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hey bloggers… i wanted to share an update of this project i began in my studio last month that i mentioned on the blog.  well between the many blocks i received from some of you bloggers, and more sets that i scoured ebay for, i decided to redo my studio table and fill it completely with several wooden letterpress blocks – check it out, it’s so “me”…

i’ve also been crazy busy this month getting ready for the cha-show (since it’s a couple weeks earlier than usual next year), yet i’ve been trying to share projects of my own as well as posting links to projects i’ve been inspired by.  i certainly hope you’ve been  enjoying them and finding some creative ideas as much as i have.  today i wanted to share another amazing tutorial from paula cheney from the “one lucky day” blog, who has once again made a project that was both creative, and when you read her post, very heartfelt.  i hope the holiday season is filling you with heartfelt inspiration too…t!m

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  1. i haven’t been on that the silicon valley but i would
    actually love to visit that place. i bet that it’s a very exciting place to visit.

  2. Chris Harris says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE your table! Just awesome!

  3. Cindy says:

    Just have to go and pin this. TOO AWESOME for words.

  4. Winnie says:

    I just love the finished project, I thought it was such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. elisa waller says:

    Im just flabbergasted that you used those for a table and some artists (my graphic design in me) are still looking for blocks to actually use…very cool finds but at the same time that I am excited by this beautiful table it saddens me… is cool!

  6. Tracy from Adelaide Australia says:

    An original indeed Tim. Aren’t your fans kind sending you the typeset blocks? So much love and hard work…..creativity at its best. Good luck with the CHA winter show.

  7. Oh! I am in love with this table! beautiful!
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  8. Barb says:

    Here’s something that will make you want to cry. I do every time I think about it. My Father was President of a printing company back in the 70’s and had so many different types of letters.. wooden, metal.. all kinds of really neat ones. I ended up with them, boxes full and loved them. When I moved from state to state I took them with me. My last move from NM to NY, I took out what I wanted and threw the rest out in a dumpster….Yup, call me crazy..I regret that till this day. I have a few along with the printers tray, but boy do I wish I never did that.. live and learn.
    Happy New Year

  9. Robyn says:

    Hi Tim! I also collect old type blocks, and I just love what you did with yours in your studio! Aren’t they just so wonderful to have? I actually use them in many of my projects, and have added some tiny metal type blocks, too.

    Thanks for all your inspiration, and I wish you, your art-mates and Mario a very craft-a-licious new year!

  10. jude says:

    Tim, your table is unbelievable!!! And it IS so you, too! What kind of table is it to begin with? Something you made so that it could hold stuff? And it looks like you added glass—is that attached or because of the weight, just rests on top? Now, we’ll all be trying to re-create our own “version” of your table….thanks again for the inspiration! Happy New Year to you and Mario—looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the 2013!

  11. Marina Ross says:

    Your table looks fabulous! All that’s left is to ink it up LOL Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  12. marjo says:

    I just love those wooden letterpress blocks!! Amazing idea, I want that table too ;))

  13. How cool is that table – amazing – absolutely love it. All that history and those characters and the old inks while you work – fantastic.

  14. Karen K says:

    That is one amazing table…so you!

  15. EmeralDQueen says:

    Your projects are always amaze me, I bet you feel like a king working on that table it is definitely you. Ho long did it take to collect all those letter blocks? You always have great ideas and creativity simply amazing!

  16. Noreen says:

    That is a really cool table with all the different styles of letter blocks!

  17. Di says:

    I love your new table top. It IS so “you”! Awesome, man.

  18. Janet Fearnley says:

    The table is awesome and you must be thrilled with how it’s turned out.
    Wishing you and Mario a very Merry Christmas and here’s to a truly creative New Year.

  19. Such a wonderful project. Thank you for sharing x

  20. Elaine Seip says:

    What a phenomenal place to spend your time (Your letterpress table)! You are very blessed to have access to so many wonderful things!…Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Remember, to take time for Christmas…not all work!!
    Thanks for keeping us posted…I was wondering how your Letterpress ‘table’ was going!
    Merry Christmas to you and Mario! and your families–Now to visit Paula’s blog!-

  21. Sherrie D says:

    OMG! THAT IS SOOOOO FREAKING AWESOME!! Yes, it is so you – having watched you grow and expand in your crafting and supply preferences over the years!! WOW!! Wonderful job!!!

  22. Kathi S says:

    that table is so cool…..definitely you!!!!!

  23. gill birch says:

    love it

  24. niki zipp says:

    Sensational!! Did you glue them down?? this must have been the ultimate jigsaw puzzle

  25. Laura says:

    O.M.G…..that’s one crazy puzzle! Good thing you only have to do that once! But oh how the final product is so extraordinary! What a neat idea!
    Merry Christmas you two! All the bestest of things in 2013.

  26. Sheryl Eb says:

    Love your tale. It’s perfect! I have an antique printers drawer with metal type. It’s my fav.

  27. OMG – I definitely have “table-envy”! That is sooooooo FABULOUS!!!

  28. Terri says:

    I just love your ‘new’ table and I agree it is so you!

  29. MichelleGB says:

    That table is completely fabulous! Love it!

  30. Cathy in Canada says:

    That table looks amazing! I think you should have spelled out “tim” in one spot! ; )

  31. Linda H says:

    PS – The table looks fantastic.

  32. Linda H says:

    Thank you for sharing the link! I have one more shadow box to make in the next 48 hours and Paula’s is definitely inspiring. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!!

  33. Jane says:

    Wow, the table looks amazing. Can´t believe all the blocks fit in so perfectly.

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  36. Ruby C says:

    That is one gorgeous table. I love all the rich tones and variations of colors and fonts. How can that not be inspiring?

  37. Mel says:

    …your desk rocks!!…there arn’t enough words to to express the joy sitting at that desk will bring time and time again, hand made with love, tis a sight to behold, awesome…and many thanks for bringing Paula’s shadow box to our eyes, it’s so so pretty, what a visionary she is and very inspiring for us fledglings…blessings to you all and big festive love from me…Xx

  38. wow that turned out so cool!!

  39. Kelly H says:

    Looks awesome!! This is so cool!!

  40. Liva Kalnina says:

    This really is so “you” – especially that big red T in the middle 🙂

  41. So glad you got to finish your table! It came out absolutely awesome, and I’m sooo jealous! I’ve got an obsession with all types of lettering and fonts, and this project was right up my alley. I would’ve bought it though, cause it looks like that giant 3-D puzzle took you hours to fill in! lol You did a fantastic job (as always)! Is there anything you can’t do?

  42. Nonnie says:

    fun table…and i have followed Paula’s blog for years…love her work! Merry Christmas to one and all…

  43. Sylvia says:

    Way cool – just like that retro holder for your iPhone

  44. Tessa says:

    Wow! That looks amazing! fantastic job Tim!

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