eclectic elements fall quilt market 2015…

1we’re back from our third year at fall quilt market in houston, texas where we debuted the latest wallflower collection for eclectic elements.  this journey into the world of textiles has been amazing and filled with inspiration and incredible talent.  once again the booth was absolutely stunning thanks to the hard work of paula, richele, mario, and the talented designers who created projects for the booth…

2we arrive on the show floor and the shell of our booth is already set up with flooring and walls thanks to “super dave” and his crew from westminster.  the crate is packed with all of the props and furnishings for the booth and we have the task to fit everything inside our 10’x10′ space – challenge accepted…

3we discuss ideas and options and get to work moving in furniture, hanging shelving, staging props, and filling it with amazing projects.  i love the unique and ‘eclectic’ setting we create to showcase these beautiful fabrics and the vintage props certainly help tell the story…

4 5 6it takes us the day to finish the booth, but the results are astounding – here’s a glimpse into the eclectic elements booth at market.  one side is filled with mini clipboards lining the wall that showcase each individual fabric swatch design.  the opposite side features a set of shabby shutters attached to a rustic bookcase.  the shutters have been the perfect way to create mini vignettes with small projects and vintage treasures…

6b 6ahere’s a closer look as the vignettes…

7another display features this vintage sewing machine and all of the cut pieces of fabrics offered from eclectic elements.  the stacked drawers from an old coat & clark spool cabinet are some of my favorite display pieces…

8 9 10 11 12without a doubt though, the finished projects get all of the attention.  these child’s dresses are adorable and the perfect way to show off the collage styling of wallflower fabric.  wall hangings and tote bags are also another versatile way to use fabric in a functional way.  lots of pillows clustered on an upholstered settee were the most popular with so many ways to express creativity…

13(oh and also the perfect place for a little nap – right mario?)

14thanks again to my team for helping it all come together, the talented designers for creating beautiful things with the fabrics, and to westminster fibers and coats for providing me the opportunity to venture into the wonderful world of fabrics – what an amazing adventure it continues to be…t!m


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62 Comments to “eclectic elements fall quilt market 2015…”

  1. Stacey Barrows says:

    Love all the new projects. Tin you are amazing with your designs. I especially like the new handbags. Is there patterns for them that I would be able to get?

  2. Kathy Andrews says:


  3. Karen P says:

    Oh my – such gorgeous fabric! Not sure where my head has been because I had no idea you were doing fabrics and your beautiful booth makes me want to go get the machine out and play with my fabric hoard again. Think I am going to have nag and pester the OH to get his stuff out of the way so I can start playing with fabric too. The dresses, bags, cushions, it’s all stunning! Thank you for sharing with us xx

  4. Maureen Chandler says:

    What an amazing show! The fabrics are beautiful and the little dresses are adorable! Love everything!!!

  5. Wilma Blom says:

    What a beautiful booth!!!

  6. Karen S says:

    I can hardly wait until the new fabrics are available in stores for purchasing! Very fun to see the booth evolve from blank walls to beautiful displays.

  7. Kelly Karas says:

    Love it. So many fun things to see in that 10×10 space. loving that backpack, the apron and those little girl dresses.

  8. Elisa says:

    Oh my word, Tim, you just made my day. I’ve been trying and trying to find a fabric suitable to recover my grandma’s couch & chair with & I think I’ve found it. The couch you used is almost identical to hers. I hope it’s sturdy enough to really upholster furniture with. I certainly would be honored to use one of your fabrics on pieces that mean so much to me. I have them downstairs near my “studio” where friends can sit to take a call or just have a private moment. And Mario, you took it to the next level for me by displaying the comfort found in it that I can actually sneak away for a quick break. 😉

  9. Rosann says:

    Fabulous tour of the booth! As usual the Designers did Eclectic Elements PROUD … so many beautifully created and displayed projects!!
    Thank you once again Team Tim Holtz (Paula, Richele, Mario, Tim, Dave and Designers<3

  10. Gigi B. says:

    Fantastically designed booth. I bet people flocked to it.

  11. Dorothy C. says:

    Beautifully designed booth with so many lovely creations.

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