junk in the trunk vintage market…

junk1this past weekend we attended our first junk in the trunk vintage market in scottsdale, az.  i can’t believe that although we live in arizona, this is the first time we’ve attended this event – it was amazing!  a special thanks to lindsey and coley who are the founders and organizers of junk in the trunk for their incredible work to put on such a cool event…


the indoor venue was filled with 180+ vendors comprised of junk sellers and DIY makers.  this fusion of a vintage market and repurpose crafts was inspiring and unique with a little something for everyone.  with over 10,000 attendees throughout the two-days, this place is buzzing with excitement…


we met up with our friend shelly who helped in the search for the ultimate junk, it’s so much fun to junk with friends.  i love going to these types of shows looking for vintage inspiration for new products from ephemera to odd findings, it’s the thrill of the hunt never knowing what we will find.  in fact mario made his first junk purchase ever – a vintage bell ringer he plans to have installed as a doorbell (i like that it resembles a famous mouse)…


each booth was displayed and filled with so much vintage goodness.  everything big and small, furniture that’s been distressed to found objects turned into functional home accents, it was so inspiring.  i think we actually walked the entire show 5 or 6 times throughout the day spotting something different each time we went back to a booth, love that…


we also ran into great friends and many familiar faces who share the love of junkin’ too and enjoyed lots of laughs as always…


needless to say we definitely left with a trunk of junk and headed back up the hill home.  it’s no doubt junk in the trunk vintage market is a destination to put on your must-do list.  their next event is september 19-20 (click here for the details) and i’m already counting the days…t!m

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55 Comments to “junk in the trunk vintage market…”

  1. cheryl c says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Junk show. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Best junk in the trunk I’ve ever seen. lol. And Mario….Hmmmm,,,,,,,!

  3. Midnight Stamper says:

    So much fun – I love searching for hidden treasures! I love how your work area has evolved with the great finds!!

  4. I can’t agree more how fun it is! I found some great treasures! Would have been fun to bump into you there! Maybe in September 🙂

  5. What a wonderful day and great finds, hope to be able to visit Junk In The Trunk some day!

  6. Gigi B. says:

    What a riot! You guys picked up some cool stuff. I’m sure the wheels are turning in your head.

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