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DISTRESSit’s an exciting day in the world of distress when new products are added to the line. today ranger is releasing (and shipping now) several new distress products including new distress crayons, new distress flip top paints, and a couple of new distress technique kits.  it makes me happy when we get new things to add to our collection of creativity, our assortment of artful things, our gathering of grunge – oh how i love distress…t!m

if you’ve been curious about the new distress crayons and what makes them different, be sure to watch this new video below. in it, i share a little insight as to the unique characteristics of distress crayons and how they compare to other water-reactive pigments.  it’s a whole new way to distress…

check out the replay of my Facebook LIVE video here…


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115 Comments to “new distress from ranger…”

  1. Donna Jean Eno says:

    Just got my first two sets. Can’t wait to try them out.

  2. Annette Y says:

    Yippee. Distress crayons in more colors. Can’t wait to get them. So cool.

  3. Robi Wax says:

    Great comparison, Tim!

  4. I don’t own either product but I watched the comparison because one or the other are on my wish list….I think I like the Distress Crayons the best now.

  5. Boo says:

    Thank you so much for this comparison video. It answered all the questions I had.

  6. Maureen Reiss says:

    Awesome new release!!! Great comparison

  7. Sandra F says:

    All so wonderful!!!!

  8. heather doute says:

    This just told me I need both. I love the way both the Gelato and the Crayons work and I loved the way the stain blended with the Gelato but I love the Crayon staying power.

  9. Kathy s says:

    Thanks for the video on comparisons I have the first 3 sets of crayons and love them I also have gelato so and love them but now I feel I can use both more with different techniques. Thanks again tim

  10. Nikki Attuso says:

    I was looking forward to you live feed last Saturday since I have never participated in one but instead I was watching the rain and rising water. I live in Walker, LA and we had 24 inches of rain in about 36 hours. I blessed that my home did not flood but I have many extended family and friends who did. I feel like I am living in a war zone from all the items being pulled and placed at the edge of the street from flooded homes. I have taken all three Chemistry classes but have not been able to watch many of the videos from class 3. Thanks for all you do for our creative world, my craft room is my happy, leave the world behind place especially now. Please pray and ask your followers to pray for Louisiana as people here try to clean up and rebuild their lives. Many have lost everything, schools in 5 or 6 parishes(counties) suffered major damage and some are closed until further notice. Many stores and business were flooded leaving us no place to but supplies and food. We are strong and determined and we will overcome this. After all there is no place like home or Louisiana. Thanks so much.

  11. konnie wren says:

    WOW! So many beautiful new products. Congrats to all of the winners. Last weekend was stressful for us in South Louisiana…I wanted to bring all of my Tim Holtz supplies with me and my son said: Mom leave it we have to go. …. I am truly blessed while I did not win the contest here I was a winner – when I was able to go home….our home was spared! So many have lost so much during this flood that I thank the good Lord everyday that I live in the Great State of Louisiana because the people here are so giving and willing to help each other….and I still have by craft supplies is a bonus…Have a wonderful day!

  12. Carmen Lucero says:

    Thanks so much for a great comparison video!

  13. Deb Neerman says:

    Fabulous additions to the line … can’t wait to add the new Distress Crayons to my collection. Thanks, Tim!

  14. pat smith says:

    I am in love!!! Look at those beautiful colors! What fun that will be.

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