new shatter stencil winners…


thanks for sharing your excitement and great ideas about the new shatter stencil.  so cool to read so many clever uses for this design, it definitely isn’t just for cobwebs.  congrats to the following winners of the new shatter stencil!  if you see your name (and comment) please email to claim your prize.  check back tomorrow for more creative inspiration. hope you enjoy today…t!m

1. Lori Louise Lawrence: Well, I may be too late for the drawing, but I’m going to find that shatter stencil as soon as I can. Thanks for the tip about using an ink blending tool to control the amount of paint when using a stencil! Paint/ink bleed has been an issue for me, and I use the stencils in my art journal, so it’s not a page I’m going to tear out. This will help my art journal look the way I envision! Thanks!

2. Helen: I love the shatter stencil. First look just thought it was a spider’s web but then……. shatter glass!! How totally cool! I use my stencils on cards, journals,etc.

3. Crystal Schaar: I have all of your stencils but not this one. I am gags over this one. Wow! I love layering a couple of the stencils on my art journal page. I also like altering them with doodles. Never stop making new ones. I want to fill up my jump ring!

4. Zoe Hillman: It’s awesome and I bet it would look incredible covered in crackle glaze paint as shattered glass. Love the distress paints on the black tags. Where do you find the time professor?!

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62 Comments to “new shatter stencil winners…”

  1. Carol Watson says:

    Congrats to all the winners – I’m playing catch up, was on a trip to Ireland while the class was on, but having a great time going thru the lessons.

  2. Cindy Flynn says:

    congrats to the winners !!!

  3. the things you can do with that stencil ! got the creative juices going now. wish I didnt have to work so I can make my cards from stencil

  4. superbe , j’ imagine bien des créations avec ce pochoir .

  5. Janine Bertone says:

    So, so cool, much more so after knowing of how to use them and what to use them with.

  6. Janine Bertone says:

    They are sooo cool, I just love them, not what I had expected after you showed us how to use them.

  7. Tracy says:

    Love all your new products! Excited to try them all the distress glitter has my eye along with your new sizzix dies & stamp combos. I’m just gettin into using the stencils and yours are definetely the best out there your designs are awesome! Where can I purchase can’t wait for my local craft store to carry your new items? Happy crafting!

  8. AsilisA MaM says:

    conrgads to the happy winners
    it seams I was close to it – remember Zoe’s comment:)

  9. ionabunny says:

    Congrats to the lucky winners.

  10. Dria says:

    congrats winners! that will be fun to play with!

  11. Astrid G says:

    congrats to the winners

  12. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Tim, it is sooo nice of you to give away prizes. You love your fans and they love you back more!

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