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hey there bloggers!  just wanted to stop in since i've been busy working away on my first ever upcoming online class "creative chemistry 101".  honestly i've not been this anxious about teaching in quite a while since i'm doing things a little different. even though this is a technique packed workshop, i will be sharing this information through a series of videos with a more personal approach.  i’ll also provide some insight of my creative ways of thinking, the process behind techniques, and a tour of my own creative space with storage ideas, and more.  we've been having fun filming, laughing at the outtakes so far, and enjoying this new format af videos.  our goal here is not to just make pretty things, our goal is to understand the “how’s & why’s” of the products – you know, the “creative chemistry” of it all?  in addition to daily videos, there will be pdf downloads with step by step technique instructions to print out for quick reference.  of course we'll be wrapping up the workshop with a gallery of finished cards to inspire creativity and share how it all comes together (and who knows, that blooper reel may surface by then?).  i'm so excited for "creative chemistry 101" to get underway on monday.  it's not too late to join the fun, remember you'll have lifetime access to all of the content – can't wait…t!m

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  1. Absolutely written written content, Really enjoyed examining.

  2. Lenny Kunsch says:

    You have brought up a very wonderful points , regards for the post.

  3. Jean Henry says:

    I am loving the class!! I now have so many technique possibilities and we aren’t even through yet!! So far, I think the stains are my favorite. Thanks so much for doing this class!

  4. Just catching up on my blogs from last weeks classes and have everything all ready for this week bring it on 🙂

  5. Ramona says:

    Can not wait until Monday….whohoooo!! Going to learn some new techniques!! Love the classes so far and have learned so many new techniques. Now just to sit down and do them!! Thanks so much Mario for BTS and to Tim for making this possible!!

  6. Sandy Henson says:

    I’d sure like to sign up! I can’t get the payment site to accept my debit card, though! There is no reason to deny it – so frustrating!!! I didn’t know there were different kinds of debit cards. Unhappy!

  7. cheryl c says:

    The class is on day 3 and Tim you are doing a fab! job of teaching. The examples are beautiful, the videos are top drawer! All is so organized and easy to follow along.

  8. Hi Tim…
    I am taking your online class and have a random Question for you… You are used to that right?! Just was not sure where to put it.
    Wondering what kind of rig you use for you flip? It is obviously hands free.
    Thanks for your time- I know you have been BURIED.
    Rock On-
    Sarinda Jones

  9. Andie says:

    I would like to encourage you to share that bloober reel! One of the most encouraging aspects of the class has been your constant refrain- make do with what you have and been creative. Your “no stress” approach is so refreshing and encouraging. Sharing your “mistakes” helps us to not take our mistakes so seriously.

  10. Jo says:

    So – What time is the class?

  11. KIM R says:


  12. Robinn says:

    I sure hope the Chemistry 101 will be available even after the class as I won’t have money for it for a while. I’m gonna cross my fingers!! I have the Compendium of Curiosities and have been blown away by all of the technical information packed in there! Can’t wait to be able to purchase Vol. 2!

  13. Rosie Grey says:

    I’m so glad I could join in – it’s absolutely awesome!

  14. WilmaB says:

    It’s AWESOME!!!!!! Love every minute:-))

  15. Jingle says:

    Wow! It really sounds like you are putting your heart into this!

  16. sharon l-s says:

    Just finished watching the 1st day viseo again. I’ve been stamping over 20 years and I learn some new info. The class is awesome. Thanks Tim.
    Pleaseeee show the blooper reel!!!!!

  17. Lynn Barwald says:

    Hey TiM! LOVING this online class! WOO HOO!!! Can’t wait to get up each day to do it!!! Lynn B

  18. I hope that I can sign up at a later date. Just can’t right now. Look awesome!

  19. KarenLouiseM says:

    ooh, it’s not in my current budget. but, lifetime access is SO tempting. . .

  20. April W says:

    This sounds SO amazing!!!

  21. Robin C says:

    I am so excited to be a part of this!!

  22. Michelle V-V says:

    Wahoo! am loving it already!!!!

  23. Lucie Hale says:

    Yay! It truly is a happy Monday! I’ve been waiting for weeks and just got home from work and took the class and now can’t wait for Day 2!!!

  24. YEAH!! I can’t wait to HAME FUN and LEARN some GREAT things in your class!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)

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