world columns, etc. that would really be a great addition!!!!!

  2. Val P says:

    These side kick side orders are right up my alley. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. So cute!!

  3. April says:

    Greetings Tim! Will you have a magnetic platform for the sidekick? We totally need one. Create it and we will buy it!!!

    April in January

  4. Wendi Gottsegen says:

    OMG THANK YOU Tim! I just love everything and am sure I will be spending lots of money as everything is released! God, please help me find the cut off point. My hubby is going to be a bit disappointed if I just keep on buying which is exactly what I am going to do! It’s a good thing my man is so understanding and he thinks I am completely nuts. He laughs when the boxes start arriving.

  5. LKJones says:

    Please make the Sidekick’s base & top plate and embossing mat longer, so we can use longer dies with this machine>flower stems> words embossing folders, etc. I love the Sidekick. The plates that come with it are way too short for many of the dies, I use. Right now I am using longer plates from another small die cutting machine that I used to have. I would even like a 3rd size for this little machine>>by going even as long as 9″. I have recently seen 9″ plates being used with my old little die cutting machine which has been revamped by another designer. The Sidekicks are so useful and well made, that by offering longer plates, we the customer, can and will get more use out of these little Workhorses>>SIdekicks. Thanks for considering!!!!

  6. Suzie Quebedeaux says:

    Omg! We are going to have soooo miuch fun playing with these!

  7. Donna Kalinowsky says:

    I already have the old red sidekick. Now I can buy these new bundles to play with. I take lots of my stuff to my family so we can have a stamping good time at my sister-in-law’s place as my little condo is too small for everyone. Now I can show them die cutting without hauling my Big Kick.

  8. Laura Cox says:

    HOLY WOW!!!! That is all…

  9. Eve says:

    These are amazing, amazingly Cute!! Love them all!

  10. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Fabulous collection. Love the shaker cards!

  11. Lauren Cunningham says:

    Will the dies,stamps and embossing folder included with this bundle be available for purchase in the future? Also,will there be future stamp and embossing folders for the sidekick? The side orders are completely amazing! Keep’em coming,I’m hooked!✂️

  12. Jane Hunt says:

    This bundle looks perfect to me. Lots of pleasure to create ahead.

  13. Brenda F says:

    SWOON! I am in love! I cannot wait to make cards and tags with these. However, I agree with Candice, I too have a SideKick. Would you please consider to release the tag set which comes with your original sidekick bundle as a side-order?? Please, please, please.

  14. Pam Petersen says:

    I have found, throughout the years that I do my best work on a small scale. I have been away from creating for a year due to health issues, but I am ready to start up again. Looking forward to using these new little dies.

  15. Patti Campbell says:

    Can’t wait to purchase.Great introductory for kids!

  16. SuzanD says:

    co cool!!

  17. Carol K says:

    always need a side – of something

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