mini mason jar snow globe photo holder…

snowglobei’m always looking for creative gift ideas for the holidays, and today i want to share one with you.  like many of you i’ve been obsessed with the unique look and size of instax photos.  it’s no surprise these little guys have become more popular by showing up in the craft stores now.  i thought it would be fun to use them in a project so check out this mini mason jar photo holder…t!m

supplies needed:

  • surface: mini mason jar
  • inks: distress spray stain/evergreen bough, alcohol inks
  • glitter: distress rock candy
  • embellishments: woodland trees, typed tokens, hinge clip, jute string, pearl beads, jingle bells
  • adhesives: glossy accents, hot glue
  • tools: craft sheet
  • misc: hardware (screw, washer, hex nut), wire cutters

1step 1: cut the base off the large woodland tree so the tree is approx. 3″ tall.  place tree on a paper towel and color with distress spray stain until desired tone is achieved.

2step 2: wrap the paper towel around the tree to absorb any excess stain and let dry.

3step 3: apply a puddle of glossy accents to the craft sheet.

4step 4: apply glossy accents to the tips of the tree by rubbing over the surface with your finger.

5step 5: place on scrap paper and cover generously with rock candy glitter – shake off excess and let dry.

6step 6: adhere “ornaments” by applying a dot of hot glue to the tree and press the ornament into the tree.  note: i colored plastic pearls with various colors of alcohol inks for my ornaments, but you could also use various beads or even tiny vintage glass ornaments.

7step 7: continue adhering ornaments to the tree – be sure to press them into the tree.

8step 8: apply a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom of the tree (be careful).

9step 9: immediately place tree into the jar and hold for a few minutes until glue is set so tree stands straight up.  i love these mini mason jars – especially because of the words “vintage quality” and dimensional star on them…

10step 10: fill the bottom of the jar with distress rock candy glitter.

11step 11: drill a hole in the lid of the mini mason jar for hardware. *i used a 1/8″ drill bit

12step 12: insert a long screw from the inside of the jar lid. *i used a #16/32 – 3 1/2″ machine screw

13step 13: place a washer over the screw and secure with a hex nut using needle nose pliers.

14step 14: while holding the pliers, use a typed token as a screwdriver to tighten screw on the lid.

15step 15: screw the lid on the jar to secure contents.

16step 16: slide a jingle bell and typed token on jute string.

17step 17: wrap jute around the top of the jar twice and tie ends.

18step 18: print your photo (i love the instax share printer because you can print photos from your iPhone wireless).

19step 19: secure photo to the top of the screw with a hinge clip – simple as that!

detailsoptions: make something using your favorite stamps or die cuts.

if you don’t want to bother with gathering the supplies and prep,
we’ve done the work for you… i’m offering a LIMITED supply of Mini Mason Jar Snow Globe Photo Holder Kits in my etsy shop (click here)

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think of different ways you can create these all year…
– valentines: fill with conversation hearts
– easter: fill with a mini chocolate bunny, jelly beans, or eggs
– wedding favor: fill with rice and the announcement
– summer travels: fill with found objects from a trip
– beach: fill with sand and shells
– back to school: fill with pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.
– halloween: fill with candy corn
– fall: fill with leaves, twigs and acorns

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