eclectic elements fall quilt market 2016…

1we’re back from a creative-filled fall quilt market where we debuted the second half of the new correspondence collection for eclectic elements fabric with coats.  the fabric world is truly an awe inspiring industry of dimensional textile imagination at it’s finest, and it’s awesome to be part of it.  my thanks to mario for his help at the show and with setting up our booth showcasing the full eclectic elements line including over 60 fabric designs, threads, zippers, and hardware.  also a big thanks to paula, richeleamy , patty for coordinating and creating absolutely incredible projects to highlight the eclectic elements collection throughout booth…

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the addition of 9 new correspondence designs really compliment and capture the timeworn look and feel of the line…  (click here to see the first correspondence designs released at spring market earlier this year)


also introduced at market are new 108″ quilt backing fabrics as well as a limited edition expedition tote bag kit with swoon (an innovative pattern company) that includes everything needed: fabric, thread, zippers, hardware, and instruction book to create a cool eclectic travel bag…


click here to check out this blog post from our friends at craftsy, and thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth at market and for supporting the vision of creating the perfectly imperfect…t!m

how about a giveaway??? we brought back some fabric, threads, and hardware from market! for a chance to win, post a comment here on the blog and tell us your favorite ideas for using fabric (whether you sew or not).  winners will be announced this thursday 11/3…

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140 Comments to “eclectic elements fall quilt market 2016…”

  1. Mel H says:

    I would make a custom camera strap and some lens cases for my camera

  2. Margriet says:

    Love the last section of new fabric samples.
    The soft coloured leaves look gorgeous and the post stamps are great.
    I love to create cards and bookcovers and these would be wonderful to
    use and wnjoy.

  3. Diane Davis says:

    My favorite way for using fabric is making quilts.

  4. Candi. Cissek says:

    Tim is love your fabrics. Such a vintage feel. I would love to use the fabrics for tags and junk journals but I must say being able to make one of the lovely books would put me over the moon! Giant hugs, Candi

  5. Lori Warren says:

    Absolutely lovely and truly inspiring!

  6. Candy says:

    I am all about placemats. Cannot have enough of those to change up decor. Even better when you make them, you can match your chair cushions, pillows and even cover the bread with matching fabric. So fab!

  7. Sharon Norvelle says:

    Oh my… I can not wait to get my hands on that fabric. Sigh. …. Or any of those wonderful goodies.

  8. I was following you on FACEBOOK at the market. Love the booth and the products.

  9. Melissa B says:

    I would make a bag! 🙂 All those bags in your booth ROCK!!! Love this line of fabric!

  10. Margery McInerny says:

    I like things that go together fast like vests and hats. But I do enjoy making slip covers.

  11. Betsy says:

    That apron!!!! Oh, be still my heart! I love it all.

  12. bette says:

    it’d make a beautiful apron…..

  13. Jill kinsman says:

    Thank you, Tim and crew for all the beauty and fun you create for us. I love the stripes to cover an old lamp shade my Mom gave me long ago!

  14. Carolyn N. says:

    Love the ‘eclectic elements’ line. Have used them to make quilts, journal covers, bags, etc. I love to go to Joann’s and search the bolts for the TH name on the end. Looking forward to finding more…..

  15. Mimi says:

    I own a 12×12 pack currently and have made a doll and some scraps as trum and/or ribbon, but my thought right now regarding the 2nd release would be a sewing machine cover!!! LOL, I was like, “What would I make?”… then I pictured my sewing machine… then i guiltily thought of the shameful cover on it. Maybe if it was cute, I’d leave it out!

  16. Judy D. says:

    My grandmother was a quilter out of necessity – reusing every scrap of fabric rather than throw them away. My mom is a quilter by hobby, creating beautiful quilts for fun and inspiration. I tease Mom that my paper stash almost matches her fabric stash! I have started buying Tim’s fabric, because I love his paper, and the fabric is even yummier. I’m hoping to make a quilt some day… In the meantime, I use snippets of fabric on cards.

  17. Sally sTo says:

    SO wonderful Tim! Your fabrics inspire me just like your Distress line does! I have so many projects and too little time. Thank you for your nudges like this new release that keep me rich in ideas.

  18. Nicole Harper says:

    I am so excited to find the hardware and new fabric. I am in need of some new homemade bags! Get ready to call me the bag lady lol!

  19. Natalie B says:

    Mmm, I could make a quilt for my husband and I, some Midori Travellers Notebook covers, aprons for my nana; the list is endless!

  20. Karen A. says:

    Love fabric and especially think these patterns are very appealing.

  21. Flo says:

    This collection is beautiful. It would make a lovely quilt and I love those tote bags too. The threads are great too. I also love to use them on cards and other paper projects. Thanks.

  22. Kathy K says:

    Love the lines! I use the fabric for the scrapbook covers. Latest project is helping a friend repurpose an old cupboard into a crafting station. We are covering the front with panels made from the Correspondence line and chalk painting the rest in a complimentary color.

  23. Bertie Van Riper says:

    You have diversified and designed material as wonderful as your paper line. What a joy to be able to use similar styles across the board. Already made some quilted pillows and a few tablecloths for daily use. My family loves them. Keep up the wonderful designs!

  24. Jeanne Kelly says:

    I just started quilting and these fabrics would be great for a man-quilt! I can also see some great pillows in my future – woohoo!

  25. Carol says:

    As a quilter, all of the beautiful projects inspire me. . . my favoirite would have to be the quilts. . . .loving the new line of thread. . . excited to try it! As always, the booth looks extraordinary!

  26. Debra M. Stewart says:

    I have family heirlooms need to be reupholstered but I haven’t been able to find the right fabric. One is a bench that belonged to my paternal grandmother and the other is a rocking chair that belonged to my mom. I just found out I’m going to be a grandma so I need to reupholster the rocking chair so I can pass it on to my son and daughter-in-law.

  27. Tina says:

    I have already made one quilt using eclectic elements fabrics and I love it. There is just one problem, every time I go to get it to curl up in, I discover my husband has it in his man cave. Time to make another eclectic elements quilt that really is mine! The new fabric collection is wonderful. I can not wait to get started.

  28. sandra williams says:

    the totebag kit is the 100% best I have a friend who is always gettig stuck when she cannot find the exect ribbon, or the perfect lining. A kit i the ONLY gift fot her. Ans one out in front of the crowd will have her over the moon.

  29. karenajo says:

    Great fabrics and accessories !!! I like the idea of using fabric as a covering on eclectic or new items using glue to adhere it. Love to give an ‘old fashioned’ look to even new items !

  30. Linda says:

    I would love some quilted placemats and maybe a nice table runner.

  31. Karen Schaefer says:

    I’ve got a quilt planned, but might have to make a couple of shoulder bags first…and a coin purse and wallet! Love your fabric!

  32. Lola Fields says:

    OMG! love the new fabric. I would love to make one of those bags. When and where can we buy the kits?

  33. Keitha says:

    I love using pieces of quilt fabric for fabric books. Great additions to the Eclectic Elements line!

  34. Jane says:

    I love your fabrics. I am new to sewing, after taking about 20 years off. We recently traveled to Europe for 3 weeks, and some of your fabric is calling to me to make a quilt to capture our trip and memories.

  35. stephanie johnson says:

    FAB booth!!! Ornaments, stockings and wall art are fun things to do with fabric. Thanks for the opportunity!!! LOVE LOVE it all!! xoxo stephie

  36. Julia Aston says:

    What an inspiring booth! So much to look at! I love all the tote bags out of your materials Tim – small, large, and in between – I also love the look of little girls dresses in vintage materials like these!

  37. Tim and Mario, you never cease to amaze me! And those creative ladies are amazing, too! Wonderful fabrics, too!

  38. Renee Zarate says:

    Love the new fabrics! I am starting on a backpack project using the eclectic elements right now, I would love to win some of the newer additions to the line.

  39. Carol Sterenstein says:

    I love to use fabrics as background pieces on cards and mixed media creations as well as using fabrics for clothing articles on dies and stamped images. With a degree in textiles and clothing design I used to design my own patterns and make most of my clothing.There is nothing like seeing a flat piece of fabric become a three dimensional, wearable item. When my children were young I made hand stitched quilts with stamped and embroidered designs for each of them. The hand, the drape, the sheen or lack thereof of each piece of fabric sparks new ideas for the next project.

    I love your correspondence designs in fabric, Tim. Thanks!

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