cha-winter 2013 sneak peek… stampers anonymous (part 2)

hello again bloggers.  thanks for all of the great comments about the new stamps from yesterday.  i know they’re quite a few, but i must say i love stamps, kind of addicted to them one might say.  after all, it was stamping that took me down this creative path in the first place so many years ago.  well today i’m happy to be sharing more stamps with you, and why not?  since everyone has a different creative style, the more images to choose from the better i say.  this release of stamps has an eclectic mix of images and will be shipping in early march so you’ll have plenty of time to be inspired by all of the creative samples made that i’ll be showing you next week once the cha show is underway.  here we go…

this first set i collaborated with artist brett weldele who is an amazing artist that also loves distress and has a cool flair for steampunk.  i asked him to create this sketch set which would be perfect to layer with so many other time related images and die cuts all.  you can check his incredible videos here on his website…

get ready as we travel across the pond to a couple of my favorite destinations starting with a vintage ode’ to london.  the iconic elements in this set are great for layering too…

next we head to paris to view the eiffel tower, ornate fleur de lis, gathering of french ephemera, and meet up with this tattered gentleman (inspired from my new french industrial papers of course)…

as with many of my favorite images i like the ability to have mini versions of them for tags, atcs, and collage so here is a great selection along with some from the previous release including the favorite hot air balloon…

i don’t think this next set needs explanation since i already confessed my obsession to numbers.  this huge number set with it’s vintage font styling is simply awesome…

since i was inspired by travel this release i needed to add in some minis from the travel release i did last year.  having the various forms of transportation on one set is perfect for travel journals and other projects about the journey…

i think the look of vintage supplies are great artistic elements and this set of artful tools will give your next collage a bit of interest too…

there’s just something about seeing things small that make them all the more intriguing to me.  this set of tiny things is so much fun.  each image measuring only about an 1″ to 1 1/2″ they are great for adding fun elements to tags and card, stamping on tickets, dominos, and even using inside the idea-ology pocket watches – such fun…

of course i can’t release new images without a new set of quotes.  i am always looking out for sayings that inspire me and make you stop for a moment to read them and even better, think…

okay so this last stamp release for this show is over the top incredible…incredible to the fact that it’s a cling alphabet set of upper & lower case with numbers, individually cut, indexed and ready to stamp whatever you want to say.  another great thing about this font is the slender profile which allows you to stamp sayings and sentiments on a card or tag.  i told you…incredible…

so there we are, lots and lots of new stamps coming your way for this show.  some shipping now (in yesterday’s post), and some shipping in early march (in today’s post).  hope you find just as much creative excitement in having a variety of choices with stamps, but if you’re like me, it’s that “must have it all” addiction that we crafters seem to have to embrace.  i know the feeling, after all, i’m one of you too.  be back tomorrow with the final sneak peek for cha-winter 2013, this one from core’dinations (including another video).  see you then…t!m

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737 Comments to “cha-winter 2013 sneak peek… stampers anonymous (part 2)”

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  2. Jan J. says:

    Oh how I love those London stamps!

  3. Candy says:

    Time Travelers…perfect for my current project! And then of course, I would find uses for all the stamps. Just so fun! Thank you.

  4. I really love your new line of stamps. Can’t wait for them to come out. May favorite is the way with words. I’m always looking for quotes or sayings.

  5. Anne Stacy says:

    FUN FUN FUN! I want to play with these new stamps!

  6. Terry Hamilton says:

    I love your stamps – I’m slowly building a huge collection. I just ordered $100 worth today & now that I’ve seen the new stamps I guess I’ll have to forgo haircuts, movies, anything so I can buy more of your awesome images!

  7. Sharon Kanaya says:

    I have loved everything Tim Holtz since Day 1!!! You continue to create & amaze everyone & I’m sure you’re the only crafter with celebrity status, Tim!!! Watch out for paparazzi!

  8. Lesley Macgillivray says:

    something scottish would be nice.x

  9. KellyGirl924 says:

    I love, love, love all of these new stamps!!!

  10. Diane says:

    On pins and needles waiting.

  11. Tammy Werner says:

    Love these stamps! My favorite is the “tiny things”. I am already thinking of hundreds of uses for them and they are sparking my creativity. I can’t wait for them to be released! Can’t they be released earlier? Pleeeaaasee? 🙂

  12. Sally sTo says:

    Your stamps are always my favorite. I especially love the Tall Text and the Numeric. Another Home Run from You!

  13. Dawnee says:

    Tim and Team! Oh my goodness! I am SO excited about all of these stamps! I love the Time Travel stamps…. but your fleur de lis and steam engine are making me drool! I have a friend who is in charge of purchasing product for our local drugstore (whose owner is VERY much a crafter and makes sure we have great supplies) and on my recommendation they are adding more Tim Holtz supplies to the stamping and scrapbooking area! 🙂 YAY FOR ME!!!!

  14. Vicki fitzgerald says:

    Love love love!! These will be added to my collection!!!

  15. Tracy says:

    Beautiful stamps!

  16. Bev says:

    I will have to have the artful tools stamps and the way with words!

  17. Bev says:

    I love the artful tools stamps, especially the the paintbrush image!
    I also will have to have the way with words set.

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  19. Lisa Tisor says:

    The Tiny Things CMS 164 are perfect for collages and cards. March is forever!

  20. Amber M. says:

    Oh, W.O.W.!!! Just fabulous!!! Can hardly wait to get my hands on these new stamps!!!! They sure get the creative juices flowing 😉

  21. Ava Schreiner says:

    The new stamps are GOLD! I want them all….no really…I want them all!

  22. Robin says:

    Oeps , did’nt see previous sneek peak, Sorrryyy…. :$

  23. Robin says:

    Great work , Beautifull stamps , though I hoped to see more blue print stamps I love those!

  24. […] the Sneak Peak Day 2 had some great non-blueprint stamps!  I love the Union Jack stamp and the Time […]

  25. bezzya says:

    Nice quote about friends. Nice stamp set.

  26. Kelley says:

    Okay, now my budget for March is blown!

  27. Terri says:

    I am so in love with the mini stamps perfect for cards or smaller projects!

  28. Beej says:

    awesome stamps!

  29. Maura says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! You just keep coming out with these crazy, wonderful stamps!! Love them!!

  30. vicky says:

    Mr Holtz, you really know how to keep your audience happy : ) Now I have so much to add to my wish-list, but who could turn down such fabulous new stamp designs??? Thank you for your creativity, have fun at CHA…

  31. Tammy says:

    so fabulous!!! thanks so much for all you do!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure

  32. Bettie Couson says:

    I really love these new stamps a lot!!! I can see them in lots of projects and techniques, looking forward to their release.when will they be released here in the UK?

  33. Darlene says:

    “Tiny Things” contains a “wow” collection of images (violin – so cool!!!).

  34. Linda says:

    hey-where is umbrella lady?

  35. Nikki Brown says:

    Oh my, these I definately have to have, good job I got some money for Christmas from my lovely mil….. loving the alphas. the London stamps (you do them so well) and lovely background/border stamps too…..

  36. Carmen Lucero says:

    I’m totally imbracing the feeling of wanting it all and mostly having it all. These new stamps are amazing!


    Carmen L

  37. Shirley says:

    OMG…. You’re Killing me !!! These new products are AMAZING !!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them. You are SO good for this industry. Thanks for all you do !

  38. Mandi Harling says:

    Do you ever sleep? You just create “fabulous” all the time! I am in awe of the unlimited awesomeness that comes from your blog. The sketch ones are great, they will compliment the blueprint ones beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing…..

  39. Tracey B says:

    Can’t wait, can’t wait. How to choose? There are so many lovely sets. Thanks once again for inspiring my creativity. X

  40. Karen E says:

    I really love these new stamp sets. Can’t wait to get my hands on a couple of them.

  41. Cindy Marlow says:

    I love them all! As a lover of vintage drafting/artist tools, I own many of the things that are now stamps!

  42. Wow, wow, wow! I can see a few that I will be purchasing…yum!

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