how “sweet” it was…

22last week mario and i took an early morning drive for a junkin’ adventure to a place called “sweet salvage” in phoenix, arizona.  this destination of delight, oasis of oddities, forum of found objects…well you get the idea…is truly a magical place unlike anything else.  kim, the owner of sweet salvage (above with me and mario) works with her team of creative vendors to transform the showroom into an imaginative wonderland.  on the third thursday of every month this vintage boutique opens their doors to eager treasure seekers waiting to immerse themselves into themed vignettes filled with eclectic elements.  sweet salvage is only open 4 days each month (thursday-sunday) then the vendors have to completely remove all of their remaining items and re-stock with new treasures curated based on the new theme for the following month – amazing…

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this type of attention to detail is what keeps people like me (and many others) eager to come back month after month to see what new discoveries are to be had…


i had the opportunity for VIP access to share a glimpse into sweet salvage before the doors officially opened. i shared this live on periscope which usually only provides access to the video for 24 hours, but thanks to mario for saving the video so click here to check that out.  (be sure to follow me on periscope so you don’t miss future live broadcasts on our junk adventures, live studio demos, and more i have planned).  of course i didn’t leave empty handed and managed to pick up some amazing things including: a couple of vintage suitcases, a vintage tea & coffees tin, a rusty toy truck, a few old books, tarnished trophy cup, an old wire letter tray, and a few other vintage odds and ends…


a huge thank you to our friends kim, mike, lesley, and the entire crew at sweet salvage for a wonderful day…


our travel schedule usually conflicts with us being in town during this third weekend each month, but nevertheless we’re already looking forward to the next time we have the chance to visit sweet salvage and hope to see some of you there next time – a true junker’s paradise…t!m

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57 Comments to “how “sweet” it was…”

  1. Jayme Adams Archer says:

    I want to work there Tim. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I just “LOVE” it! What a cool place…I shall have to check it out next time I go see my “Brother-in-law”….I have a couple of cool places near my home that I go to all the time….You make me want to get up and go there right now….AWESOME….Love to go JUNKIN…..YOU always get me excited about “STUFF” Tim!!!!!

  3. Nancy Osborn says:

    I literally live in a very small 1 red light town, where the train still runs through every couple of hours! Our little town has turned into an antique store meca, including the old train depot! It is so much fun! If you ever come to Georgia, you have to check out Statham, its just northeast from Atlanta. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jane Hunt says:

    WOW fantastic concept. Interesting displays

  5. Linda Bell says:

    Thanks Tim for letting everyone know about Sweet Salvage. I am excited to go ,hopefully next month.

  6. Gloria L. says:

    I’m so jealous!

  7. RandellynB says:

    And…I OMG…all the card files and drawer files….want, want, want!

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