Cku hey bloggers!  just checking in with a quick recap of CKU-Nashville, what an amazing time!!!  with this being my 5th year of teaching at CKU's, i have to say that i look forward to each event…  i taught my workshops using ranger's new memory capsules along with our memory glass and frames and we made 4….yes 4 finished projects in our hour and a half!  crazy but fun!  of course it's always cool to get together with my friends in the industry: the sweet debby schuh, and here i am with teresa collins and the one and only margie!.  the hotel for CKU-Nashville is one of my favorites, the Gaylord Opryland – we definitely took some time to hang out, eat some great food, and drink a few bottles of bug juice – a nashville tradition-thank you emily adams! (only some of us partake in the bug juice though…)  the vibe at CKU is such fun, filled with anticipation of learning new things, meeting new friends, and creating new memories – it's just a great time.

anyways, i wanted to fill you in on a little rumor i heard (and trust me when i say that i am not much of a rumor person) but i thought this one was important to share… there is only going to be one more CKU…that's it…one more and then it's over…from what i hear…for good… so if you're thinking about going to one, haven't ever been to one, or just want that last chance to go to another one, CKU-Provo in August is your last chance.  i'm telling you, you won't be disappointed!  go out with a bang i say…so i'm planning on doing a few exciting things there myself.  okay, enough said – you've been told…

so from CKU, i headed straight to new jersey for a week at ranger and then Ranger U this weekend.  can't wait!  we're busy with the final planning stages of our new products for CHA-Summer release, and already working on the ideas and products for CHA-2010… it just keeps going and going the fun never stops!  so i'll be checking in throughout the week and keeping you posted about my ranger adventures.  more to come….t!m

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