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cc102blogI’m happy to announce my next online workshop with .  If you were part of the educational fun last year with Creative Chemistry 101, get ready to continue the creative adventure with Creative Chemistry 102.  Discover your creative inner “scientist” in this second installment of the popular Creative Chemistry course with me  as we explore the “science” behind inks, glitter, paints – and so much more!

Packed with techniques galore, this one-week course is designed to further your artistic confidence and technique know-how to take your creations to the next level. Building on the ideas and concepts introduced in my first Online Card Classes course, Creative Chemistry 101, I will teach you the technique “hows” and “whys” using my signature products from Ranger to get the most out of these creative tools. And, because it’s an Online Card Classes course, there will be loads of giveaways, step-by-step instructions, examples from guest artists, and more.
Plus, Creative Chemistry 102 includes hours of technique demonstration videos and downloads from professor Tim himself (that’s me)!

Registration fee: $25. Class starts October 7 – click here to sign up!

Prerequisite: Creative Chemistry 101 is a required prerequisite for this course. When signing up for Creative Chemistry 102, you will need to first log in to Creative Chemistry 101 to receive an access code.

If you have not taken Creative Chemistry 101, now is the time! They’re offering a $2 discount on Creative Chemistry 101 registration until Creative Chemistry 102 starts on October 7. Sign up today and get caught up before Creative Chemistry 102 begins!

Looking forward to seeing you in class soon…t!m

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218 Comments to “Creative Chemistry 102…”

  1. Dolly says:

    WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT! Yippee! Yehawww! Hip hip hooray!!
    (yeah so I’m a wee bit excited!) Can’t wait to see what you will have cooked up for this class!
    I have said many times…it’s about time that Tim did CC2 😀

  2. Pai says:

    OMG. LOVED the first class! this is great!

  3. Amanda R. says:

    OMG… SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bernadette says:

    So excited….can’t wait to sign up…awesome!!!

  5. StephG says:

    This is Awesome. Just like Christmas for crafters in October. I can’t wait!

  6. Lesa Livingston says:

    Looking forward to October 7! I’m all signed up and ready to learn. Thank you, Tim, the Tim crew, and Online Card Classes!

  7. Maura says:

    Awesome!!! Been waiting….

  8. D Collins says:

    Signed up and ready to go! Loved Chemistry 101 and can’t wait to get started on 102!!!

  9. Patricia M. says:

    Woohoo! Can’t wait. October is my favorite month so all my tags will probably end up looking like Halloween no matter what is going on in class. lol This class announcement made my day.

  10. Linda H says:

    Can’t wait! CC101 was terrific!

  11. Sheri K says:

    Ohhh, I can’t wait! I loved Chemistry 101, so much better than ANY of my college chemistry courses, and I have to say, Professor Tim is awesome! I’m definitely signing up for this class.

  12. jansp says:

    Bring it on Tim!!!!!!

  13. Signed up & looking forward to the class!

  14. Amy Lou G. says:

    I’ve often considered taking your 101 class. Now I have an even better reason to!

  15. Ruby C says:

    I am so excited! I can’t wait! I took Creative Chemistry 101 and Loved It. Fortunately I can take it again while I wait for Oct 7th to roll around.

  16. Trexxann says:

    All I can say is….AWESOME!!

  17. Julie says:

    CC101 was AWESOME! Can’t wait to see all the new things you’ll be teaching us in CC102! I’ll be on vacation that week, so I’ll follow the posts, but won’t get to play until I get back. I LOVE that all of the class content is forever available! Thanks, Tim!!

  18. Donna S. says:

    I was thinking just the other day that I wish Tim would have another technique class. I am thrilled!

  19. amy f says:

    IM so excited!

  20. Lisa says:

    Yay I’m so excited!!!

  21. Debby says:

    All signed up! Now I have to re-watch all of the videos from 101 to refresh my memories.

  22. Holly Moon says:

    Lovely news. October can’t come soon enough.

  23. Elvira says:

    DONE! I’m registered for this class. 101 was awesome, I’m sure 102 is going to be AWSOME too :). Do you sense my excitement ? LOL 🙂

  24. Marva says:

    eeep! Forgot to do 101! Not a good year. Off to start so I’ll be ready in October!

  25. aprile says:

    I am sooooo excited! Can’t wait until this class starts! Thank you in advance!

  26. Yippee!! It’s amazing you had the time to put this together with your hectic schedule but I’m so glad you did 🙂

  27. octlove says:

    woohoo…where is my lab coat:)

  28. Dodie says:

    It’s just five days until my birthday. Crossing my fingers that someone (Tim? Mario? my kids? my husband? my sister?) will gift me with this class.

  29. Sue McRae says:

    Loved Creative Chemistry 101, I know this one will be fabulous as well.

  30. Barbara Albrecht says:

    WOO HOO!!! I’ve been waiting for CC 102 for ages! Just signed up…can’t wait. What a way to spend the week before ITALY!!!

  31. Helen Woodward says:

    Did 101. However I have no idea what user name and password I used is it possible to recover it? Or what can I do in order to register for 102

  32. Patti says:

    I signed up for 101 but never worked all the way through it. Guess I better get on it!! The part I did do was so informative!

  33. Gerrie Johnnic says:

    OK, I’m in and registered now! Must have had a gazillion people burning up the lines to register!

  34. Colleen 0 says:

    Didn’t even finish reading your blog before rushing over to sign up for Creative Chemistry 102! Can’t wait.

  35. Jen Lundy says:

    I can’t wait !!!! Thank You for doing this again …. I learned so much from Chemistry 101 …..

  36. BARB T says:

    Yippee kay yay! I am so very excited. I was just thinking about which of my previous classes I felt like reviewing. Well, I definitely do not need to rack my brain over this. I know this is going to be top notch awesome just like Tim.

  37. janine says:

    just said to a friend two days ago, “i wonder when tim is going to do another online card class”. sweet!! can.not.wait. 🙂

  38. PS. I’m excited just to see the supply list!

  39. Can’t wait, bring it on! Excited to learn more about inks, throw in some glitter and paint and I will be there!!!

  40. Debi W says:

    I’m in.

  41. Cheryl VanNorman says:

    Oh Tim, can’t wait- loved Chemistry 101.

  42. oh am so excited, didn’t take 101 when it was live, but have taken it since, so am really looking forward to taking 102 “live”

  43. Joyce says:

    Really excited about Creative Chemistry 102. Can’t wait to learn more techniques and how to use new products!

  44. Eileen says:

    Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Crystal says:

    woohoo! I just went and registered. Can’t wait. The first was a blast!

  46. I’m so EXCITED!!! We’ve been waiting for this all year long! I’m doin’ the Whootie Whootin Shuffle Dance over hither t!m, You totally ROCK!

  47. Annie says:

    Fantastic Tim…can’t wait for 102

    Crafty hugs

  48. Antonia says:

    all signed up let the fun begin! ( well Soon ) xx

  49. NGCARDS says:

    All signed up and ready to go! I love the fact that it starts the day after my birthday and also that I was wondering whether there would be a second class earlier today before you revealed it! It was meant to be! lol xxx

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