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my work week is well under way and like many of you, i wonder where the time goes?  all of my best intentions to do something fun and creative often get overloaded with other to-do’s – i’m sure you know the feeling too…

no doubt there are lots of other creative people out there where we can take a break if only to find inspiration (thank you pinterest).  lucky for me a couple of them happen to be part of my team, and have shared some cool project tutorials recently.  so today i just wanted to do a shout out and share the links for you to check out.

paula cheney did an awesome tutorial showing a layout using new stencils, inks, and more…
richele christensen made a journal out of tags with texture fades, distress paint, and markers…

so even though you may be having a busy week too, i hope you take a little breather for some great inspiration.  enjoy today…t!m

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50 Comments to “great inspiration…”

  1. Maria D says:

    Richele Christensen’s tutorial was an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing her post. Now I have to check out Paula Cheney’s.

  2. Carmen Lucero says:

    Thanks for sharing Paula and Richele’s blogs – I got very inspired by their projects.


    Carmen L.

  3. hi I went the to the two tutorials. and now I am inspired to work on my summer photos of the beach and camping trip. cant wait to get started.Richele and Paula are very talented. I enjoy their ideas on layouts and much as I enjoy yours very much! happy crafting to you!

  4. Just love these too girlies work! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Ruby C says:

    A little breather would be nice! Checked out both Paula and Richele. Love seeing their work. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Noreen says:

    Thanks for sharing the links. Others always have such a different take on how to use materials, and I love the creativity!

  7. Linda E says:

    Thanks for sharing Tim, these ladies are such an inspiration!! Great projects !!! Loved the tuts too !!!

  8. Brenda Brown says:

    Thanks for pointing us in Paula’s and Richele’s beautiful projects. I hope you get everything done you need to this week and I am looking forward to being part of your workshops next week here in the UK yay.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  9. Ali from Cali says:

    wow i checked into both the paula and richeles blogs. So great! they are so talented!!!

  10. I love the translucent embossing paste Paula used!! And, of course, the glitter!! Richele’s travel book is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  11. Roxanne says:

    Love both of these projects…better yet its cool to see the new Distress Glitter in Action! I was super lucky enough to have won some of these from you a few weeks ago…and they are just Fab to work with! Great new product! Thanks for sharing this inspiration today! 😉

  12. isabelle M says:

    really both are awesome creators!!

  13. Patricia B says:

    Awesome inspiration! Thank you Team Holtz!!

  14. jenni says:

    thanks for the constant source of inspiration that you are….you and your team are amazing.

  15. Tamera B says:

    Love both of the ladies projects! Can’t wait to get my hands on the stencils!

  16. Hetty says:

    Looking forward to see your creations Tim,meanwhilethose of Paula and Richelle are absolutely awesome and I am glad you shared them with us.

  17. Annie says:

    Thanks, Tim. These are great tutorials. Great inspiration for the whole projects or just some good ideas to incorporate into other projects.
    Annie in DE

  18. Kaz says:

    Wow ! Awesome inspiration!

  19. EmeralDQueen says:

    Inspiration is what you give me all the time Tim and I have to agree that there is people out there that are very talented. Thanks for sharing inspiration from other crafters that love what they do, these ladies are fantastic!

  20. Coliine says:

    I love the journal made with tags!

  21. Jennifer Rogers says:

    So long since we have seen a layout from Paula- and she is on form! Stalking the stores for the stencils.

  22. Kathi R says:

    I really love when you share your designers’ work with us. It shows us how much you value them!


    P.S. I got “Laboratory” as one of my “Captcha” words. It’s fitting since you sent me my new and beloved Chemist set! 😀

  23. Margaret says:

    I am getting the chance to start all over again. We just moved 1250 miles and now need to reset my craft room. It is starting to come together but still lots to do. But, I can’t wait for it to be done and I can start creating again.

  24. carol watson says:

    What great inspirtaion…love them both.

  25. Rosann aka Rea' says:

    Always enjoy those shares and the inspiration!!

  26. Tasha Cosenza-Mechels says:

    Love both of these projects! Wonderful inspiration indeed!!

  27. Thanks for the inspiration – they’re beautiful!

  28. Diana says:

    two of my favorite sites ever!!

  29. Jill Dolen says:

    well I looked at both rachele and Paula’s blogs and loved them!! can’t wait to try both and tweek it with my spin on it.. thanks girls!!!

  30. SusanK says:

    You have a fabulous staff that keeps me inspired. By the weekend my art space will have been reconfigured and a HUGE steel workbench will be front and center of the room for my Big Shot and all the accessories. Then I can take some of the inspiration and get creative! Yahoo!!!!

  31. cheryl c says:

    Aren’t they great! Not only the projects, but the artists and their tutorials. Thanks! So many things there that I’m going to try.

  32. BARB T says:

    I love seeing the work of your very talented team. Thank you for providing the tools and supplies we love to use when we create.

  33. Angele says:

    Love the travel journal from Richele!
    Follow Paula already quite a while, always love her posts!
    But no worry Tim – you’re still my number 1 🙂

  34. Sue W. says:

    Both ladies have some great ideas. I need to incorporate some of their ideas with our summer vacay pics!

  35. Jackie QH says:

    Yes you do have creative people working for you!
    Paula’s page is so cool , I would like to try it!

  36. Pat Sutter says:

    I love Paula’s layout. It gave me some good ideas for cards. Richele’s tag journal is so clever and looks easy to bind together. thanks for sharing.

  37. Always time to check out what you are up to T!M, So muxh insiration!!!

  38. donna russell says:

    very nice thanks for sharing

  39. Redanne says:

    Amazing inspiration from your talented team Tim.

  40. I also saw both of these lovely projects and tutorials and LOVED them both. There’s never lack of inspiration with the fabulous internet. I don’t know the last time I was stumped and couldn’t come up with an idea. Inspiration is ALL around us! Thanks for the post. Have a productive rest of your week.

  41. Robin Gasser says:

    These are both great uses of some of our favorite things! Thanks to all for sharing.

  42. Mary Pendergrass says:

    Wonderful inspiration. I especially liked Paula’s layout.

  43. Irene Segal says:

    Your inspiration to get organized has left me feeling just as you wanting more and more to find time for creative inspirations and play time…the more I come across those lost purchases the more new and creative ideas flow through my mind and then I become overwhelmed with the new decision to organize or stop and play ….OH MY!!!!

  44. Barbara Albrecht says:

    Boy do I know about the “have to’s”…feel your pain, Tim. Thanks for the links to Richelle’s & Paula’s projects!

  45. Brandy says:

    Great inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  46. WilmaB says:

    Wow, the layout was just where i was waiting for. How can i use your art on it…now i have the inspiration! Journal is great.

  47. Cindy Daversa says:

    There’s always time for some tim-spiration! And from Paula and Richele too!

  48. Love these layouts!!! Just awesome!!!!

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