creative chemistry LIVE – UK edition…

i’m happy to share the news that has been in the works for a long time… we are heading to the UK this year to teach!  that’s right, time to pack up our supplies and head across the pond for a special UK edition of creative chemistry LIVE taught exclusively at art from the heart.  bookings for the workshops begin this monday july 17th for more information be sure to visit the art from the heart website – hope to see you there…t!m

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30 Comments to “creative chemistry LIVE – UK edition…”

  1. Dawn sargent says:

    Yippee I’m coming to see you Tim, can’t wait see you in UK on the Friday morning session

  2. Lisa P says:

    It’s booked. How excited am I!!! 🙂

  3. Pauline says:

    Hi Tim, Mario – you’ll no doubt get to hear from Dyan, but such was the demand for your workshops that you crashed the afth website – twice! The sale of tickets is being re-scheduled when Ben obtains more server capacity. You’ll have to try and get over this side of the pond more often….

    I’m thinking off the cuff here..I realise these workshops take a lot of planning and organising…but if I was able to tee something up with one or two of the craft retailers (who sell a lot of Distress stash) in other parts of the UK (one in SE England and one in SW England), would you guys consider it…say for 2018 or even 2019.

    Fingers crossed for the ticket relaunch. I really hope I get the opportunity to be more chemically creative with all things distress

  4. Maureen Chandler says:

    I wish you were going to see me – what a treat it would be to attend but alas, I’ll be waiting at home to hear all about it!! Have a wonderful time!!!

  5. Sammy Jean says:

    I’ve been waiting on the website for bookings to go live since Thursday, lol. So excited, and I live close to AFTH, so would actually be able to make it!

  6. Pat Holt says:

    If only I could go. I have had the privilege of taking one of your classes. Whoever is lucky enough to join you will be in for a treat. Have fun.

  7. pat smith says:

    I am so happy for you that you can expand, and our stamping pals in the UK can enjoy your classes and meeting you.

  8. Virginia says:

    Tim and all. Have a wonderful trip and workshop. I am happy to meet you and attend your class session at Carson, Southern California convention. You are so inspiring. I opened my Vagagbond 2 yesterday, and I am so excited, I kissed it so hard. LOL. All of you, Tim, Ted, and staff were so helpful and super supportive. Thank you so much. I learned a lot from your lecture. Have a nice, safe trip. Please do come back to the U.S. I love UK. I hope to be visiting there next year.

  9. WOWEE!! I am sure they will love you there too, TIM!!

  10. Sue hare says:

    Is that the only place in the uk you will be teaching? I’m on south coast and would love to be able to attend a workshop.

  11. Christine Davies says:

    Tim and Mario – I was delighted to hear that you are coming over to the UK with your Creative Chemistry hats on in September! As a relative new-comer to your world it will be good to go back to basics and discover what’s what and why you use this for that and that for this!
    I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshop you lead in CHSI-STITCHES 2016!
    I really hope that I am lucky enough to get a place on one of the six sessions.
    I also hope that you will have time to see something of our great country but Yorkshire is a great county to start a whistle stop tour of the UK. You must have a traditional Sunday Roast dinner with Yorkshire Pudding at least once during this visit.
    Well, save travelling and flying and hope to see you both soon.
    Christine xx

  12. Sara says:

    Will have my fingers poised to press the booking button on Monday evening. But EVERYONE wants to go so it is going to be a scramble for places. Please wish me luck!

  13. Marjorie says:

    How fabulous for you and for all those who will attend your classes. That is so very exciting. Congrats!!

  14. oh my goodness – I really hope I can get a place!!!

  15. Teri says:

    Woo hoo! Just moved to Spain from Texas. Going to cross my fingers that I get a spot.

  16. Lois says:

    Great to hear – Congratulations and have a wonderful time!

  17. Susan says:

    Sounds great….Are you taping the show and will we be able to purchase the class as we did before?

  18. Claire says:

    Yaaaaay!!! Finally, off to stalk the phone queue.

  19. Helen B says:

    Really, really hoping I can get a place! Will be ready at 7 on the dot when booking opens. What a fantastic opportunity and thanks for coming to the UK 🙂

  20. This is just amazing Tim….I have my fingers and toes crossed that I can get a place! You will get the warmest welcome over here x

  21. Karen Tochel says:

    You must have got your dates wrong. I will be in Spain and won’t be able to come. I’m sure you meant to come over mid October check those dates again

  22. Bonnie E says:

    SOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!!! Lucky Brits!

  23. Tamara R says:

    Yay!!! Living in SoCal, I’m spoiled by all the opportunities to see you in person. I’m so happy our friends across the pond will have the chance to experience you live!

  24. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Shucks, I thought it was a live broadcast. But then I remembered I already took all the classes. Silly me. Well you guys have fun. Maybe William, Harry and Kate will make an appearance. Now that would be something. Our royalty meets their royalty!

    • Pauline Adamson says:

      Ah nnnnooooooooo. I missed you last time you were over and this time I will be in Australia. Ok not such a hardship but I would still have liked to be part of the class.

  25. Rosann says:

    BIG WOW and Congratulations … always Happy to hear when things come to fruition for you !!!

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