holiday project: oh deer…

mainwith the holidays right around the corner, coming up with ideas for those last minute holiday gifts for friends, party hosts, or even a festive decoration for your home is what most of us need about now.  today’s tutorial shows how to create a cheerful christmas clipboard using the “oh deer” from idea-ology.  these cute little guys sold out fast, but you still might be able to get your hands on one by checking with your local or online retailer (there’s a link at the end of the post)…

what i love about this project is the versatility it can have whether you’re displaying your favorite holiday photo, cherished christmas card, or even use it to present a gift card to give to someone special.  the “oh deer” clipboard features an acrylic base measuring approx 6″ wide by 10″ tall with a fun metal deer clip.  check out this creative way to alter and embellish your own one of a kind masterpiece of merriment…


  • surfaces: oh deer clipboard
  • paperie: cabinet card; found relatives; ephemera/christmas; flashcards/holiday; design tape/tidings
  • ink & paint: distress paint/picket fence; distress ink/ground espresso
  • adhesives: distress collage medium/matte; glossy accents
  • glitter: distress glitter/rock candy
  • embellishments: alpha parts/frozen; adornments/wreath/pinecones/snowflake/arrow; word keys/christmas; mirrored star; hinge clip; loop pin; jute string/christmas; crinkle ribbon
  • tools: layering stencil/holiday knit THS028; craft sheet; mini ink blending tool; scissors; collage medium brush
  • misc: string

steps1_4step 1: apply picket fence distress paint to craft sheet.
step 2: rub mini blending tool into paint distributing paint throughout foam.
step 3: tape stencil over clipboard and lightly pounce blending tool through stencil to apply paint.
step 4: move stencil and repeat previous steps around edges of clipboard – let paint dry completely.

steps5_8step 5: snip alpha parts from matrix and adhere to scrap piece of paper.
step 6: apply glossy accents to top of piece.
step 7: immediately cover wet glossy accents with rock candy distress glitter.
step 8: remove excess glitter and set aside to dry completely.

steps9_12step 9: select a cabinet card frame and found relative (or use your own holiday photo).
step 10: insert photo through top slot in cabinet card.
step 11: insert a piece of scrapbook paper to cover any visible space inside frame – no glue is needed at this point.
step 12: ink the edges of the cabinet card with distress using a new piece of ink blending foam.  *tip: for a more distressed look sand the edges with sandpaper before inking.

steps13_16step 13: cut two pieces of crinkle ribbon (18″ and 24″) and color with distress ink or stain.
step 14: wrap the 18″ piece of ribbon around the cabinet card frame, slide on word key, and tie ribbon once.
step 15: wrap the 24″ piece of ribbon around 4 fingers, slide off the loop, and place over tied ribbon.
step 16: tie ends of 18″ ribbon around the loops into a knot creating a bow.

steps17_20step 17: fluff looped ribbon bow and trim ends as needed.
step 18: select holiday ephemera and flashcard to use in your collage.
step 19: ink edges of selected pieces with distress ink using blending tool.
step 20: adhere ephemera to cabinet card over photo with collage medium using collage medium brush. *this step secures the photo.

steps21_24step 21: add string through snowflake adornment, wrap around arrow, and adhere with collage medium.
step 22: adhere glittered snowflakes with collage medium.
step 23: open loop pin and add pinecone and slide through opening in wreath adornment.
step 24: pin into ribbon and secure closed.

steps25_28step 25: wrap jute string around clipboard several times and tie ends in a knot.
step 26: adhere a couple pieces of design tape to base of clipboard.
step 27: adhere ephemera and mirrored star with glossy accents and secure flashcard to clipboard with hinge clip.
step 28: attach finished cabinet card to clipboard to display and enjoy!

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25 Comments to “holiday project: oh deer…”

  1. Sally sTo says:

    Oh Dear! You have not posted for awhile…
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and that everything is all good with you! Merry Christmas to you and Mario!!!

  2. I ADORE this…LOVE every detail on it. I never got around to breaking mine out…next year. Thanks so much for all the Christmas inspiration this year, and a huge Merry Christmas to you and Mario!

  3. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    How fun this must be to make!!! I’m going to have to give this one a try!!!

  4. Gloria L. says:

    It’s a little masterpiece!

  5. diana says:

    i sadly missed out on this clipboard but love seeing what everyone has done with theirs!! i love the painting on the clear board through your stencil.. a nice gift or decoration i agree!!! Merry Christmas to you and Mario!

  6. barbara lassiter says:

    Very cute. Just wishing you and Mario a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Fa La La La La La La 🙂

  7. Great project once again. I like how you added a strip of paper beside the photo. I’m going to remember that – I hope!

  8. Kathy Andrews says:

    Love the deer clipboard… you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, Tim. Happy Holidays to you and Mario. May the days ahead be filled with laughter, cheer, memories to treasure, friendship, and lots of love.

  9. Gigi B. says:

    Wow, I nice reusable piece of holiday decor.

  10. Anne R says:

    Thanks so much for the inspiration, I have managed to get my hands on one! I hope you and Mario have a wonderful Christmas and all the very best for the new year!

  11. margie says:

    thanks for the great ideas

  12. margie says:

    bought clip board just because it was new. now I wish i’d gotten more. thankyou for your great ideas happy holidays

  13. Deb L says:

    Love this, great gift idea! TFS Tim!

  14. Barbara K says:

    I already planned to make 3 of these Oh Deer Decorations today! Perfect project for a cold, snowy day! Thanks so much for the tutorial.
    I love the Oh Deer Clipboard and hope it’s not a “one-off”. We’d love to see it back next year. I’m so glad I was able to get some before they sold out!
    Happy Holidays to you both!

  15. WilmaB says:

    O wow this is so wonderful! Just love it. Thank you so much for all the inspiration this year.
    Wishing you and Mario a magical and Merry Christmas!!

  16. Brilliant collage – would make a perfect gift! And thanks for the tip on how to tie a bow!

  17. Kim says:

    The clear clipboard reeled me in from Instagram. This is such a great project, thank you for sharing it!

  18. Angele van Leeuwen says:

    Love this use of the clipboard – a real joy to make and to receive!

  19. SusanK says:

    Great gift idea…maybe even for myself!

  20. Tona says:

    This is wonderful! Thanks for the continued inspiration.
    Merry Christmas to you & Mario.

  21. Rosann says:

    This is wonderful … hope to finish it tonight ( well maybe tomorrow) too many interruptions right now shhh be back at 2a.m. hahaha

  22. Donna Schrader says:

    This is so awesome!!!! Love it!

  23. Sheila Bacon says:

    Decorating the clear clipboard makes for a very unique wall display, especially for a den or office.

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