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SNEAKPEEKwelcome to day 3 of the CHA2016 sneak peeks.  today i’m excited to share my new releases with stampers anonymous.  i started out my crafting obsession with stamping and have always loved the possibilities of stamped images.  whether coloring in, embossing, or incorporating multiple images, stamping remains a basic staple in my everyday creative process.  recently my love for stencils has also made a major impact in my designs and lucky for me both are manufactured by stampers anonymous in cleveland, ohio.  the ability to have a US manufacturer for these products means i always design them last to incorporate all of the styles, themes, and design elements from all of my other brands to tie everything together.  i hope you enjoy this latest collection of eclectic imagery that starts shipping this month with releases shipping through march…t!m


yesterday’s sneak peek included the new mini bird crazy and crazy things framelit die set from sizzix.  well here is the matching stamp set of mini bird crazy & things that include both the mini bird crazy and mini crazy things designs.  one thing to note is that on this new mini set, the birds are facing the opposite direction so you can use them with the larger bird crazy giving them more personality…

CMS251 catcard

now i must have said more times than i can count that i had no plans to do anything else “crazy”… that is until i asked my talented friend kristina werner (the one who drew the crazy things) if she could draw crazy cats.  i know she is a cat lover, but i also know the crazy i had in mind might challenge her, but she totally nailed it.  these cats not only have their own unique personalities to them, but they also work with the original crazy things stamps shown in the card above – hilarious…

CMS252 cms253 cms254 cms255

the next group of stamps include a set of new quotes, a favorite of mine to design, as well as some familiar designs wildflowers and doily (however they are not designed to coordinate with the new dies), and the new lady rose set which is vintage beauty at it’s finest…

cms256 cms257 cms258 cms259 cms260

if you’ve been stamping for as many years as i have, you already know that a good background stamp has endless possibilities.  it can create quick patterned paper using your favorite ink color, or instant textural design to chipboard, tags, and more.  these new backgrounds include a fun patchwork in two sizes just begging to be colored in, the new lattice & flourish from the popular stencils of the same name, new tailor & houndstooth which work with the dapper line, tiles & mosaic with small detailed design elements, and for the grunge lover – halftone & rings…

cms261 cms262 cms263

speaking of grunge, i discovered this mixed-media art and fell in love with the designs so i purchased them to create stamps with.  i think you’ll agree these are going to be awesome to use on cards, in art journals, and of course mixed-media projects.  starting with the hand-drawn mixed media 2 set that includes 4 different textured designs, the new evolution that includes 2 big collage stamps, and the new sideshow with a touch of vintage whimsey…

cms264 cms265 cms266 cms267

the final sets of stamps are the perfect compliment to the new dapper line as well and include label frames which fit most of my quote stamps both old and new, vintage auto which includes a big assortment of nostalgic cars perfect for collage, newsprint & type with their bold typography styling, and finally dapper which of course is my favorite (especially the invisible man – so many ideas for that one)…

stencils1 stencils2 stencils3

next we’re on to the new layering stencils that include 9 new designs including: industrial, gears, plus, numeric, houndstooth, ringer, herringbone, countdown, and blocks…


lastly something really exciting to announce – new mini stencils!  i’ve been wanting mini versions of all of my layering stencils to use on smaller tags and collage projects and i’m so thankful stampers anonymous has agreed to do them.  they are being released in sets of three and are about 45% smaller than their larger counterpart – here’s a comparison…

ministencil1 ministencil2 ministencil3

these sets include most of my original layering stencil designs, and are great to use on their own, mixed with the other patterns in the set, or layered with the larger designs.  however you choose to use them, i think you’ll agree that the difference in scale provides a whole new dimension to your projects…

see you tomorrow for the tonic studios sneak peek…

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325 Comments to “CHA2016 sneak peeks: stampers anonymous…”

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    Al, what the heck does your post have to do with this site? Not sure what your point is but it seems you have an ax to grind with unions, not sexual abuses. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

  2. Claire says:

    I love the new Hipsters stamps…I have to get them.
    Will there be a matching die set for that?

  3. Crazy for the Crazy collection. Crazy Cats already pre ordered will be ideal for making cards for my crazy cat lady friend’s charity work. Mini Bird Crazy Things set next or maybe some stencils or maybe some . . . I can see where this year’s craft budget is going!

  4. Stephanie D says:

    LOVE,LOVE, the new mini stencil sets!! Thnaks

  5. robin parker says:

    Great new products…love the cats…

  6. neen says:

    So appreciate this next layer of creativity….keep the journey going!

  7. Linda Lee-Northrup says:

    I absolutely love the stencil set no 7 with the houndstooth design included. My all time favourite. Great options. Love the mini crazy birds and the new crazy kitties too. Thanks Tim for being you!!! Much appreciated. Linda

  8. TERRI CONRAD says:

    I’m salivating!!!!!!! Great new stuff!! Wow.

  9. Those Crazy Cats are GREAT!!! I can not wait. I see many wonderfully sarcastic cards in my future

  10. SmokieBluRose says:

    Thank you, I will be getting the smaller sizes. You must be a mind reader!!

  11. Oh, MY; oh MY!oh MY- oh my- oh my -oh my! Not only am I going to have to works LOTS of overtime, I’m going to need a much larger Closet! Crazy cats!!! Of Course! And that card is too funny with the little feather sticking out of that Crazy Cats mouth! Poor birdie! You really rocked this one, Tim!!! Love those antique autos, too! Well, I’ll just take one of each! 🙂

  12. Pavla H says:

    I’m a fan of stencils – and mini stencils in particular. As an art journaller, I don’t want to fight with the big stencils.

  13. MJ Smith says:

    On the Crazy Cats demo card, is the hat that the Crazy cat is wearing from the regular crazy birds accessories or the mini crazy birds??

  14. Robin Delaney Hanning says:

    I am so excited about your new products! Just watched a video of you demo’ing the new crayons. Eeeppp!

  15. Marcie Smith says:

    Oh Tim, I loved the original Bird Crazy Stamps to death, but these Crazy Cats are just as cute, if not cuter. This coming from a cat lover as well. I love that all of the accessories from the birds also work with the cats. But, one of the things that you haven’t mentioned and I hope is the case, is that their will also be dies for these cats as well.
    I am also thrilled with the set of antique cars. love the tag stencils and you guessed it- I love it all. Great new products as always. Thanks

  16. Nancy B says:

    Lots of things to love here but my favorites are the doilies and the wild flowers!

  17. Monica Smith says:

    Want those cats, when can I order them?

  18. Carole12 says:

    WoW! J’adore tout.
    Thank you!

  19. TheresaMP says:

    some really great stamps and stencils. mini birds and crazy cats are my favorites, although lots of other fun stuff too. always love the stencils. thanks as always for sharing.

  20. Andrene says:

    Holy crap Im going to be broke!! Nothing else needs to be said about todays sneak peek!

  21. bette says:

    Creativity abounds!

  22. Judy Rice says:

    Those crazy cats are the cutest!

  23. The sideshow stamp set is going to be a must have for sure and the cats are just to cute, but nothing will ever take the place of the crazy birds : )

  24. Rachelle Hulsey says:

    I am so excited for the crazy cats stamps!!! I love bird crazy and my family loves getting cards featuring those awesome birds. Cats are my fave so this is purrrfect!!!!

  25. Lisa Leavitt says:

    soooo many fun things … gotta have the CrazyCats and Dapper and then … all the rest

  26. karenajo says:

    Oh those mini crazy birds and the new crazy cats are SUPER!!! So glad to see the smaller stencils too !!!

  27. Di says:

    so many cool stuff. I want it all

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