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i have some exciting news to share just in time for the festive fall season – new distress paint colors!  ranger has just release 6 new distress paint colors to coordinate with the wonderful autumn palette of distress inks, stains, and markers you already love.  the best news is these new paints are shipping immediately to your favorite ranger retailer…

the new colors include: dusty concord, crushed olive, gathered twigs, ripe persimmon, scattered straw, and pumice stone.  i can’t wait to start using these on my seasonal projects, and i can’t wait to see what all of you create with them so how about a giveaway?  simply leave a comment on the blog sharing what new color(s) you’re most excited about and you could win a set of your very own!  winners will be announced here on the blog this friday – good luck…t!m


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829 Comments to “new distress paint colors…”

  1. Pam Thornton says:

    I love the crushed olive! It is one of my favorite go-to ink colors so I’m sure it will be just as wonderful in paint form!

  2. Olive says:

    Great colors! Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. Terri W says:

    I love everything orange as I use it on most of my layout of my precious tortie kitty. So the ripe persimmon would be my pick!

  4. Emily Barker says:

    I’m just learning how to use these paints since our stores don’t sell much and I’ve only gotten 6 so far. I love the Ripe Persimmon and Gathered Twigs. I can see a lot of projects needing those in the near future.

  5. Laurel S. says:

    It just keeps getting better and better! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Gathered Twigs and Crushed Olive! Thanks for the opportunity to win a set of the new colors…so generous of you and Ranger.

  6. Victoria Daniel says:

    Love love love it,, i can’t wait untel i have them all, just intime for fall,
    They are all my favored.

  7. Donna says:

    this is totally awesome, look forward to playing with them all, num num num xox

  8. Karen Schaefer says:

    Love it! Ripe Persimmon, Dusty Concord, and Crushed Olive are awesome!

  9. Tracy Stanek says:

    How ever do I choose….eenie meenie miny mow, I think ripe persimmon is the way to go!

  10. Elise Vaske says:

    Love the Dusty Concord!

  11. Flo says:

    Love the purple and the ripe persimmon. These paints are great.

  12. Gigi Black says:

    WOW, Dusty Concord, I do love thee!

  13. Edna says:

    wow, I love the Ripe Persimmon, it is sweet, just like the persimmon. A must have. Thanks for the chance to win all of them.

  14. Diane says:

    Great Halloween colors!a little ripe persimmon with crushed olive and dusty concord – Oh very nice!

  15. Gabby says:

    Fall is my fav season so at this time of year I’m lovin them all! IF I HAD TO favs, I’d say twigs, persimmon and straw. Thx for the opportunity to win the new paints! 😀

  16. Sally sTo says:

    Yes, these are such unique paints, I love them! Thanks Tim only YOU could come up with such a perfect formula. Favorite colors, seriously? OK, can’t wait to try crushed olive and pumice stone and gathered twigs. It is love of browns you know…. and that grey….

  17. My favorites are Ripe Persimmon and Dusty Concord, but the other four colors are great as well.

  18. KarenLouiseM says:

    Oh it is all about the persimmon! I use my distress pad in that color ALL the time!

  19. Alexa says:

    Love them all but can’t wait to see what dusty concord, ripe persimmon, and scattered straw do together!

  20. Terry McMullen says:

    My favorite is Ripe Persimmon of course! Love orange!!! Can’t wait to use it on a project!

  21. Rita Montgomery says:

    RED is my favorite color so the Persimmon for sure. Can’t wait to try it out. Thank you.

  22. Memoriesbymanda says:

    Excited! Scattered straw is my first pick of the bunch then pumice stone. Yay, more colours to add to my slowly growing collection.

  23. cindy keyes says:

    stone and straw

  24. jengd says:

    The Persimmon and Concord with a bit of Olive scream Halloween to me! Great new products!

  25. Judy says:

    I like them all:) AWESOME! However; my favorites would be the pumice stone, Ripe Persimmon, and the Scattered Straw. Thanks Tim for always keeping us on the edge with your “surprises!”

  26. Phoebe Palazzo says:

    How can I pick a favorite??? They are all so wonderful and can’t wait to use them on my Halloween and Thanksgiving cards!!!!!!!

  27. Miss Iowa says:

    I’m super excited about the pumice stone! That’s one of my favorite distress ink colors and would be nice to have as a paint.

  28. Mary E. says:

    Gathered Twigs is my instant new favorite Distress Paint!!! All of the new colors are great but Gathered Twigs is the BEST!!!!

  29. Karen Borusiewicz says:

    I am loving them all but dusty concord is just grape! Or should I say great?

  30. Amber M. says:

    These colours are all gorgeous! But my faves are dusty Concorde and ripe persimmon. What can I say … I am a purple and orange girl 🙂

  31. Linda H says:

    Dusty Concord and Ripe Persimmon are my favorites of the new colors! The other four are very close behinds! lol

  32. Annamarie says:

    Ahhhhh, new colors. I can’t wait to get my hands on them to start playing on my fall projects, especially the crushed olive.

  33. dusty concord is my fav I love purples & so do my granddaughters so it gets used heaps )

  34. Lisa H says:

    I love the new scattered straw and gathered twigs. It will be great for fall cards

  35. Chris K. says:

    Love the new Pumice Stone-a great coordinating color!

  36. Mindy says:

    LOVE the new colors!! How do you keep up with it all?

  37. Valerie Starr says:

    I like the ripe persimmon the best, but they are all pretty.

  38. Michelle says:

    Well, since halloween is right around the corner,ripe persimmon,dusty concord and gathered twigs will be perfect 🙂

  39. Jo says:

    I think my favorite might be Dusty Concord. It looks yummy!!

  40. Boo says:

    Gotta go with ripe persimmon, dusty concord and crushed olive… they are just gorgeous. Thanks for the give away.

  41. Marilyn C. Lojek says:

    Gathered Twigs is the color I need for fall and I love Pumice Stone – it’s my go to color for shading. I already own all the other colors and would love to add to my collection. Thanks!

  42. Nancy T says:

    I love them all – but especially crushed olive!

  43. Marzee Carnes says:

    Crushed olive and gathered twig…These are just my colors! I wear them, use them in my home…Can’t wait to get these~

  44. Olga Brock says:

    The persimmon and dusty concord caught my eye, two of my fav colors. 🙂

  45. Linda says:

    I love all the colors but especially Ripe Persimmon and Dusty Concord – perfect Halloween colors!

  46. Sandra Hayes says:

    Love all things fall but I have a special place in my heart for pumice stone!! So awesome for so many things.

  47. Dixie Finnegan says:

    Always love more colors…ripe persimmon and crushed olive look so yummy together they just make me drool! LOL

  48. SUSAN says:

    Since I really love the vibrant leaves of fall the ripe persimmon is my favorite.

  49. I love them all-especially Ripe Persimmon and Scattered Straw!

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