holiday sizzix alterations sidekick ideas…

the holiday season is a crazy time for makers who want to add that personal touch to our gift giving and holiday decor.  well the new sizzix alterations sidekick is creative convenience ideal for your christmas crafting.  so here’s a video to sprinkle your imagination with a little festive inspiration…t!m


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32 Comments to “holiday sizzix alterations sidekick ideas…”

  1. Bonnie says:

    I just ordered this – I love that there is a tiny die cutter for the smaller things, that I could in theory leave on my table. I also love your particular package – I love those number dies.

  2. Debby says:

    Just got mine for Christmas, hubs won’t let me play early…so wrapped it will be…

    Next size little die cut machine should be for A 2 size cards. Just a little 4 1/2 opening, to 6 inches long. Yes, I do have the Vagabonf 2, but want ease and taking up less space and hauling it out. Keep the vision going

  3. diana says:

    oh my gosh! my sidekick orders just arrived and i had no idea that they would be so freaking cute in real life!!!! i love the inspiration you have shared here!!!! thank you muchly!

  4. Sheila says:

    The Little Sidekick makes sense for the thinlits, plus super for transporting to another location – doesn’t take up room. Love the ideas that you’ve shared!!!

  5. Julia Aston says:

    A great small die cutting machine to have on your work table to cut those individual thinlits for your cards!

  6. Jane Hunt says:

    I really love the concept of a sidekick as a mini version of big shot for tiny images/details. It will be on my shopping lost. Thank you for demonstrating this beauty.

  7. Sharon F. In CA says:

    Perfect for traveling and taking to crops!! Brilliant!!

  8. Theresa Petermann says:

    I love my vagabond but maybe…. thanks as always for sharing.

  9. Cindy says:

    LOL!! I have the red one, but will still purchase this one as soon as I can find it!! 😀

  10. Ros Jones says:

    OMG now I know what I want for Christmas! How soon is it available in the UK. Love the gift tags and the gift card idea. Need those mini dies too! A massive fan forever. Do you remember the Craft Fairy weekend in Oxford- many years ago. Great classes and I still have my technique tags!

  11. Ann DeHart says:

    This new little guy is so adorable; it’s like a favorite pet that follows me wherever I go. Too much fun! Great ideas for fabulous tags and so much more. Thanks, Tim!

  12. Karen Rice says:

    Awesome mini workhorse! I love all the elements that come with the machine!

  13. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for the great introduction! I love this little fellow. He’ll be a great addition for when I’m doing small stuff so Mr Vagabond can have a rest.

  14. Carol b says:

    The Sidekick would make a great companion to my Vagabond and it’s cute to boot!

  15. When I first got my Big Shot years and years ago, I got rid of all my other machines. I’m glad you brought this little guy back and made it extra special with little embossing folders. Can’t wait to receive mine!

  16. So cool can’t wait to get mine !
    Love how your tags are hung with hat pins … how creative is that !

  17. Charlene says:

    Where can you just get the cutting pads for replacement?

  18. Lynne Smith says:

    What a perfect size. Must look into this.

  19. Belinda Postula says:

    Awesome! I just ordered mine and will be here by this wknd. In time to begin my projects. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas. So inspirational. I have a retreat in a couple of weeks, and this will be great to share with the gurls!

  20. Angela R says:

    So cute and love all the ideas for the tag set. Just got my sizzix two months ago and it needs a sidekick!

  21. Sharon Young says:

    Great video Tim! You really showed how much can be done with one tag die and the versatility of this cutie of a machine. Thanks for the holiday inspiration.

  22. Tona says:

    It’s on my Christmas list! Maybe I should forward this to Santa just in case he forgot p

  23. Sheri K says:

    Very cool little machine–very handy and doesn’t take up much space.

  24. Maggie M says:

    This is the perfect stocking stuffer for card makers. I must talk to Santa about this!

  25. Brandy says:

    so many cute ideas! I hope Santa leaves me one as well.

  26. Deb L says:

    I’m hoping Santa will leave one of these under my tree!

  27. Nancy Zunic says:

    The Sidekick is so darn cute! I can see it being a great asset to my craft table! I got so much inspiration from your video! It’s on my wishlist!

  28. I have the Big Shot; didn’t think I needed another one until I saw you demonstrate it. So handy for those little dies! Yes, now I need one.

  29. ann barnes says:

    Fantastic ideas-so many different ways to use this tool! Thanks for always keeping us inspired! That sidekick looks like such a wonderful addition to any crafter’s space, I know it’s on my wishlist!

  30. Eva Meyer says:

    I love this little machine and i want to buy it very quickly 🙂 i think to work with little Thinlits it will bei very handy.

  31. Erin Piehl says:

    I LOVE my Vagabond and thought I would never need another die cutting machine EVER. I was wrong. This adorable little Sidekick looks so handy for my new obsession with Thinlits. that I now think my Vagabond does need a sidekick companion- The Alterations Sidekick!

  32. Steven Macari says:

    Super, mine arrived this morning, Great inspiration for getting me started. Thanks Tim

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