idea-ology sneak peek 2013 (part 1)…

ideaology1hey everyone – thank you so much for once again sharing your excitement for the new releases debuting at cha-summer this month.  as a designer it is by far the most exciting thing when i get to share all of the new products and ideas we’ve been working on.  well it’s day 2 of sneak peeks and part 1 of 2 for idea-ology.  today i want to introduce you to one of my new release paper lines for this show: laboratorie.  this mix of eclectic patterns and scientific imagery is ideal for halloween, but also perfect for the steampunk lover.  with it’s simplistic black and white palette layered with scuffs and scratches, laboratorie can be accented with any colors of inks and paints to make it all your own… (scroll to the bottom of the post for a closer look at the collection)


of course laboratorie is also complemented with new tissue tapes, new remnant rubs (this time with a sheet of black AND white rubs), new worn cover as well as some really fun embellishments including mini metal skull & crossbones charms.  i’ve also created new word bands with bold words to add to any kind of project from a travel journal to your favorite found collections.  new trimmings are also being introduced with the coordinating black and neutral colors, and natural textures perfect for inking.  i would have to say one of the new products i’m most excited about in this collection are corked domes.. these glass domes are big enough to add your favorite mini trinkets, yet small enough to use in configurations – so cool…


if you liked the industrious stickers we introduced earlier this year, you’re going to love the new industrious stickers for this launch.  the tall and skinny deco type and new border strips (stars, scallops, leaves, lace) are ideal for creating on cards, tags, on photos, and more…


the burlap panels have also been a huge hit.  if you haven’t created on one yet, what are you waiting for?  their sturdy surface wrapped in natural burlap allow the ultimate surface to create on.  whether you’re painting, collaging, or layering with photos and ephemera, burlap panels add a unique texture to any project.  the new mini burlap panels can be layered on the larger panels or used on smaller mixed media projects…


here’s a look at the full laboratorie paper stash complete with 12″x12″, 6″x6″, 2″x2″, and ATC and border strips.  i’ll be back tomorrow with more idea-ology goodness.  enjoy today…t!m

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458 Comments to “idea-ology sneak peek 2013 (part 1)…”

  1. […] ”Laboratorie” este cea mai noua creatie a sa,o colectie de hartii ,modele ideale pentru scrapbooking de Halloween,cu un mix de stiluri, eclectic și imagini științifice  , de asemenea perfecte si pentru iubitorii de steampunk, cu paleta simplista alb-negru,in care e surprinsa uzura și zgârieturile, si pot fi accentuate cu cerneluri și vopsele pentru a duce mai departe creatia spre stilul propriu al fiecaruia. […]

  2. Emily Barker says:

    Ok, now you’ve done it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the laboratory paper stash! I must paper my lavatory with it! Or at least frame some of it up for Halloween–great stuff, as always!

  3. great stuff looking forward to making my holiday cards.

  4. […] Tim Holtz's Idealogy collection has some chalkboard backgrounds. See more here. […]

  5. Lagene says:

    Loving the vintage papers!!!!!!

  6. lorena b. says:

    Laboratorie is s!o fantastic! Love everything about it

  7. Shawn says:

    Oh wow! This will make amazing Halloween pages.
    I wish I had this line for my scrapbook page about a visit to a forensic lab at the Smithsonian. It would have been perfect. Fab as always Tim!

  8. The periodic table makes me GIDDY! I can’t wait to get my hands on some and share it with my science students!!!! THANKS TIM!

  9. jenni b says:

    LOVE the new collection, that paper is so cool!

  10. I bet you watched Twilight Zone as a child … these are some eery images and PERFECT to scare up some Halloween fun and creativity!

  11. M. C. Sparks says:

    can’t wait for the new paper

  12. Carolyn Bosley says:

    domes and burlap,,,,great combination

  13. sherry yeager says:

    thank you for bringing us new things to play with. Too bad we don’t have them yet. I am learning how to use and play with your products.

  14. Cindy Marlow says:

    Seeing what you’ve done with vintage ephemera makes me wish that I had never given into family pressure to dump everything in our old barn. Hind sight…

  15. Doris Sands says:

    this looks more for the mad scientist …

  16. Kate says:

    Looks awesome as usual.

  17. These papers are fabulous!!! I already have ideas brewing, especially the web paper (atc). Another MUST have!!

  18. Carol P says:

    Oh wow! Creative wheels are spinning. Love the new paper and I agree those glass domes are fantastic! Can’t wait to see the next post and what else is on its way.

  19. neet says:

    Hope these hit the shelves in the UK well before Halloween. Just have to use some of them on my configuration box which is in my head for then. What a terrific collection – even my OH is interested in them.
    Thanks – Neet

  20. Donna says:

    Oh, some flashbacks of college chemistry here…

  21. Donna Potter says:

    As a chemistry teacher and a fan of all things Tim Holtz. I LOVE it!

  22. betty lou says:

    Love the industrious stickers!!

  23. Love it.. can’t wait for the new elements.

  24. This will for sure end up on my desk.. 😀

  25. ionabunny says:

    Another great paper stack. Love the industrious stickers as well

  26. Roxanne Pafundi says:

    Wowee! Zowee! my bones can’t stop shaking over this fun ‘spooooky’ new line of papers & embellishments! Yummy! Love it Tim!

  27. Liz Russell says:

    I love this collection! It is perfect for Haloween, my favorite time of year! Can’t wait to see more.

  28. Wilma Bass says:

    I’m so excited for the new papers and the corked bell jars! How fun that will be! New release time is a wonderful time of year!

  29. Margaret in NY says:

    Love the new paper stash. Love that it is black and white so that you can ink it with any color.

  30. Julie O says:

    Ah, man! I really should have let you know about my collection ofold science things: notebooks, drawings, etc. You would have loved the inspiration for this collection. I’ve had a feeling you’d eventually tackle the science theme for Halloween. Love it. Cant wait yo show off the periodic table tape to my chemist friends. They’ll be so jealous!

  31. billy says:

    these are fantastic, I really am in oar. this is just the type of papers that I love to work with and have trouble finding, as usual right on the ball. how do you do it?
    will have to wait forever for them to arrive hear in dear old Blighty but it will be well worth it can not wait. thank you for staying true.

  32. Miriam Black says:

    The things you come up with…LOVE ‘EM!!!;)

  33. Ruby C says:

    so much to see, but I love the corked domes!

  34. Lisa P says:

    Love them! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  35. Rose says:

    Wow!! Really beautiful. Would make amazing Halloween mixed media art., cards, etc. Love! Can’t wait for release! Well done again Tim!! You r the best!!!

  36. Donna Jean says:

    Fantastic. Love that the Laboratorie line is suitable for more than Halloween. Very cool.

  37. Debbie B says:

    Love the papers and accessories! Great job.

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