crazy framelits templates…

templatejust a quick post to share these visual templates i created for the sizzix crazy framelits that match the stampers anonymous stamps.  these dies contain lots of pieces since they are designed to layer the quirky stamped images with various details (eyes, tails, wings, collar, etc.).  i’ve received several emails asking for a little help to match the die shapes with the stamped image parts so hopefully these help – have fun…t!m

*framelits are dies designed to “frame” a stamped image.  the “crazy” sets cut directly along the stamped outline without leaving a border.  it’s important to note that i have done other stamp assortments that contain some of these images in different sizes, so the sizzix die sets shown here are designed to work with the image sizes from these stamp sets shown below…



bird birdcrazy


cats crazycats


dogs crazydogs

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71 Comments to “crazy framelits templates…”

  1. Susan says:

    Seriously Tim, these are adorable! I love the crooked birds and crooked cat tails. The dogs are just too cute.

  2. Danee says:

    What a great help for those who just get overwhelmed with a pile of similar looking metal objects. These are perfect blueprints.

  3. Marcie says:

    Great resource page. Will be printing them out and including with my die and stamp sets. I have all of these sets and just cant tell you how much fun they are. My 6 yr old twin granddaughters love them as well. They absolutely love creating with them.

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks, Tim – these are perfect! It also helps to keep all the parts for one cat/dog/bird in a small plastic bag (once you get them sorted out)!

  5. cim allen says:

    I love these sets and this guide is super helpful .. thanks TIm ! You ROCK as always 🙂

  6. Karen says:

    I never found it an issue since none of the birds have the same size beak (small puzzle) yet thank you for the hard work and great efforts you went through to simplify this for everybody. you’re pretty awesome!! I wish you were still designing these type things….sure love them (dogs & cats are on the wish list still). Do LOVE my distress inks, main painting source!! Thanks Tim – you’re a ROCK STAR!!!

  7. Glenda Buster says:

    Thank you. This is so helpful! I have all of the sets .

  8. Linda Agers says:

    Thanks, Tim. I know these will be helpful, especially on the mini dogs and cats. Love these stamps and dies.

  9. Roxanne says:

    In keeping all my Crazy dies to go with the right stamped image , I actually took a sharpie and labeled each lil die ‘A’ for all parts of one character, then ‘B’ for all parts of another and so on. Makes it easier to pour out my dies and find the right pieces for whichever one I’m creating. So…FYI. 🙂 hope this helps others.

    • Karen says:

      Have you tried magnetic sheets or vent covers? The sheet permits the dies to be “grouped” and easily stored flat. My favorite things (MFT) has an awesome system of plastic sleeves/magnetic sheets so matching dies fit in the same pocket for storage. magnetic vent covers (hardware store & Walmart) will also work (easy to cut down to size). Just a thought to share

  10. Roxanne says:

    I absolutely love all three crazy character sets! Their faces are priceless and so fun to create with! They can be for any occasion and really bring a smile to recipients face! Thats a great thing! TFS! 🙂

  11. Thanks, Tim. I just got the Crazy Bird set and didn’t know how to use them.

  12. Diane Quinlan says:

    When I got the Crazy Birds stamps and dies, I realized there were so many pieces to the dies. I found all the pieces that went with each bird and marked them with a different color sharpie marker. It makes it easier to find them. This works well for me.Copic markers would probably also work.

  13. Natalie laney says:

    Love love the dogs and birds. So great.

  14. Gloria L. says:

    Yes, very helpful!

  15. This is so helpful – thank you!

  16. cece says:

    Thanks for doing this.

  17. Maggie Lara says:

    What a nice template you did. I love it!! Just need to get the dog stamp and dies!!

  18. Karen Roberts says:

    Thanks Tim ! Going to print this and keep with my dies 🙂

  19. This is great!! Thank you!!

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