faux chocolate bunnies….

DSC08675have you ever had one of those crazy ideas that pop in your head while your browsing the aisles of the craft store and think – i should make something with that?  well today’s project is one of those crazy ideas, but i have to say – i love how they turned out.  you see, one of my favorite easter memories as a kid was opening up my easter basket to find the glorious foil wrapped chocolate bunny inside.  this shimmery delectable was the showpiece of the sweets, the epicenter of the edibles, the beacon of the basket (well you get where i’m going here) it was important to me…

supplies used:

  • surfaces: corked domes, resin bunnies, resin wood pieces, seasonal chitchat stickers
  • alcohol inks: mountain rose, pink sherbet, lettuce, pool
  • blending solution
  • distress ink: frayed burlap
  • adhesives: multi-medium, hot glue
  • tools: small paint brush, scissors
  • misc: kisses, moss, 2 1/2” straight pin

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comso the other day i came across some little bunnies in the miniature department (hobby lobby) and picked up a couple of packs to do “something with”.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comlater that day i found some little resin wood pieces in the spring section (joanns) and thought they might fit my idea-ology corked domes so i grabbed a couple of packs of those too.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comwhen i got home i started rummaging through all of the stuff i bought and discovered that not only did the little resin wood pieces work as the base for the large corked domes, but the bunnies fit inside perfectly and the wheels started turning.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comthe goal was to recreate little foil wrapped bunnies, but i have to say my initial ideas didn’t work too well.  i tried silver leafing (too smooth), metallic paint (too dull), kitchen foil (too thick), and then i thought what about just using those foil wrapped eggs?  problem was i wanted silver foil, so after a quick trip to the store i came home with the perfect solution – kisses.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comsimply unwrap the kiss (ok so i ate the chocolate, i couldn’t help it!) and begin wrapping it around the bunny.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comcontinue molding and shaping the foil around the bunny, since this is so pliable it’s easy to form around it.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comonce you’re done, trim off any excess foil if needed, but no adhesive is required – cool right?  you can pretty much wrap any little figurine in foil this way, even if you had to use several pieces for a larger one.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comnext i wanted to add that tint of color to the foil and alcohol inks are perfect for it.  i added a drop of ink to my craft sheet and grabbed a small paint brush.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comdip the dry paint brush into the alcohol ink and paint the areas of the foil to color.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comclean the brush using blending solution or rubbing alcohol.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comapply another color of alcohol ink to the craft sheet and continue coloring the rest of the bunny.  the alcohol inks dry in seconds so be sure to blot off any excess ink with a dry paper towel while you’re coloring to create a more worn look.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comi love the color possibilities here…so nostalgic!

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comnow it’s time to put it all together so adhere the bunny to the resin base using multi-medium.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comadhere a few tiny pieces of moss for the greenery to fill behind the bunny.  i used a hot glue gun for this step so i didn’t have to wait for any adhesive to dry.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comi decided i wanted to add a little flag so i created one using a seasonal chitchat sticker, cut the end in a flag point, inked the edges with a little distress ink, and adhered it to a 2 1/2” straight pin with a little multi-medium.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.comapply a drop of multi-medium to the end of the pin and adhere it into the moss behind the bunny.

Faux Chocolate Bunnies by Tim Holtz | www.timholtz.complace the glass dome over the top and adhere the edges of the dome with a small amount of multi-medium (it will dry clear no worries).

how cute is that?!! a small memento of a favorite childhood memory.  now i’m on a creative mission to make more of these for different seasons throughout the year – this is only the beginning…t!m

Corked Domes (IE|SSS)
Chit Chat Seasonal (IE|SSS)
Lettuce Alcohol Ink (SSS|IE)
Pool Alcohol Ink (SSS|IE)
Alcohol Blending Solution (SSS|IE)
Frayed Burlap Distress Ink (IE|SSS)
Multi Medium Matte (IE|SSS)
Ranger Artist Brushes (IE|SSS)
Tonic Scissors (IE|SSS)
Craft Sheet (IE|SSS)

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345 Comments to “faux chocolate bunnies….”

  1. Jennifer Garcia says:

    Next year…I will be the talk of work!! Thank you for the idea.

  2. juli Riedel says:

    Well I just love this idea!!! How fun is this! Plus you get to eat chocolate! Win, win?!

  3. caroline hill says:

    Tim that is awesome.I to always have that when you go to craft store then you have to create it.Thanks for sharing

  4. tea says:

    I’d give up chocolate, but I am not a quitter:-)
    Very bunny!1850

  5. Kathleen says:

    Great idea !

  6. f.nigg says:

    Fantistic idea! Opened this post today Apr. 4th, too late for me to try thiem for this Easter. Love your work.

  7. mindy says:

    I love it Im always amazed at the creativity and what inspires people. Im good at crafts but, Im not a great designer. Thanks for sharing great ideas

  8. Sylvia says:

    Way adorable – love this!!

  9. Julia Aston says:

    Oh, I can’t stand it! TOO TOO cute! but I can see the trouble with using Hershey Kiss wrappers…… just sayin’…….

  10. Nancy Osborn says:

    Sooo…. I hauled my butt to the stores today to find all of these little goodies and was only able to find the bunnies. Luckily, my husband has a sweet tooth and we had 4 silver kisses in the candy jar, so I set up to at least do the bunnies. This takes PATIENCE! LOL! I was getting so upset because the 1st wrap section went great, then it stopped sticking… boo! BUT with the help of glossy accents, I was able to do one bunny! It’s soooo stinking cute and I’m excited to show my husband what I made for him! Thanks for another super cute idea! 🙂

  11. Atticelf says:

    What a fun little project! Somewhere in my studio I have a stash of colored foil saved from chocolate Easter eggs several years ago. Wonder where I put that…

  12. Danee says:

    So cute and clever. I can’t believe how tiny they really are.

  13. Julia says:

    So cute & so clever! Who doesn’t have special memories of a foil wrapped bunny for Easter?!

  14. KimC says:

    Absolutely love it! Found the last two packages of bunnies at my Hobby Lobby, but alas my JoAnn store does not have the resin wood pieces and they are not available online. Think I will try distressing the edges of wooden circles and stamping with your woodgrain stamp.

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  16. Lisa M says:

    Holy crud, I almost passed out! You have to be freaking kidding me…..these are out of this world!! Talk about a miniature scale, but WOWEE….if that’s not the most precious bit of faux chocolate bunny ever. Nicely done!!

  17. Need I say: BRILLIANT!…?? 😉

  18. Jaimie Sander says:

    These are adorable! Thanks for sharing the idea!

  19. diana says:

    I so need to get my hands on those domes! too cute

  20. Jan Smith says:

    OMG…these are so cool and cute!! LOVE love love them!!

  21. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    I made mine as an “Ode to Grandpa Mc”.After Church and after the Easter Egg Hunt, my Grandpa used to give all the little ones a Chocolate Bunny! Grandma would put a sheet in the floor, first…ha! It was tough to figure out who was having more fun…all these chocolate-covered, grinning Grandkids or Grandpa! I can still hear the laughter!

  22. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    Now, THIS is “repurposing” at its most DELICIOUS!
    Talk about inspiration with an extra little incentive! (I mean one just cannot leave that little Hershey’s Kiss sit there all unwrapped, right?)
    Crafting and having your chocolate fix at the same time!!! FUN!!

  23. Linda K. says:

    Too cute! Happy Easter; Happy Spring!

  24. Julie B says:

    Oh, those are too cute! Good enough to eat…..

  25. Nancy Walker says:

    This is such a cute idea, Tim. I love miniature things, and this sure fits the bill for a perfect little item just waiting to be discovered by my grandchildren. Off to Hobby Lobby now….

  26. So, so cute! Everything just works so well together- they were meant to be! Love!! <3

  27. Dria says:

    I didn’t have to go out today…now I have to go get these to play with! ADORABLE! I did score some real foil wrapped vintage look bunnies yesterday and bought them for my kids baskets..oh so cute!

  28. Linda T says:

    The bunnies are soooo cute & really nostalgic. Thanks for the smile.

  29. RandellynB says:

    That is the sweetest project from chocolate to bunny! Those turned out fantastic and would look great in somebunnies Easter basket!

  30. kari says:

    Those are the cutest Easter bunnies, thanks for all the great ideas.

  31. Beverly says:

    What a great idea….. They are adorable…. Happy Easter Reminds me of my childhood.

  32. Tim, I posted on the bunz before, love love love them. I have a favor to request. I hope someone will give this to you. Would you consider making a grunge grid background stamp like this old one that retired:Stampin Up! Off The Grid Wood Mount Background Stamp Set Grunge. It is so popular and I refuse to pay $100 on eBay for it. I think it would work really well with your design concepts.

  33. Jen K. says:

    Does your brain EVER turn off?! So clever…two bunny ears up!

  34. Noel says:

    OMG that is fantastic…I love Faux Chocolate…lol! Tim your mind is a wonderful land of oddities for sure!

  35. Donna says:


  36. Simply Sandy says:

    This is so cute! Love it when things come together.

  37. Linda E says:

    Too cute, Tim !!! Thanks for sharing !!

  38. Robi Wax says:

    Brilliant AND adorable!

  39. mary Warren says:

    These are too cute! As for my approach to this, I wouldn’t have to buy any chocolate because I already save the foil wrappers from any kisses I eat. On the other hand I thinl I would have missed out on half the fun,
    Thanks for another creative idea!

  40. OH MY GOSH!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! You ROCK!!! This ROCKS!!! What an idea, and so tiny and cute! I too only cared about the chocolate bunny in my basket! The oranges and apples were for the birds…but that bunny was mine!!! You are amazing!!!

  41. Tommye Bell says:

    You are too much! And such a kid at heart! It’s nice to know that you, too, buy things that ‘speak’ to you without knowing why or what you’d do with them. Then you have an ‘ahh ha’ moment and make something special with them! Love that! TFS.

  42. Dionne White says:

    I love these. Soooo cute! You are brilliant. I love the colors. And you are right, so nostalgic! Thanks Tim for a stroll down memory lane!

  43. Blue Shirt says:

    The best part? Eating the Kisses! Sooooooooooo good.

  44. Nicie Ibarra says:

    These bunnies are just too adorable!!! Definitely brought back nice memories of my childhood as well. Yes, that bunny makes all the difference in the basket! 🙂

  45. Gabby says:

    Super cute foil-wrapped bunnies! Love ’em displayed in the domes! I have lots of fond memories of Easter including the chocolate bunnies in my basket each yr. Others include egg hunts, fru-fru frilly, pastel colored dresses, new patent leather shoes, fancy little purses, and the sweet lamb cakes my G’ma and I made together. Great childhood and family memories. THANKS for prompting me to remember them today. 🙂

  46. Anne Dwyer says:

    These are fabulous – what a find with a fantastic outcome. Well done Tim!

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