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hey everyone – earlier this year while visiting sizzix they filmed this “meet the designer” interview with me.  i have to say it was probably the most personal interview i’ve ever done, but i couldn’t be happier and more humbled with the finished piece.  they have recently published it on youtube so i wanted to share it here on the blog – enjoy the journey…t!m

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  1. […] and nobody takes me to Craftvana like Tim Holtz.  I still remember (and still have some of them) the first Tim Holtz paper and ephemera we ever […]

  2. MaryAnne says:

    I was a student with you on the 1st Carol Duvall Cruise….so much fun and have been a big fan ever since; + I went onafter the cruise to
    work with Mary O’Neil at Hot Potatoes. I really miss those days.
    Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  3. Angela Orum says:

    Really inspiring interview. I have had the pleasure of seeing you in person and you can tell you truly love what you do.

  4. Linda E says:

    Thanks for sharing this gorgeous video with us. You have no idea how amazing you are, but Mario does!!!

  5. connie says:

    what a great interview. It took me back to the last scrapbook show I went to. It was in Texas and Tim was there. I watched you share your paper crafting with all of us. I asked you who inspired you and you said you didn’t know, then you came back with the story you just told about the teacher. I don’t know how many times I have shared that story with others. I have all so share with my crafting friends, don’t be afraid, it is only a piece of paper… Thank you for your story and your craft.

  6. Laura Dovalo says:

    Hola maestro, greetings from Spain! A few years ago, when I started crafting, I sent you an email asking about vintage silhouettes and you answered right away. I was amazed to find out later that you were a rock star in the crafting world! Still you took time from a busy schedule to answer a strangers question. That says a lot about you 🙂 Thanks for sharing such a personal interview and your endless creativity with us!

  7. What a FABULOUS video!!! Thank you for sharing your life, talent and passion with us!!!!!

  8. Lynda Marquez says:

    Absolutely loved this interview, Tim! Thank you for sharing with us…it helped me to see my own life from a different perspective! btw, I am the crafter, and my hubby was the accountant! lol

  9. Suzanne O'Mullan says:

    I truly didn’t think I cared to watch about a person who I see the name all over the craft blogs and on mostly all of the crafting things I purchase (b/c I am like that) 🙁 From another planet I think… however, I admire him b/c he is so humble which is a quality that I adore. I especially love the Disney reference b/c of my connection to it as well (through my son who has autism – I used to put Disney stickers on my forehead just so he would look at me; wear Disney clothes for him to pay attention to what I was saying so I could adequately do therapy, etc). Disney bedding is so “happy” and I don’t care if I get to age 60 and still sleep in Disney sheets – There is something about Disney that is a window to my son’s soul and somehow I think Mr. Hotz is a person I truly admire now. Thank you for sharing this interview.

  10. janie johnson says:

    Love you and your things!
    janie johnson

  11. Kimb says:

    What a great video. I love how down to earth you are, it is one of the things that draws me to your work. You are truly inspiring on all levels!!! Thanks Tim!!!!

  12. June Sefscik says:

    Really enjoyed this interview and thank you for posting it. I appreciate your creativity and love and own many of your products…Thank you for creating and sharing your ideas with all of us.

  13. Samantha Reed says:

    What an inspiring story….like Disney, you touch our hearts and place a smile on our faces! Thank you for inviting us on your journey!!

  14. Joan says:

    Tim, love this video. You have been an inspiration to me for a long time. I purchased your book, Distressables, just to learn how to make the cool angel winged necklace. Keep on livin’ your dream, so we all can dream, too. Thanks!

  15. Cheryl says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing you with us.

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