eclectic elements spring quilt market 2017…

earlier this month we attended spring quilt market to debut the first half of my new dapper collection of eclectic elements fabric with coats.  inspired by worn textiles of a merchant tailor with the stylish nostalgia of timeless typography, dapper captures a classic era in this new collection.  the pattern and imagery are woven together in a neutral palette with a hint of faded color to inspire the most sophisticated and eclectic creations…

the booth at market is designed to showcase these new designs in a setting that pulls together vintage finds with unique creativity (love the little vests to show the new designs)…

with the help of my talented team and amazing sewing artists, the projects feature everything from bags, pillows, and pin cushions to lampshades, furniture, and of course stunning quilts…

the possibilities of fabric is truly endless.  i find myself amazed at every market when i see my designs virtually come to life with the amount of time, skill, and details put into each piece…

be sure to check your local fabric store for eclectic elements as the new dapper collection joins the existing line of foundations, wallflower, and correspondence fabric designs.  we’d love to see what you create using eclectic elements fabric so be sure to tag #eclecticelements when posting your creations on social media so we can check them out…

guess it’s time i learn to sew don’t you think?…t!m

for even more photos from the booth (click here) to visit richele’s blog!

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35 Comments to “eclectic elements spring quilt market 2017…”

  1. WilmaB says:

    Wow……so beautiful!!

  2. WilmaB says:

    So beautiful!!!

  3. lorena b. says:

    Every single sample is perfection!!!

  4. Jeanie says:

    Always enjoy your booths!

  5. Diana P. Martinez says:

    I am in love!!! Yes tim if you knew how to sew you wouldn’t stop making stuff with your collections. Pure love…

  6. Pamela says:

    Awesome patterns and ideas

  7. Tona says:

    Love it!

  8. Becky C says:

    Your team is amazing with your booth decor!

  9. Linda Newcomb says:

    Wow! Beautiful!

  10. Rosann says:

    WOW … the booth was amazing as usual !! Love seeing the creations up close… thank you for sharing.!!
    Tim it would not surprise me if you made a quilt or a vest 🙂 <3

  11. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    JUST WOW, so fabulous.

  12. Anne R says:

    The stand looked amazing and the fabrics are just gorgeous – I love Richele’s little waistcoats, they showcase the fabrics beautifully! So pleased we can now buy the fabric in the UK too!

  13. Sharon J says:

    Wonderful! And–please say you’ll come out with a line of holiday fabrics…your look would be so different from the (many) formal or kiddie-look holiday patterns and prints out there…I hoard your vintage-style holiday papers; their fabric counterparts would make great tree skirts, stockings, pillows, throws, mantel scarves, napkins, table runners…etc. 😉

  14. angela Velazquez says:

    Omg amazing love it. Im a fan all your products.

  15. You dont sew? Hard to imagine! You do everything else, between you and Mario!

  16. Julia Aston says:

    Gorgeous projects – particularly love all the different bags that were made using your great new fabrics Tim!

  17. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    What an awesome post! Thank you for taking us through this terrific booth of yours! I positively LOVE all the images in the Dapper Collection and to see it in the world of fabrics and sewing is wonderful! Dapper debuted wonderfully!!!

  18. Dottie In CT says:


  19. Sherry Winchester says:

    This looks utterly fantastic…and that quilt is amazing!

  20. Jil L says:

    All of the booth is cozy. I could just imagine curling up on that sofa & working on some coloring. I love the blues in this collection. I just want all of the projects. Jil

  21. maureen sala says:

    eclectic display – fabulous – love all the designs.

  22. Carol b says:

    The booth is fabulous and that quilt!!!!
    Aron b

  23. Bonnie E says:

    You would rock the world if you learned to sew!

  24. Sharon G says:

    Beautiful!!! Would love to see you combine your fabric line with your paper crafting line and design crop bags with these fabrics…not all paper crafters like hot pink and rhinestones.

  25. The fabrics are gorgeous! Wish I sewed, too! Your display is drool worthy, and samples are all AMAZING!

  26. Just love that booth.I could sit happily sketching in there for hours.Must be exciting to see so much new “stuff” getting made.

  27. bette says:


  28. Lucy F. says:

    The quilt is amazing. All the bags drive me crazy because I want them all.These are beautiful designs that showcase your wonderful fabric.

  29. Absolut amazing! What a wonderful collection in an awesome booth! So much love in the details!

  30. Desiree H says:

    Yes, Tim, it’s time for you to come over to the dark side and learn how to sew! Let’s do some beginner projects so others can learn to sew too! Maybe a quilt block pillow?
    I will be stalking the fabric stores for the new dapper fabrics!

  31. Gretchen says:

    One of those posts that make me wish I knew how to sew – such fun patterns!

  32. Rhonda V. says:

    I can’t wait to add this into my fabric collection too! I have a nice collection of your lines and really love the 108″ backing fabric that you have also.

  33. Natalie B says:

    I love this new range! Can’t wait to go shopping!

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