CHA2016 sneak peeks: tonic studios…

SNEAKPEEKwelcome to day 4 of the CHA2016 sneak peeks.  today is a quick look at a few new tools i’m releasing with tonic studios.  we all know the importance of quality craft tools, and i have to say i would be lost without my tonic scissors in my everyday crafting.  i’ve always wanted a good sturdy guillotine trimmer to cut materials like heavyweight cardstock, papers, and chipboard (not thick book board), and more importantly as a card maker i wanted it to fit an 8 1/2″ sheet of paper.  to be honest i prefer a slide trimmer for 12″ paper and feel that larger guillotine cutters don’t work well with larger papers (totally my opinion), so this design was all about what i would use this for the most.  that being said, this cutter features precision cutting, top and bottom measuring guides in inch and metric measurements, and a gridded platform…


next up are a set of convenient paper crafting tools that have been in the tonic line for years, but when they decided to discontinue them, i asked if they could be in my line because i find them so handy.  the set of mini foldable tools include a rotary cutter, rotary perforator, and rotary scoring tool.  both the mini rotary perforator and mini rotary cutter are sold separately in case you end up wearing out the blade (although i’ve yet to do that to either of mine that i’ve had for years)…


i look forward to sharing all of the creative uses for these convenient tools, and the best part is they are all shipping now! see you tomorrow for the last day of sneak peeks sharing all the new ranger products…t!m

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130 Comments to “CHA2016 sneak peeks: tonic studios…”

  1. robin parker says:

    So glad tge rotary tools are now in your collection…

  2. a smaller better trimmer is always appreciated.

  3. SmokieBluRose says:

    When I figured out what they were for, I could not find them anywhere. Thank you Tim and Tonic for the move.

  4. Pavla H says:

    oooo, the mini tools look great!

  5. Carmen Lucero says:

    Oh I’m so glad! Thanks Tim!

    Hugs, Carmen

  6. DeborahDOH says:

    Yes this trimmer is so needed! I also have those mini tools and had given them as gifts. They are awesome, glad they are coming back.

  7. F Bond says:

    More goodies that I MUST HAVE! Cant wait to get my hands on that trimmer!

  8. Andrene says:

    Who doesn’t love craft tools?! These are fantastic and a great addition to your line!

  9. bette says:

    Nifty TooLs!

  10. S cliff says:

    Need a new paper cutter and bingo one appears. Love the Tonic cutters the best.

  11. Judy Rice says:

    OMGosh! This paper cutter is the greatest! Its so hard to get a square cut on my big cutter.

  12. Sheryl Devereaux says:

    I have always wanted a guillotine trimmer, this is the time, I just must. If Tim Holtz has helped in the design and development of this trimmer, it is mine as soon as I can get it. Thank you.

  13. RhoniT says:

    I’ve been wanting to brag on your scissors for awhile but have not had the opportunity. I had/have both the long and short shank scissors. This fall my husband grabbed my short pair to trim a mate on my goldendoodle. Well, needles to say 4 hours later my dog had a hair cut, I had a box of hair and my scissors were missing. So husband says I’ll find them, he did. He’d burnt them in the trash can. ( I live in rural Oklahoma, we do that here) So, I got a new pair of scissors and he is no longer in the dog house. So, I tell all this to let you know the scissors minus the handles made it through the fire and the hubs is working on putting handles on them for his work bench. He really liked them, so now he has his own pair. I saw him eyeing the long pair the other day, told him he really needs to go get his own. So he says, wants go to GO. Gotta love him.

  14. karenajo says:

    Guillotine trimmers are my favorite and really good ones are hard to find. Glad to see this new one !!!

  15. Di says:

    oh my hell I love it

  16. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    New tools–fantastic!

  17. Janine Bertone says:

    Cool looking tool, looks like fun and easy to use.

  18. Vernetta says:

    AYEEEEE!!! I am ALWAYS on a quest for THE PERFECT paper trimmer! I haven’t found one I love yet! Maybe yours will be the one Tim! I can’t wait to try it and see!!

  19. Gigi B. says:

    I am so happy to hear about this release. I have been thinking about getting a guillotine cutter for some time now but just kept putting it off because I didn’t want to take the time to figure out which brand would be .best. So, now I know because all of your tools have given me great service. Also, I’m delighted that now I can get another perforation blade. This one looks like it would be way more convenient to use than the one I had. Great job.

  20. Helena Cuttino says:

    The cutter looks interesting, cannot wait to investigate more.

  21. Denise Bryant says:

    Looks like some fabulous tools! They need to make their way to my craft table for sure!

  22. Annamarie says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this tool in action and in the stores.

  23. Wilma Fox says:

    Happy Birthday for yesterday, Tim, may you have many more.

  24. Always need good tools! Great ones here~

  25. Rosetta Jenkins says:

    Excellent tools. Those cutters will be mine!!!

  26. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    The Tonic cutting tools are currently available on the Simon Says Stamp website.

  27. Bev says:

    I have been waiting for someone to realize we need a new guillotine cutter out there that really works…thanks Tonic & Tim for recognizing the need.

  28. Mel Roberts-Hareld says:

    If I understood correctly, in the Periscope feed (from his studio, just prior to the CHA trip), Tim mentioned the guillotine was already available. I would try Simon Says Stamp, first off:

  29. Love the rotary tools, especially the hole perforator!

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