cha-winter 2013 sneak peek… ranger distress

hey bloggers, are you ready to start your week off with more cha show sneak peeks?  i’m excited to share today’s new product from ranger since it’s been in the works for over a year.  introducing “distress paint” the newest product to join the distress family…

these very fluid water-based paints have some pretty innovative properties to them, certainly not like ordinary craft paints.  the viscosity of these paints are reminiscent of the fluid vintage style milk-paints with a mixing ball inside when you shake it up.  the distress paint formulation works on multi-surfaces including paper, chipboard, grungeboard, fabric, wood, metals and plastics.  it is also reactive with water while the paint is wet allowing you some great blending ability and awesome textural effects.  the best part however, is once the paints are dry, they don’t rewet so you’re able to layer these with the other distress products like inks and stains to achieve incredible effects.  the amazing palette of 24 colors from the distress line will make it easy to coordinate with other distress products too.  here’s a quick video i did to give you a glimpse into the versatility of the new distress paints…

next with ranger we’re also introducing rock candy dry glitter in a new 8oz jar.  we heard from many of you that the current size jar simply wasn’t enough and i completely agree.  this dry glitter has such a great look and texture and since it’s clear and contains various particle sizes it’s unlike any other glitter out there…

i wanted to share these during the idea-ology sneak peek, but i thought that might give away today’s reveal so i’m announcing them now: the new idea-ology burlap panels.  these panels are like the pre-designed ones i launched in my district market collection last year, but these are completely bare and ready to alter.  available in 4×6 and 6×8 sized panels, this burlap covered wood surface will let you create a variety of projects.  in fact, here’s a look at my cha workshop i’ll be teaching using these burlap panels along with the new distress paint – it’s going to be fun…

so bloggers, more distress to love, and that means more techniques to share.  i hope you are excited about the new distress paints, i sure am and can’t wait to show you all they can do.  see you back here tomorrow to start sharing my new stamps from stampers anonymous.  have a great day…t!m

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