greetings from germany…

hello bloggers!  well to say my schedule has been hectic since cha is an understatement.  with just a few hours home between cha and heading back to the airport to fly to germany, once we landed in germany we hit the ground running.  i spent the last 4 days demonstrating at paperworld (germany's largest papercraft trade show) from one of our distributors.  between my demo times we managed to walk much of the show.  lots and lots to see, but nothing new unfortunately to blow me away.  it's been snowing every day since we arrived here and it has been cold!  so yesterday we had a free day so we drove 4 hours down to visit this amazing castle…

the neuschwanstein castle was built in the 1800's and only reached a third of the way completed before the king died and construction of the castle stopped.  just 6 weeks after his death, they opened the castle to public visits.  we were able to tour the massive and very cold castle, but no cameras were allowed inside (bummer).  i have to say though, it was truly breathtaking, magnificent, and artistically inspiring.  in fact, my desire to go to visit this was because this was the very castle that walt disney was inspired by to create sleeping beauty's castle!  how cool is that?  my photos are all on my iphone so i couldn't upload them to post, but i found this pic online to show you the castle – we saw it covered in snow of course…

we headed north late last night and drove another 5 hours to be north of frankfurt for my appearance on QVC-Germany tomorrow night (friday 2/5 at 8pm germany time).  it's going to be exciting and definitely different since i don't speak german and the show isn't in english?  either way, creativity is the universal language i think!  if you'd like to watch online, click the link here to view it via the web and click QVC live-tv.  the US times would be 11am PST, 12noon MST, 1pm CST, and 2pm EST.  so today we're off to check out the studio, work on a few samples, and get ready for the show…

on saturday we drive to holland with a couple of stops at a scrapbook store in germany and one in holland for a book signing.  then we head to do another trade event in holland that includes a day of demos and another of workshops.  it's busy, busy, busy.  then it's back to the airport for an early morning flight back to the US, spend a week at home, and then off again to the UK for yet another trade show and QVC-UK appearance.  what a whirlwind!  i'll be sure to post photos and a video when i get home, until then, it's back to work…t!m

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491 Comments to “greetings from germany…”

  1. Kristin Bell says:

    That castle is wonderful. It’s worth walking up that insane hill if you don’t want to wait for the bus at the bottom. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Fussen. It’s such a cute town. I think it’s so wonderful that you get to go to all of these places. Holland! Yeah!! Love that too.

  2. sandy says:

    Where in the world are you?
    It’s been so long since your last post I’m having Tim withdrawal!!!
    Please post soon??????

  3. Therese says:

    did you happened to see tinkerbell flying around spreading alterations stars…..i love the photo, walt did a good thing here in the states for us to continue with our childhood…………therese

  4. JWood says:

    wow! great photo of the castle! enjoy your journey…

  5. busy,busy,busy, i’m glad i met jou bij joan Geveart in Holland, you where soo kalm too meet and greet every one, super!
    have a save trip home.
    i have made already some cards whith the beautyfull stamps i bought there.

  6. Jen Shipley says:

    Sounds like your trip was fun and very busy. That castle looks magnificent. Remember to take some down time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Tatyana says:

    Neuschwanstein in snow is the prettiest Neuschwanstein!!! You’re lucky to have seen it

  8. Lanette says:

    oh that castle. love it. it was filmed in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang too.

  9. How the heck do you get into that place? Do they drop you from a plane? Are there ‘secret’ tunnels with an elevator?–Stephanie

  10. Carol Ponsford says:

    sounds extremely hectic but fun! Enjoy!

  11. Jennie says:

    Beautiful picture beautiful place.

  12. tammy g says:

    Awesome castle! And loved the Barbara story.

  13. Sherri says:

    What a whirlwind – When do you ever get time to rest?? The picture of the castle is amazing but I’m sure it is no comparison to seeing it live!! Glad you’re having fun!!

  14. DebbieK says:

    The castle is amazing Tim! Love your work and hearing about your travels. Can’t wait to buy some of your new products when the hit the shelves in the good ol’ USA. Be safe…..
    Debbie K.

  15. lesley W says:

    I wish my work led me to exciting countries! Heck, anywhere other than my desk, would rawk!

  16. altered.annie says:

    wow, the castle looks like a toy…wouldn’t that be cool to make out of lego’s, tim!

  17. casinomama says:

    glad you like my castle – it is sooo hard t find help to keep it clean,….

  18. Diane Olson says:

    Sure sounds like a fun adventure! Hope you are enjoying the journey!

  19. Erin Glee says:

    So much to do, so little TIME! You sure fit a lot in your share of time, whew!
    Beautiful castle : )

  20. Lynne Phelps says:

    I have been there back in the 70’s when cameras were allowed. It really is that beautiful!

  21. donna lee williams says:

    Oh my goodness – that castle is amazing!!
    Sooooooo – what has it inspired you to create for us????????

  22. Winnie says:

    Wow, your passport must have alot of stamps on it! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see what you share when your return!

  23. Kari D says:

    So much air time! BUT it sounds as though everyone loves your products and oh so amazing techniques! Can’t wait to see how this trip influences your future art! Travel safely and thanks for sharing!

  24. Mrs Frizz says:

    OMG … that castle looks totally magical … looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie; and you were lucky enough to visit. Special memories.
    And you are getting around atm … your passport will be suffering from over-use syndrome.

  25. Leslee Barrow says:

    My gosh, Tim,
    You just exhaust me with all your whirlwind touring. Enjoy all the adventures.
    Leslee in MT

  26. Lia says:

    that castle looks so beautiful. never been there, but it’s on my wishlist now!
    busy times you’ve had and busy times ahead… i hope you are having a good nights sleep and going to have a safe travel to ede/holland, because…well… i can tell you…it’s going to be a veeeeeeeery crowded book signing!

  27. rabbitt says:

    someday i will see that castle…someday. time to call the relatives over germanic yonder and see who’s couch I can sleep on.

  28. LenaS says:

    OOOOOOOO, just had a thought…wouldn’t a European Tim Holtz cruise be amazing!!! You could put that castle in as one of the stops. Please…

  29. LenaS says:

    Cool CASTLE…how did you know history of Sleeping Beauty Disney Castle? Very interesting, TFS. I found you on QVC you’re under Stempelset 576418 at 20:00-22:00 Uhr and demoing Stempelset (lol, whatever that is!) I love your shirt. You look great even without knowing German. Fun to see you in another land. Come home safe…we miss you.

  30. Karen in Canton, MI says:

    Just watched you on QVC-Germany! Couldn’t maintain audio, but you all looked like you were having a great time! What’s not to love about you and your creations, t!m?! Congrats on the sell-out!

  31. val rich says:

    Managed to watch some of your QVC Germany show, it was hilarious. Hope you are bringing these products to QVC UK. Can’t wait to see that one.
    Love Val Rich

  32. Gabriele says:

    hallo tim,
    I saw you now on qvc germany. very good show and to see how you mixed the colors and to work with the stamps, this is great! I wish I could have your work, what you did on!! greatfull!!!
    bussi gabi from vienna

  33. debi boring says:

    Grrrrrrrrreat show Tim! Did those hussies…er hosts have the hots for you or WHAT!!! heh heh…

  34. Carol says:

    Tim, the beauty of that castle always amazes me. So cool that you were able to see it in person. I finished watching you on QVC. I thought it was a lot of fun ! You seemed to understand a lot of what was being said , I thought maybe you spoke a little, so good job ! Whenever I am in doubt, smile and nod is the way to go is that why you were smiling BIG ? Funny how much of our language is German based. I understood more than I thought I would. Have fun, Elvis!
    Carol from southern MD

  35. debi boring says:

    Watching you on German TV…. SOOOOO FUNNY!!! hahahaha…. I’m lovin listening to them talking to you in German, and you responding back in English. How are you understanding them?
    too cute….

  36. vicki in MD says:

    what a breathtaking pic of the castle. Hopefully you have a chance to breath and take in the scenery a bit. Is there going to be a time when you ‘click you heels and say – there’s no place like home’

  37. Hi “Elvis”!
    Thanks so much for this great evening at German QVC with Blanche !!!!
    So much inspiration, but what a pity that “Elvis” was forced to leave
    the building 30 min tooooooo sooooon.
    I hope you come to one of the German craft shows like Creativa Dortmund or Kreativ Welt Wiesbaden once with Blanche.
    Enjoy your next days in Europe!
    Have a nice weekend

  38. chantille says:

    Tim, how do you do it????? Seriously, you never stop. Can’t wait to see you on QVC in the UK ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just watched you on QVC Germany, they loved you! The tags you used were white, were they made from glossy cardstock?

  39. michaele C. says:

    Fun QVC show in Germany and
    Tim, you even managed to get
    in some conversation. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Enjoyed watching thanks for
    the post and hope you post the
    UK show time as well. Thanks

  40. Verbena says:

    I just watched you on German QVC! What fun! You were great!Language differences were totally not an issue because everyone understands art and creativity. Be sure to send a link for your UK QVC show!

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