cha2014 recap – part 2…


welcome back to day 2 of my cha2014 recap.  as you can see from yesterday’s post, it takes lots of teamwork and creativity to create the booths to showcase the latest products at cha.  today’s post is all about the talented designers that we reach out to that create amazing projects to bring all of the new products to life.  for each show we reach out to several bloggers and designers that create projects using my products on their own personal blogs and pinterest.  we contact them and ask if they would like to create samples for the booths, and then send them the new products under strict confidentiality.  these amazing artists not only create wonderful projects in secret (the hardest thing to do), but they do it all in very short timeframe.  i’m always amazed as a product designer, what outstanding creations these designers make using my products.  i want to take this opportunity to personally thank each and every one of them, and ask you to please visit their blogs for even more inspiration…

thank you again to the following designers for creating such inspiration, and sharing a bit of themselves with all of us:
paula cheney
richele christensen
debi adams
mou saha
vicki boutin
kaz hall
anne kristine holt
tammy tutterow
heather smith
jan hobbins
chelle fowler
shelly hickox
connie fong
may flaum
joy kennedy

let’s begin with photos of the wonderful projects created for the idea-ology booth.  i love the new wallflower paper stash and the versatility of the imagery and palette of this collection, and it’s evident the designers do too.  you can see the versatility of this line and the influence of flowers and botanicals.  many of the designers used these elements as focal points in their projects…


the new wood letterpress were also used in a variety of ways including glueing letters together to form a word, painting and distressing them, then adding a memo pin to the top for a mini sign or photo holder (like shown in the opening photo).  letterpress were also used in the new mini configurations books along with a variety of new elements including mini cabinet cards, dies, ephemera, and other nostalgic findings…


idea-ology can also be used for home decor and jewelry elements as shown in the wearable assemblage created from an idea-ology pocket watch and lots of great trinkets…


of course the world of mixed-media is definitely a place for idea-ology and many of the designers created stunning works of art on the various sized burlap panels.  these are great surfaces to design a variety of different ways, and incorporate everything from inks and paints to photos and ephemera.  some of the designers even turned the burlap panel around and used the back inset area for a clever shadow box or attached a new clipboard clip to display the new found relatives…


however without a doubt the most talked about new item in idea-ology are the new collection folios.  this concept from paula cheney allows you a versatile creative surface to incorporate photos, documents, ephemera, and any other artful idea you wish to create.  this multi-layered chipboard surface contains a cascading spine allowing you to display various layers upon layers with endless possibilities…


next up is sizzix and the projects created by the talents of several designers are simply over the top.  along with designing the booths, debi adams also shared her skills by making many of the projects in the booth.  you can see that the botanical theme from idea-ology also played a role in a few inspired designs as well as the popular layered insects from this release…


of course the new shadowpress was also something that many people were curious about, and then beyond excited once they saw these great samples.  the simplicity of the drop shadowed font  allows for creative versatility on everything from cards to photographs, scrapbook pages, and mini books.  you can use shadowpress on plain cardstock, ink over the debossed design, or fill in with color using a marker – absolutely love this concept…


check out this series of videos i did with scrap time demoing many of the new sizzix items including frameworks, the new layered dies, decorative strips like the new butterfly frenzy and bow tied, and of course the new shadowpress…

the ranger booth is always filled with the most variety of creative styles.  since all of their inks, paints, sprays, and powders are so versatile, it’s no wonder people always love checking out all of the sample projects displayed throughout the booth.  whether your style is simple or layered, colorful or grungy, there is definitely a ranger product for your creativity…


check out a few videos i did with sara at demoing the new distress mini ink pads, new min blending tool, the new distress marker spritzer, and the new colors of alcohol inks…

finally here is even more inspiration from a variety of designers working with the new release stamps and layering stencils from stampers anonymous.  this is another one of those booths that are simply filled with creative ideas and inspirations for all type of artistic styles…


well i hope you’ve enjoyed my recap of the cha2014 winter trade show.  as i mentioned many times, it takes a great deal of time, effort, teamwork, and creativity to not only design new products, but to showcase them in the hopes of inspiring all of you.  thank you once again to everyone who helped in making this show as amazing and successful as it was.  i hope after reading this blog you too feel inspired to create and continue to do what we all love to do, and remember the now…t!m

how about a blog giveaway of a new idea-ology bag from cha???
these bags were inspired by the new wallflower collection and feature a different design on each side of the bag.  these are not sold in stores and used for promotions only, so mario grabbed a bunch at the show to giveaway here on the blog.  just post a comment on the blog and we’ll pick 12 winners for (1) of the new bags… winners will be announced on monday 1/27 – good luck!


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784 Comments to “cha2014 recap – part 2…”

  1. Sue McG says:

    Thanks for posting these videos, what a great resource. Even though I was at CHA I didn’t catch every demo and I’m having ‘aha’ moments watching these!

  2. Rupa says:

    I am blown away by the booth every time. I have never been to CHA of course and probably never will since I am not a designer per se, just a consumer of fabulous products. Your booth is sheer perfection! Hey, I would even welcome the chance to help unpack/set up or whatever else at CHA for TH booth (for free I mean!). Just the opportunity to be near so much talent and inspiration would be worth it. Hm…may be you guys should invite one person to CHA each time, someone who would otherwise never have a chance….a girl can dream can’t she?!

  3. I don’t think I’ll need to go anywhere else but this post for inspiration for the rest of the year – stunning samples from everyone, particularly love the burlap panel collection from Heather Smith

  4. Irene Segal says:

    I could spend hours lost in the imagination of your display booths…it’s like walking through a time warp or time machine of a world that I lived in and miss…weird hard to explain. ..wonder if you have de`ja vu moments of inspiration.

  5. Arline Sim says:

    love all the new products, spent 2 hours yesterday watching all the videos

  6. Helen says:

    Thanks to all who went into making these displays and videos. what inspiration!!

  7. Trina St Michael says:

    I really enjoyed watching all of your demo videos and I look forward to seeing all your new products in stores.

  8. isabelle M says:

    Huge work, wonderful and more beautiful in real…
    Thank you share for those who can’t go there.

  9. Kerry says:

    Wow wow wow I neeeeeeeeed all of it lol, I love the sizzix range, the stamps and layering stencils are amazing, the papers are truly gorgeous. All the products and creations are awesome and so inspirational 🙂 Kezzy x

  10. Terri W says:

    So many new goodies to choose from! Where to begin.

  11. Mitchell Schuller says:

    What an awesome year for crafts! I can’t wait to start creating with all of the amazing new products!!

  12. Libby from Pleasanton says:

    Amazing feast for the eyes! Very inspiring. Thank you.

  13. Ange Thraves says:

    It is so truly amazing and inspiring. We must always remember the folks behind the scenes doing all the donkey work. Well done gang!

  14. This collection is amazing. You have some of the most talented artists creating the most amazing works. It must make you feel very proud and happy to see your ideas used in ways you may not have thought of yourself. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you Tim.

  15. Patti K says:

    Love all of the new products, Simon already has my order, lol. Thanks for sharing all the great videos.

  16. Hazel Clapham says:

    What a brilliant round-up of the new Sizzix and Ranger products! As good as being there myself! Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Caroline says:

    Thanks so much for the inside look at CHA. and all the inspiration, looking forward to lots more from the King of crafting.

  18. Kerry Ludwig says:

    You & your team never cease to amaze me! The botanical line is awesome,cant wait to get my hands on it! So excited with the new products….Thanks Tim & Team!

  19. AnnieS. says:

    I have just gone in and looked again at all the videos from CHA – they are soooo inspirational. Thanks for sharing your products and ideas

  20. Christine Spurlock says:

    I have loved your products for years, and now am following tutorials. Just makes me want to buy more!!!

  21. Cheryl Lyman says:

    I was at the show and your comments reflected the beauty of each booth but I would add that everyone on your team and those in the booths were the most friendly, helpful, and excited people of the show. I stood in amazement as I looked at everything and loved each idea and sample. I think this was a much better show (CHA) than last year.

  22. Leanne Tomlinson says:

    Soooo many cool new things to play with! Can’t wait for the air brush and I’m digging out my blending marker and alcohol inks! Of course I’ll need more colours now! Thanks for all of the inspiration:)

  23. Kris E says:

    Thanks so much for putting together such an amazing collection along with such creative ideas! So looking forward to seeing everything in person soon.

  24. Kriss Church says:

    It’s taking me DAYS to get through the two CHA posts. A person can’t just read these – they must be absorbed. Thank you so much for all the great videos and pics, they’re so inspiring. Love all the new stuff – now it’s time to play!

  25. I dream to be able to attend a CHA show sometime! All the new, exciting goodness in one place! Ahhhhhhh! (I hear little angel voices in my head) I’m in love with sooo many new products my head is spinning … Letterpress folders, the die/folder sets, the NAUTICAL DESIGNS (thank you! thank you! thank you!), the video for the blending pen for the alcohol inks with the palette, all the new colors, the mini distress tool (pure genius!)… love it all!

  26. Leslie Hayes says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the new products! Especially the new layered dies from Sizzix and the nature them. I love the sea horses, sand dollars, dragonflies, bees, the folders, just everything! Thank you for the opportunity and great inspiration! You, Mario and Ranger industries are the best!

  27. After watching your videos from CHA 2014, I know that I want a Creative Chemistry 103 for the new products…after I can buy & use them of course!

  28. Michelle t says:

    Can’t wait to get the marker spritzer. Thanks for posting all the cool videos and for the chance to win. Michelle t

  29. Cathy says:

    Such a treat to see all the fabulous products! Thank you for sharing the samples with us!

  30. Debra says:

    Love your new items – so wonderful a display.

  31. Keren Howell says:

    Fantastic inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing!

  32. Cheri T. says:

    I am truly amazed and inspired by such talent and creativity that you have shown us in these last two posts. You and the people that help you are awesome at what you do!!! Thanks for letting us see your fabulousness first hand!! You and your team are true artist-

  33. Rosie P says:

    So many amazing new products that I can’t wait to get my inky hands
    on!!! Thank you for making my creative world that much more fun.

  34. Miriam Schechter says:

    I want all the new products especially the spritzer. I now have a huge wish list. Thank you for all your creative ideas, you and your team do an outstanding job. The videos of the demos are awesome.

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