halloween inspiration series: richele christensen…

richelethis frightful skull card from richele christensen is dreadfully delightful.  her masking technique for the new dripping texture fade is so creepy and so clever.  click here to learn all about it…

today is the final day of the halloween inspiration series and i want to thank all of the talented designers who’ve shared their creative ideas and great tutorials on their blogs – i hope you’ve enjoyed all of the halloween inspiration too…t!m

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34 Comments to “halloween inspiration series: richele christensen…”

  1. Zoe Hillman says:

    This is just awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  2. Eva J. says:

    I would never guess that these drops are made with embossing folder. They look so real! Great job!

  3. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Richele is gifted and really bring your products to life. Bravo!

  4. Darlene Conrad says:

    I just love this card. You are amazing

  5. So sad to see this is the last of the inspiration series for Halloween, but I have really enjoyed each and every piece! Thank you for sharing all of these!

  6. Candy says:

    I have really enjoyed it all. There were so many insightful ideas. And booootiful ones.

  7. Roberta Clough says:

    Just amazing, wow you are so talented! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Gigi B. says:

    Oh how I love the way she did the drips! You certainly have a great team and it would be impossible for me to pick one that I like the best. They were all so creative with lots of detail. Kudos to all of the team.

  9. Angela R. says:

    Really liked the Halloween series. Hope you do a Christmas one.

  10. Tona says:

    This is fantastic! I love Richele’s work.

  11. Julia Aston says:

    love all the drippiness!

  12. Natalie C says:

    Great series!! Have so many ideas. Thanks for sharing! Waiting for a Christmas series???!!!!

  13. Susan G says:

    These inspirational posts have been fabulous. I am in love with the “drops” texture folder. It’s amazing. The candle bigz die is another amazing product. Oh, wait, the skull and the new ephemera items. I give in….it’s all fabulous and amazing. Thanks to T!m and all his friends.

  14. The HALLOWEEN INSPIRATION has been SBOOtacular! Thank you Tim for gathering all these talented people to share their “FRIGHTFULLY FaBOOlous” projects!

  15. Tammy says:

    I love this technique and really enjoy seeing things like the candle which would normally be used for christmas on a halloween projects. I am going to miss not see these posts each day!

  16. Roxanne says:

    Oh my gosh…I love these projects!! Keep em’ coming…so inspiring! TFS!

  17. diana says:

    Richelle’s projects always leave me loving your products more!!! can’t wait to see how she did it all.

  18. butterfly says:

    So cool – love that skull! It’s been an amazing Halloween cornucopia of delights… thank you so much to all the designers for sharing their fabulous ideas.
    Alison x

  19. I think this is beautiful. Love the whole gothic feel.

  20. Gloria L. says:

    Frightfully fun!

  21. Sue A. says:

    So much talent! It’s inspiring and intoxicating both.

  22. Carol says:


  23. Deb Neerman says:

    Wow, this is so spooky and fun … love it!

  24. This one made me smile.Whimsical.Thanks for sharing.

  25. Karen Linkogle says:

    Richeles Hallowen card is very cool!! I really love the technique using the embossing folder and also how the candle had so much dimension!! Love it!!!

  26. EEEEEK!!!! I SO LOVE THIS creation!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  27. Deb L says:

    This series was amazing! So much inspiration!

  28. Sharon Young says:

    It has been frightfully fun! Thanks Tim and all the designers!

  29. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    I knew there was a reason I was looking forward to Ms. Christensen’s spooky ofering! Positively bone-rchilling! Qui
    This series of delightful artists and their visions of scary fun has been QUITE inspirational!!

  30. Violet says:

    What an awesome Halloween decoration she made. Love it.

  31. Debbie Emmons says:

    What a grand finale! I enjoyed this series so much, and looked forward to seeing something new each day. I’m sad to see the series end, maybe you can do a Christmas series! Great job everyone! Thank you, now carry on!

  32. Angele van Leeuwen says:

    Great idea to create it with a mask and love the candle holder 😉

  33. Rosann says:

    Wonderful share this series has been … so many inspiring ideas and techniques … MY GOODNESS !!!
    Thank you Tim and ALL the Designers !!

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