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happy holidays bloggers!  i had a wonderful break after the 12 tags of christmas.  if you notice, i’ve been working on the blog a bit, and now have a new post format with condensed posts.  in other words, the blog will load faster allowing you to continue reading the posts that interest you by simply clicking to do so.  i’ve also added the “12 tags of christmas 2011” category with the previous years on the bottom left column of the blog so if you’re just looking for the techniques, they are more convenient to find.  as i continue to enjoy this wonderful time of year – i know with just a week left before christmas i still had time for one more idea to share…

back in november i had this fun idea using my rosette dies (both the original and mini rosettes) to create the quirky turkeys.  today i wanted to share another idea using these dies – the holiday rosette tree.  these would be perfect to add a little festive fun to your holiday table decor.  so get ready to deck more than the halls…

supplies: paper rosette dies (original and mini); kraft core *or any cardstock; tissue tape, sanding grip, holiday muse tokens, long fasteners; paint dabber (snow cap), glue n’ seal (matte), glossy accents, wonder tape; pencil *or 1/4 dowel, glitter, jute, glue gun, ribbon, wooden spool, *optional 1/16″ hole punch

*note: before you start, if you haven’t seen the paper rosette video tutorial i posted last month, check it out here

step 1: die cut one of each of the 3 sizes of paper rosettes from kraft core.

step 2: apply tissue tape to the back of each strip.

step 3: using 1/16″ hole punch, punch a hole on the scallop edge of the rosette for a little decorative element. *remember this step is totally optional.

step 4: sand over kraft core with sanding grip to expose kraft core.

step 5: accordion fold each strip.

step 6: adhere the ends of each strip with glossy accents as shown.

step 7: now this step is a little different than what i show in the video since we are not applying any hot glue to the craft sheet.  all you do is press and create the rosette and hold flat with your fingers as shown – no adhesive at this point.

step 8: apply hot glue to the center hole of the rosette (like filling a jelly donut).

step 9: while hot glue is still hot – CAREFULLY – let the center of the rosette lift off the craft sheet to a peak making the base diameter about 1 3/4″.  hold in place to dry!!!  do not let this go or the rosette will fling back open and you can get burned by the hot glue – again, please be careful.  it’s an easy step as long as you are patient.

step 10: repeat with the 2 other rosettes making the medium rosette about 1 1/2″ diameter at the base, and the smallest about 1 1/4″ diameter at the base.  they kind of look like little lamp shades!?

step 11: next, cut a pencil or dowel about 1 1/2″ long with cutters.

step 12: cut a piece of wonder tape to wrap around it.

step 13: apply the wonder tape around the pencil and remove the top liner.

step 14: wrap a piece of jute around the pencil to cover it.  *note: if you don’t want to use jute, you could wrap with ribbon or simply paint or ink a dowel.

step 15: adhere or tap the pencil into a wooden spool.

step 16: apply hot glue to top of pencil.

step 17: place the largest rosette on to the pencil and let cool.  then add each rosette layer with hot glue until you are happy with your tree.  *note: i like the layers a bit “wonky” so don’t worry if they are tilted a bit.

step 18: cut a piece of 1/4″ ribbon about 6″.

step 19: wrap the ribbon once around 2 fingers as shown.

step 20: open a long fastener.

step 21: fold the wrapped layers flat between your fingers and place the layers between the posts of the fastener.

step 22: straighten the posts of the fastener – do not pierce the ribbon with the fastener, it should fit between the posts.

step 23: insert the ends of the fastener through the hole in the muse token and secure in back.  adjust the ribbon by pulling the ends and trim the ends to desired length. *pretty cool simple brad bow huh?  adhere token to top of tree with hot glue.

step 24: for a snowy look, swipe a paint dabber (snow cap) along the edges of the rosettes.

step 25: for an icy look, brush glue n’ seal on to the rosettes and sprinkle with clear glitter and let dry.

*another option for decorating these little trees is to hang “ornaments” from the punched holes.


– gather the smallest pearls from the baubles

– get a few loose staples from your tiny attacher

– create mini ornament hooks by bending one end of the staple through the loop in the pearl, and bend a hook on the other end (clever…)

since i had a couple of good friends here to visit over the weekend, they joined in and created a few themselves (thanks joy & monica)!  here are some other fun ideas using different papers and tree topper ideas.  hope this sparks a little creative idea for your holiday festivities.  i think they are just the “cutest” little trees and i like the idea of using the seasonal muse tokens since they come 12 words in a pack you can create one for each place setting or use this idea to create some dimensional ornaments.  hope you’re enjoying the magic of the season too…t!m

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543 Comments to “holiday rosette tree…”

  1. Lisa says:

    I love these trees! Even I can do this…LOL…SO cute! You have the BEST ideas!

  2. Di Fritzsch says:

    Way too cute! And heading for my tabletop. Neat things always appear when you decide to play…. thanks!!

  3. Milla says:

    Oh these trees are so cute! What a great idea!

  4. Lin Shields says:

    oh these are absolutely brilliant love love love them ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Holly Denghel says:

    Why do we need the tissue paper? I’ve read it a few times and can’t figure out what purpose it has.

  6. Rebecca in Joplin, MO says:

    DUDE you’re killing me!!! lol Your idea’s are so great and non-stop! However, we are packing up and moving to Montana so our scrapbook room is in boxes…… it’s killing me I can’t make these right now for the holidays! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank heavens for archives! lol These are so cute, I just love the new use for this amazing die cut! Thanks!

  7. KIM R says:

    Great! Can’t wait to try it.

  8. Brenda Meyers says:

    OMGosh i luv the tree…gonna get off of here and make one ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Tim for your great ideas…look forward to 2012 ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Teri Sanford says:

    Probably don’t have time to make any this season, but I will store this wonderful design in my brain (and will have to reference your blog in the future for a reminder of how to because my memory is shrinking fast). Thanks for taking the time to give us another masterpiece.

  10. Karen in Canton, MI says:

    What adorable trees! Love those tricks–staple ornament hooks and brad bows! Have the merriest Christmas ever!

  11. Shawn says:

    Love these little trees. My quirky turkeys will have a place to hide so they don’t get eaten. Also … the new blog format ROCKS! Super fast and speedy. Glad you had some much needed rest. Nice to see you back. Thanks again!

  12. Maree in Aus says:

    How totally adorable!!! Happy holidays to you all there at your studio xx

  13. bev allaire says:

    bev a

  14. Sheri K says:

    I loved your turkey’s at Thanksgiving, this one looks really cool too! I hope I’ll have time to make them for our place card holders. Thanks for sharing this cool project Tim!

  15. Monica F. says:

    Gorgeous idea. I love that you added glitter & pearls too.

  16. Andrea Haigh says:

    Soooo cute! Especially with the cotton bobbin as the base!

  17. cute- must go out and get a snow cap paint dabber!

  18. Sandy says:

    Those are so stinkin’ cute!
    Another project added to my to do list… ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. kat says:

    Tim – what can I say – ADORABLE! Love the lamp shade Christmas trees and the brad bow – now that is really a cute and simple litte cutie pie! Hope you are enjoying the Season!!!

  20. Tracey Fears says:

    I also love what you’ve done with the blog. MUCH faster! Good Job!

  21. Sally says:

    This is something I am deffo going to try out For my Christmas table. I just love them and would never have thought of using the die this way, just how do you do it you are a genius x

  22. dona s says:

    So adorable. I can hardly wait to create a forest on my table, and place card holders, and snow village trees, and… Thanks!

  23. Jane Johnson says:

    Wow! I love these! what a cute, amazing idea! thanks Tim! x

  24. Tracey Fears says:

    These are perfect for place settings. Super Cute!!

  25. Kathy S says:

    what cute little trees -I can see a whole forest growing. Merry Christmas Tim

  26. maree gordon says:

    Wow, I love this, how cut are they..will be making a few of these

  27. Tracey C says:

    So cute – we have a buffet style dinner with so many people for Christmas – how cute would these be scattered throughout the table and serving dishes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. Laura says:

    These are really cute . . . I think the rosette die is tops on my wishlist to get someday.

  29. Loretta D says:

    Very cute idea. Really like them. I see so much potential for them.

  30. Beautiful tree โ™ฅ

  31. Rita Timmons says:

    Those are really cute! Thanks for the great instructions!

  32. Jeri Umble says:

    OMG — this is so clever it is making my head spin around and around like a top! Simply brilliant — but of course, I expect this from you!
    Happy Holidays Tim & Mario

  33. jennifer cassista says:


  34. Dianne Blencoe says:

    Thank you sooooo much … I have been waiting for this all season and tomorrow is my crafting day!!

  35. yogi says:

    so cute. Wonderful
    Have a great day

  36. Caroline D. says:

    Your trees are so fun and I like that you created a version that I’ve not seen before!! Most Ive seen have flat rosettes. It is indeed a magical week… with Christmas this coming weekend. I send you happy wishes for a fantabulous Christmas!!!

  37. sherry says:

    What a great idea, thank you so much for sharing.

  38. Debby says:

    Very clever!

  39. Angรจle van Leeuwen says:

    GREAT IDEA! Love these little trees, just sent my Christmas cards (with the clock) so now it’s time for the decorations ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Terry D. says:

    How cute! Wouldn’t they look adorable at each person’s place at Christmas dinner!? Thanks so much for the idea.

  41. Vron says:

    Welcome back! ๐Ÿ˜€ Neat idea! Thanks for the tip about the bows, I’m gonna try this one because I’m really terrible at making them. Tfs, Vron

  42. Therese Howard says:

    A Christmas tree for my craft room………… Thanks Tim for making my holidays a little more cheerful,……….. Happy holidays…… Hugs, Therese

  43. Tara Capewell says:

    very cool technique they would be great place cards with names on the top of the trees!

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