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collagewell hello there… it’s been a while since i’ve blogged or even checked in on social media so i thought it was about time i got you caught up on the goings on around here.  we’ve been keeping busy as usual, but in addition to the everyday meetings, deadlines, etc. we decided to add another task to our to-do list, home improvements.  as if there isn’t enough going on around here already, what’s one more project going to hurt right?  if any of you have ever taken on the challenge of doing small house projects you know all too well that they end up taking a bit more time that originally planned – right?


it all started with a trip to costco with mario to pick up a few things (note to self: tim + costco = crazy ideas).  we stopped in to just get a few groceries and i saw this floor and decided it would be a great idea to redo the floors in the house.  it’s an easy weekend project right?  well give or take a few weeks…

floor1 floor3 floor4 livingroom

lucky for us, our amazingly talented craftsman neighbor art was willing to take on the job to do the floors (did i mention amazingly talented?).  we started moving things out of the rooms, tearing up the floors, ripping up the carpets, and making piles of my treasured junk wherever we could find space – it was starting to look like an episode of american pickers around here…

painting painting2

then i thought, since we’re redoing the floors we should also repaint the walls, i’m mean why not?  let’s face it, painting is already a task, but since i wanted to re-faux finish the walls it meant painting the room white first, then repainting over it with a faux glaze and new color.  mario and i are quite the painting duo (must be all those mad distress skills…lol) so we spent every night painting and faux finishing before art came in the next morning to continue work on the floors…

IMG_5442 IMG_7419

the results??? totally worth it… gone are the reddish floors and in their place are the most incredible gray weathered wood floors.  we’ve been at this project for about 3 weeks now (only working nights and weekends so that’s not bad at all) and love how it turned out.  so far the living room, hallway, and three bedrooms are done!  next up is the studio and literally as i’m typing this blog post the sound of hammering and crackling wood are in the background – we are underway to get it finished this weekend and i can’t wait.  guess i’d better start next month’s tag before my workspace is packed up and moved out – enjoy your weekend, i know we will…t!m





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154 Comments to “home improvements…”

  1. Anita says:

    OMG, I love your house. Whenever youre in Holland… I know good places to get more of that beautiful stuff!

  2. Rhoni T says:

    can all 3 of you guys come to my house. I just want one room finished, just one, I don’t think that is asking to much. our remodel is starting on year 3, yes I said 3. and I am so over it all, I just want to not have all my belongs cram-packed in one corner and to be moved to another.
    hats off to a job well done!!

  3. cheryl c says:

    love that wall painting, not to mention the floors. It is definitely you.

  4. Did you ever read the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?” I think you must have! You have a great eye Tim – everything looks awsome!

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