more distress minis to love…


i’m loving the creative convenience of the mini distress inks, and i’m happy to share that the next release of three new kits are shipping now from ranger.  these three new kits include the following colors: old paper, weathered wood, worn lipstick, wild honey, ripe persimmon, crushed olive, tumbled glass, dusty concord, stormy sky, frayed burlap, dried marigold, forest moss.  there have been so many great projects and tutorials using these little guys, and i wanted to keep the inspiration going by inviting several friends to share their creative uses for the new mini distress ink kits.  check their blogs for some great ideas and a chance to win a new set of these for yourself:

paula cheney
ali edwards
jennifer mcguire
wendy vecchi
mou saha
may flaum
joy kennedy
tammy tutterow
shelly hickox

also be sure to check out this cool video from ranger’s blog showing the making of the mini distress inks (so cool).   if you want to label your distress minis or other ranger products, visit the “organize your products” page on ranger’s website and click on the product image for details to download and print your own.

of course i would love to hear why you love the mini distress inks – so post a comment here on the blog for your chance to win a new set of mini distress inks.  winners will be announced here later this week, can’t wait to read those creative ideas…t!m

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424 Comments to “more distress minis to love…”

  1. Anna Rodgers says:

    Love these minis I have turned the BIG 65 so now I will take every ink I have and will not strain these old bones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Heather T says:

    Having the option of mini distress ink pads is wonderful when cost is a factor. There are so many gorgeous colours I’d like to incorporate into my projects.

  3. Cindy Coutts says:

    They’re cute, convenient, a great change, take up less space and just so Tim cool. You always come out with the coolest stuff on the market – ALWAYS. And I never try to miss one either.

  4. ScrappyCamperSisters says:

    It’s been great being able to have all the Distress Minis in a small box on my craft desk, to grab a few colors and it not take up a bunch of space on my small table has been much appreciated. I love them so much sadly my Big Distress pads are feeling neglected 🙂

  5. Emma says:

    I love the new colors! they are so handy and portable, perfect for plane rides with limited space! thanks for the chance to win!

  6. Ann Caldwell says:

    Love that you can use them to ink up parts of stamps in different colours.

  7. I took the entire line of the minis to class yesterday when I was teaching in CT and everyone LOVED them! So fun to offer the entire line of color in an easy to share set-up for my students. I put them in the center of the tables with the new rounded ink blending tools and everyone had a blast!

  8. I am totally in love with the minis!!! Easy to use, to store, to travel with, and so darn cute too! Glad there is more colors to love!

  9. Steve Jenks says:

    I like them because I don’t stamp often enough to need huge pads, and this way for less than the price of two big pads I can get 4 minis. I get a lot more colors for my buck.

  10. Rachel Fisher says:

    excellent new sets – off to try and win some – thanks for the chance xx

  11. AKAST says:

    The space saving stack-able feature is a great asset. I like how easy they are to apply while holding them with your fingers for both direct application to projects, or to rubber stamps. You can easily see around them; where you have a harder time with the large ink pads. I still wish I could buy them by color family, or individually, but one can’t have everything. Thanks for releasing them all.

  12. marilyn says:

    i am so happy with the mini kits this way i can afford to have all the colors

  13. Marilyn C. Lojek says:

    Love the new minis & the mini tool also! YAY!

  14. Lynne Smith says:

    I love everything Distress!

  15. Patricia B says:

    Of course I love all your products, these minis especially!! The smaller size is easier for me to handle and I love the fact that I can get more colors with the four pack rather than having to wait to buy the larger ink pads. Thanks so much for thinking about all your adoring fans!! Now, on to the other blogs!!

  16. Debbie Myers says:

    I love these new mini inks!! I can have them all on my table at once!!! I can take them anywhere too! I’m dieting to get new colors

  17. Nita says:

    Love them. Getting my first set this weekend. Can’t wait to view the amazing inspirations..

  18. I love the new mini distress inks because they are so great for taking when you’re away from your trusted craft room. They are great for starters because you they have a combination of matching colours (often a question new distress crafters have). They are off a great value, also for card makers that only use them for edges and don’t want to invest in the bigger ones. The most important however is that they have all the great properties of the originals ones in a small size.

  19. Jennifer Newcomb says:

    I have terrible arthritis- the mini inks are much easier for me to hold and manipulate– and at 45 years ildm I don’t want to let difficulty manipulating tools to keep me from doing what I love!

  20. TracyM #6773 says:

    CONFESSION TIME – I haven’t tried any of the minis {{{yet}}} !!!
    I have [and LOVE] the traditional size but LOVE the idea of the minis, small in size means that I will be able to get a rainbow of colors and still have them fit in my limited creative space – TOTALLY AWESOME!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the chance to win 🙂

  21. Jane says:

    I love smaller ink pads for the increased flexibility of use (small places, applying different colors to a stamp, etc) and for travel. Such a delight to have the Distress Inks in these darling cubes!

  22. Mine are on their way from Simon Says Stamp, can’t wait to get them! I love being able to have all your wonderful distress ink colours at such an affordable price, thanks Tim and Ranger!

  23. Jackie QH says:

    I check all the blogs and got a lot of new ideas!! Thanks for sponsoring the contest♥♥♥

  24. Linda Tupper says:

    I don’t have any of the small pads yet but they are all on my wish list. They look like they would be so easy to use especially on smaller things. I sure would love to win some. I just love using my big ones on embossing folders and water coloring.

  25. Pamela Palm says:

    I think the mini’s are great for travel because I will be able to take so many more colors in my limited space and whats not to like about lots of colors of Distress Ink?

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