CHA2016 sneak peeks: sizzix alterations…

coverwelcome to day 2 of the CHA2016 sneak peeks.  if you missed the first post yesterday for idea-ology (click here) to check it out.  today i’m excited to share my new launches with sizzix.  these new designs are split into 3 releases: the first release will start shipping later this month, the second in march, and the third in april (there were just too many ideas for one single release).  my favorite thing about sizzix is their ability to embrace my design vision and do whatever it takes to make it happen.  we’ve overcome some design hurdles to bring these shapes to life with more texture and detail than ever before.  so if you’re ready to take a peek, let’s get started…t!m

sizzix1 sizzix2

bigz steel rule dies will always be part of any sizzix release i do because there are certain shapes that having the ability to cut chipboard, cardboard, thick felt, fabrics, and other materials is important to me.  the main thing to consider with a steel rule die is there are certain limitations as far as detail in smaller areas, but i have to say sizzix really steps up and pushes the limits and i love that.  the dapper theme from yesterday’s launch continues with some of these designs as well starting with the bigz dapper guy and an all-new gadget gears 2 with larger and more detailed gears that work to scale with the original gadget gears die.  if you’re a fan of fragments from idea-ology, the new mosaic die is designed to cut all of the tile sizes so you can create your collaged work, then die cut it into perfectly sized tiles to adhere to fragments not to mention the cool mosaic frame the die will leave behind.  the new rectangle ornate frame compliments the oval ornate frame to create a vintage style accent for photos and stamps on your projects…


if you’ve fallen in love with the village die series over the holidays, the inspiration continues with new dies to accent the village dwelling structure with the new bungalow.  complete with rooftop dormers, shuttered window frames, and a picket fence, this latest bigz die lets you create a wonderful springtime structure.  also new is the bigz rooftops allowing you to cut 3 different styles of rooftop pieces to layer on any village roof to create a shake style, slate style, or tiled rooftop – it’s all in the details…


the neighborhood is growing with the addition of a new structure to the village.  introducing the bigzXL brownstone.  just like the original bigzXL dwelling, the new brownstone works with all of the current and new bigz village overlays including: winter, bell tower, and bungalow.  the tall slender design allows you to create new height and perspective to your village…


like many of you, i have a thing for alphabets.  truth be told, a steel rule die in a typewriter font was one of the first designs i wanted to do when i started designing for sizzix years ago.  back then, it just wasn’t possible to bend steel with so many zigs and zags to create the perfect distressed typewriter font i wanted.  well good things are worth waiting for and the new bigzXL typo is perfection (available in upper and lower case).  this font measures about 1″ high, ideal for journals, mixed media projects, and more…


if you like the versatility of frameworks, the new plus sign is a great graphic element for your mixed media projects.  the pattern of frameworks allows you repeat the design from top to bottom and left to right, so many possibilities.  let’s move on to thinlits where detail and value is the name of the game.  these thin dies are designed to cut paper, cardstock, and thinner materials allowing for much more design flexibility.  SPOILER ALERT: yes it’s about to get even crazier with the introduction of new mini bird crazy and crazy things (stamp set announcing tomorrow) this new framelit set includes 51 dies to cut all of the mini birds, parts, pieces as well as the mini crazy things.  every detail is exactly like the larger versions of both original framelit but in one complete mini set – crazy is right…

sizzix8 sizzix9

for the steampunk lover, the new gearhead includes 22 individual dies in various sized gears and a cool corner design.  the new stencil numbers include 38 individual stencil-cut numbers (a favorite).  last year i released a new concept to thinlits called “mixed media” where the design was all about what was left behind vs. the actual cut out pieces creating a stencil effect.  well the popularity of that concept allowed me to design 2 more mixed-media sets (thank you guys) that include lace, flowers, flourishes, typewriter, brick, and crackle…

sizzix10 sizzix11 sizzix12

the next group of thinlits has a softer design style for me starting with the new wildflowers and layered butterflies.  these  will add a wonderful botanical element to your projects and include some of our best cutting detail ever.  just wait until you see the samples of wildflowers, unreal!  the layered butterflies are a set of 4 dies that include 2 base shape dies, and complimenting detail allowing you to use any of the styles individually or layered together.  the new doilies and lace also push the detail limits of thinlits with unique hand-crocheted art for the doilies vs. the standard symetrical doily.  the lace border thinlits allow you to mix and match the styles, create photo borders and more.  the new alphanumeric marquee thinlit set includes 102 individual dies with multiple letters and numbers.  this 1″ tall font has holes cut throughout each character and designed to layer over the original 1″ alphanumeric die for a fun marquee effect…

sizzix13 sizzix14 sizzix15

if you love creating in your planner or just enjoy documenting the everyday, the new thinlit word dies are going to be perfect.  designed in both the script and block style of the previous word thinlits, these new styles include calendar words with the months, and daily words featuring the days of the week and additional word like weekend, today, and note2self.  i realize faux-stitching frame dies are not a new thing, but these hand-stitched designs in both rectangle and oval shapes were something i’ve not seen and really wanted to create with.  each set includes 5 sized frames and 2 borders allowing for various layering possibilities.  you know me, i prefer things a little wonky and different – hope you do too…

sizzix20 sizzix21 sizzix22

adding texture to projects creates such depth and interest and the new texture fades include a cool assortment of pattern inspired by dapper.  the designs include: herringbone, houndstooth, pinwheel, tailored, and plus sign – the small scale pattern work great with diffusers too…


finally i’m really excited to introduce you to the new vagabond 2!  now if you own the original vagabond not to worry – there is nothing this new machine does that your original vagabond doesn’t already do.  the reason we’ve updated this machine is quite honestly the original vagabond was “too strong” of a machine, and a powerhouse.  if you own the original vagabond you already know what i’m talking about – the machine means business and doesn’t allow for creative mistakes by using the wrong cutting pad, shim, or plate in it.  if you jam it, you risk breaking the machine because simply the machine doesn’t know what you put in it (kind of like if you put rocks in your blender you could still turn it on right?).  well the new vagabond 2 was redesigned with that in mind, and features higher torque all metal gears, new overload protection to prevent motor jams, and now includes a revised platform and thin die adapter.  of course this doesn’t make the machine “unbreakable” so this is not a challenge to do so, but the improvements to the machine takes the worries out of jamming or overloading it.  both vagabonds feature the same innovative vintage-style suitcase design, forward and reverse switch, detachable cord and storage compartment.  so like i said, if you already have a vagabond, use it, love it, and enjoy it – but if you’re looking for a new motorized die cutting machine the vagabond 2 is here…

see you tomorrow for the stampers anonymous sneak peek…



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263 Comments to “CHA2016 sneak peeks: sizzix alterations…”

  1. Guess what arrived iin the post todsy?!!! MyBrownstone and Bungalow dies. Eeeek, off to get started on a new lil house. 🙂

  2. Alli says:

    I can’t wait to receive my Brownstone and Bungalow dies, I’ve had them on pre-order for a while. I love, love, love the versatility of the Village series. I’ve made some great little houses already, I’m brimming with ideas for new ones and I’m looking forward to adding to them with the new dies. 🙂

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  5. […] look and feel will never be the same again. Tim Holtz keeps blowing us away with all of his new dies that will be coming out this year, from super awesome Gadget Gears in different shapes and sizes […]

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  7. Angie says:

    My 1 inch Alphanumeric came Wednesday. Great size! I used them that night to finish decorating a silly felt top hat. I cut “Happy St Patrick’s Day” in glitter foamy sheet to go with my green “Happy St Patrick’s Day” ribbon hat band and the felt shamrock (cut with Sizzix original shamrock die). Turned out cute. I looked very silly but the hat was cute!
    I hope someone is reading this, I adore the way these two sets are made, individual cookie cutter type with multiple letters! I need more styles!

  8. Angie says:

    Just checking around seeing if you had new thinlits dies coming out similar to the Alphanumeric. Thanks to a chance posting on my scrapbooking message board, I found out your Alphanumeric were individual cookie cutter type like some of my other favorite alphabets. Not only that but you had multiples! I actually have 3 sets of one of my other sets so that I could do what you are doing with Alphanumeric. I used those to make stencils with Oracal 631 to make stencils for etching on glass.

    I just got the 3/4 inch Alphanumeric yesterday. LOVE them and will be ordering the 1 inch Alphanumeric this next payday. I wasn’t planning on getting the 1 inch because I THOUGHT I had something similar in 1-1/4 inch but I now know they are way different.

    The pictures on the websites AND the package led me to believe that the Alphanumeric was very straight sided and perfect sharp corners. I adore the fact that they are just a little NOT perfect! But then I like my alphas quirky, offbeat and I like script fonts.

    Are there any plans to make more like Alphanumeric, that is, thinlits, each letter a single die AND multiples? I have a LOT of alphabets commercial steel rule, steel rule, Sizzlit and thinlit type and it takes a LOT to get me to buy an alphabet now. But if Alphanumeric gets more members of the “family”, I’ll most likely get them. Something with more rounded letters, kind of like Sizzix homemade in upper case, I’ll get it! Something quirky like Curlz but not so much curl if that makes sense would be on my buy list.

  9. Judy Dearth says:

    I am trying to find the sizes of the florals in the new ‘Wildflower thinlits’,,,,preordered same, but no info.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Debbie Meyer says:

    Love the botanicals, and of course the tiny birds!!

  11. Yeah a new house adornment kit. cant wait to add to my halloween village

  12. Wow, lots to choose from here! There are several dies already on my wish list and a few on my must have list! As for the Vagabond, I may just have to invest. One of the things stopping me from getting #1 was the fear of wrecking it; now some of this fear will be allayed!

  13. Starqueen says:

    Oh, Tim. I am one of those people who had trouble with my first (beloved) Vagabond. I’ve definitely got my eye on the 2!!

  14. Amy kerrigan says:

    You continue to amaze me with your pieces. EVERYTHNG continues to amaze.

  15. julie says:

    I really love the squares!!!

  16. Judy Rice says:

    Love all the dies. Especially the gears. Mixed media won’t be the same.

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