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when it comes to mixed media, creative freedom is key. media team member aida haron takes on an artful adventure of incorporating different elements to create this textured masterpiece. i love her use of distress glitter in different ways – so are you ready to let your creativity play too?…t!m

Hello everyone ! I am so excited to be on Tim’s Blog and sharing with you an altered project. These types of pieces are a favourite as I love assembling all the various parts, especially digging through supplies to look for things that fit. Today my project has the theme Home, one I’m sure many of us think about. For those who might not already know, home for me is Singapore, a tiny dot of an island in SE Asia which has seen huge leaps in development since independence.


  • Surfaces: Idea-ology 3 1/4”  x 2 3/4” Configuration Box; Wallflower Paper Stash
  • Dies: Sizzix Alterations Movers and Shapers Styled Labels 656642,  Movers and Shapers Postage Frame 658572,  Love Struck 657484, Decor Strip Tattered Flower Garland 457842
  • Stampers Anonymous: Hashtag CMS 183
  • Stencil: S005 Honeycomb
  • Embellishments: Idea-ology Tissue Tape, Letterpress, Lost & Found Salvage Stickers, Cash Key, Word Key
  • Distress Ink: Wild Honey, Gathered Twigs
  • Distress Stains: Dried Marigold
  • Distress Paint: Antique Linen, Pine Needles, Fired Brick, Tarnished Brass
  • Glitter: Distress Glitter – Festive Berries
  • Adhesives: Foam Tape, Matte Medium, Glossy Accents
  • Tools: Craft Sheet, Sanding Grip, Ink Blending Tool

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

I’ve used a Configurations box measuring 3 3/4in X 2 3/4in and a 10in X 10in wood framed mirror found in the Ikea damaged goods bin. You can easily replicate this project on a canvas.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

To begin, I painted the wood framed mirror lightly with Antique Linen Distress Paint letting the red base show through.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

I randomly adhered Tissue Wrap to the central areas of the frame matte multi medium.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Once that was done, gently rub Tarnished Brass Distress Paint into parts of the tissue wrap. Dry completely.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Mix Festive Berries Distress Glitter with matte medium.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Spread the mix on to the frame through the Honeycomb stencil.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Set aside to dry.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Die cut a chipboard with the Postage Frame Alterations Die. Measure 1 1/4″ inwards from the shorter sides, draw lines and trim off the two sides. This will be the roof to the configurations box.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

I painted the configurations box inside and out with Tarnished Brass Distress Paint and trimmed off the top corners at a slant.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Attach the roof pieces and paint them with Tarnished Brass. Add Pine Needles to the edges to give the roof more definition.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Die cut a heart using the Alterations Love Struck die. Glue rolled up small pieces of kitchen towel to the heart, ending with flat pieces and you will get a puffy heart.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Using any tissue tape you have, tape the heart by rolling the tape round the shape back to front until the whole heart is taped. This is easy and really fun to do, can you imagine the things you can make with this?

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

Next I liberally brushed the heart with matte medium and poured Festive Berried Distress Glitter over it. Shake off the glitter, pat it down firmly with your finger. You will find some parts of the tissue tape will show through which is perfectly fine.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

The back of the house was layered with Wallflower patterned paper and numbers from Salvage Stickers, some of which were adhered on to an Oval Metal charm. Glue the heart securely to the box and here you may need foam stickers or thick chipboard to elevate the heart so it’s not too far into the back of the box. Glue a Love Word Key to the centre of the heart, then tie with twine or any thin rope over the heart and round the whole house.

At the apex of the roof I stuck a flat button and on top of that an Adornment metal crown painted with Tarnished Brass Distress Paint. When this was all done, I securely glued the house to the frame.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

To create a corner detail, die cut a chipboard with a Movers and Shapers Styled Labels die. Trim across the label and paint a half piece with Tarnished Brass and Pine Needles. Brush with Distress Crackle Paint and when dry, rub in Distress Stain Dried Marigold.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

I adhered it to the top right of the project and added a brass Label Pull with the word Blessed from the Stamper’s Anonymous Hashtag set.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

For the title Home, I used the Wood Letterpress and painted them with Antique Linen and Tarnished Brass Distress Paint. The flowers were die cut using the Tattered Flower Garland, then inked with Wild Honey and Gathered Twigs Distress, Assemble the flowers together with brass brads as centers. I layered them around the base of the house and on the right of the word Home.

Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

After the piece was assembled, I decided it needed a few adjustments – for the house more Tarnished Bronze was added as well as Clear Crackle Paint for texture.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will find inspiration from this. Thank you for spending these few minutes with me, see you soon!



*be sure to check your local stores for these supplies or you can click the links below to purchase online…
(SSS=simon says stamp / IE=inspiration emporium)

CONFIGURATIONS 5.5″ X 5.5″ (ie|sss)


Wallflower Paper Stash (IE|SSS)


CMS183 Hashtags (IE|SSS)


Honeycomb Layering Stencil (IE|SSS)


Postage Frame die (IE|IE)


Styled Labels die (IE|SSS)


Love Struck die (ie|sss)


Tattered Flower Garland (IE|SSS)


Tissue Tape (sss|IE)


Salvage Stickers: Lost and Found (IE|sss)


Letterpress (IE|SSS)


Word Keys (IE|SSS)


Cash Keys (IE|SSS)


Wild Honey Distress Ink (IE|SSS)


Gathered Twigs Distress Ink (IE|SSS)


Dried Marigold Distress Stain (SSS|IE)


Tarnished Brass Distress Paint (IE|SSS)


Antique Linen Distress Paint (IE|SSS)


Fired Brick Distress Paint (IE|SSS)


Pine Needles Distress Paint (IE|SSS)


click here (IE|SSS)


Glossy Accents (IE|SSS)


Multi-Medium Matte (IE|SSS)


Sanding Grip (IE|SSS)


Mini Ink Blending Tool (IE|SSS)


Blending Tool (IE|SSS)


Craft Sheet (IE|SSS)


Vagabond (IE|SSS)


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Home Mixed Media Decor | www.timholtz.com

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    You had me at the crown and Blessed … OMG … OVER THE TOP AWESOME… fabulous tutorial… Heck yeah we pinned this one !!
    So much Tim goodness going on here … okay pick up jaw, close mouth wipe off keyboard ( from drooling) !!!
    Media Team is blowing us away TIM !!!

  3. cheryl c says:

    I love this! Colors are wonderful, thanks!

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  5. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Wooo weee! WOW Aida! Amazing doesn’t seem a good enough term here. I’m blown away, once again by your talent. The tutorial was great. I just love how you configured the house. And the heart….! Really love what you did here. #aidaisthebest

  6. Krista Baginsky says:

    Such a creative piece. I love it!

  7. Kirsten B. says:

    I love the 3D heart and the layer techniques!

  8. selena says:

    c’est tres beau!

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    Aida’s configuration box is fabulous!! Love every element and detail. So pretty!

  10. So, so good! I love so many of the clever ideas here! Jenny x

  11. wow! lovely, adorable.

  12. Maureen Reiss says:

    This is Fantastic!!

  13. Violet says:

    Wonderful project. If I had an unlimited budget I would have all of those products in my studio – aka the basement!

  14. serena says:

    Ce projet est magnifique, est l’éclat du rouge le met encore plus en valeur, j4adore l’idée du tissu et de la petit maisonette. Très beau travail

  15. rhonit says:


  16. Shari T. says:

    Fabulous, Aida!! This is sooo happy and colorful and who doesn’t love glittery hearts?! What a great way to alter a frame you may not have wanted to use as is–I like it much better with all of your creative touches!! XOXO-Shari T.

  17. Roxanne says:

    Just Lovely! thanks for sharing!

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    its beautiful! thanks for sharing

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    Beautiful with so many lovely details!

  20. Beautiful. I love texture paste and use it a lot. It is such a versatile medium. I like the way it is used here. It adds so much!

  21. Yvonne Boucher says:

    fantastic project! love it!

  22. Love it! Thanks for taking us thru the process!

  23. Lolly says:

    A gal after my own heart. Love the addition of glitter. I use it on almost everything! A beautiful piece of art.

  24. Theresa G. says:

    I LOVE this….I think I just might have to make one of my own!!

  25. Emily Barker says:

    Thank you for sharing all this great creativity with us! This is super inspiration, with so many details to try out~

  26. Cathy Osborne says:

    My mind is ablaze with how many creative, new things I saw on this blog. I especially loved the glitter in the matte medium, wow – gonna do that. The finished product is so bright and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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    I love this ! Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi Tim. Aida has done a fantastic job, I love it. Take care.

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