cha-winter 2013 sneak peek… idea-ology (part 1)

happy new year bloggers!  i hope your creativity is off to a great start in 2013.  if you haven’t joined the fun of the “12 tags of 2013” i encourage you to take time this year to make a tag each month.  whether you’re trying one of the techniques i’ve shared, or experimenting with your own ideas, it’s all about creative motivation.  speaking of motivation, be sure to read to the end of the post for the list of the december tag winners (remember to upload your tag each month, and 12 winners will be chosen at random from the submissions)…

today i’m excited to start off the new year by also sharing previews of the new products i’ve designed that will be released at the upcoming cha (craft & hobby association) winter trade show.  there is no doubt a ton of planning, prep, sample making, and work goes into cha, but when it all comes together on the show floor it’s an ensemble of creative magic.  in years past i’ve always referred to these types of posts as “product previews” since after all, that’s what i’m doing.  i’ve come to learn that the industry has embraced the term “sneak peek” for this sharing ritual.  i never found anything sneaky about it, but i googled the definition for “sneak peek” and there it was in black and white…

sneak peek: a preview; an opportunity to see something before it’s officially available

so i guess i need to get with it and embrace this term right?  with that, let’s get started with today’s first “sneak peek” at some of my new idea-ology products released at cha and shipping early spring…

my theme for this year’s paper stash is french industrial.  a combination of many of the things that inspire me including ornate handwriting, vintage ephemera, european imagery, old photographs, a nostalgic color palette, and a touch of steampunk.  this paper is subtle enough for the shabby vintage crafter and ready to distress for the grungier crafter like me.

another cool paper stash i’m releasing is the new 8×8 collage stash.  this single pad contains some of my favorite designs from the lost & found, crowded attic, destinations, and the new french industrial collections in the perfect 8×8 size.  sometimes i think the designs for 6×6 are too small, 12×12 are too big, and as a card maker and mixed media crafter 8×8 is the perfect size…

if you love configurations like i do, then you’re going to flip for the new configurations book.  sized about half of the printers tray configurations, this one has an attached cover to lay completely flat when closed, or display open when standing up.  of course it includes all of the completely customizable inserts configurations is all about, but wait until you see what creative uses we’ve come up with for this one…

next up are products that speak for themselves.  new salvage stickers to match the latest french industrial paper stash and a new collection of tissue tape with 4 sizes in one pack – this one is awesome…

since i craft on just about every surface, this new product debut has be so excited.  whether you’re creating on paper, wood, glass, metal, or plastic, these rubs will give you added imagery for great effects.  i’ve loved rub-ons for years, but of course there is always the concern of “will they work?”.  well trust me on this one when i say these remnant rubs definitely do.  i designed them as a cluster of imagery that can either be carefully cut apart, or simply place the sheet on a project, randomly rub an area, and reveal “remnants” of the design.  the best part is you get 2 sheets of the same design per pack so you don’t have to worry about using your favorite one on a single project – funny but true right?…

if you’re wanting to add a look of aged metal to a card or layout, but don’t want the weight or bulk of it, just wait until you see these industrious stickers.  they sure look like the real thing, but they are actually embossed cardstock with an amazing aged metallic finish…

if you like to create mini books or journals and love the vintage texture and style of an antique book you might want to sit down for this one.  introducing worn covers… this heavy book board is wrapped in vintage printed fabric and lined with distressed printed kraft paper.  this cover is just like an old book without tearing out all of the pages and even better is that it comes with 2 eyelets in the spine for easy attachment of my ring binders or create your own binding using ribbons or twine.  this is the first design with more to come at the next cha show i assure you.  also being released are these new cabinet cards made from printed chipboard and amazingly detailed nostalgic imagery.  these have a slot in the top which allow you to simply slide in a 4×6 photograph.  whether using them alone, on a layout, or as pages of a journal you will find lots of uses for these cabinet cards…

finally for today is the new ruler binding.  this was a big request from many of my students this past year who took my journey journal class.  this clever hardware kit contains 2 cut wooden rulers with drilled holes, oxidized bolts, washers, and wing nuts.  it’s the simplest way to create a mini tag book using #8 tags or create your own with cut papers…

alright so that’s enough for day one, but don’t forget i’ll be sharing new previews everyday here on the blog.  once the show starts on 1/12 i’ll also be sharing photos of the finished booths and all of the projects made – talk about creative anticipation huh?…t!m

congrats to the winners from the december 12 tags of 2012 gallery post.  if you see your name (and it links to your tag), email with your mailing info to claim your prize.

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684 Comments to “cha-winter 2013 sneak peek… idea-ology (part 1)”

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  7. Rifftype says:


    I read this really good post yesterday….

  8. Bev says:

    Absolutely love this new line of papers!

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  10. Susan De Abate says:

    Love the new configuration boxes. The 8×8 paper and the addition of the new options of tissue tape. Really, who am I kidding; I love it all! !!!!

  11. Ray Smith says:

    Tim you have really done it this time, as always GREAT

  12. Sandra S. says:

    OH, très chic! I just saw this first sneak peek and adore the French Industrial theme. I’ve been collecting a few vintage french ads myself but nothing like this! I really love old pen and ink handwriting. It had so much character and personal expression.

  13. Nancy D. says:

    Just WOW!…love it all!

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  15. Stacey Briggs says:

    Oh my gosh, Tim Holtz, you’ve outdone yourself! I love it all!

  16. Barbara Greve says:

    I’m in love with the adhesive papers and the worn book cover and ring binders! So cool!!!

  17. AliceM in OKC says:

    t!m — i have a paper request for you. would you consider selling the craft core paper in color families only? i have used up all of my greens and reds — they have been my go-to colors for several projects — not just Christmas. Thanks!

  18. Kelley says:

    Santa needs to come really, really early this year! I can’t wait to get my hands on the 8×8 paper.

  19. Jessica says:

    Rub-ons!! Finally!! I am so excited!

  20. Helen says:

    Loving it all!!

  21. susan says:

    Everything is wonderful.Your awesome creations ..I want them all. The papers , the configuration book…evey thing is like a wonderful dream.

    susan salyer

  22. Amanda says:

    Love the paper stash what a great inspiration for new year my resolution has to be use it up again and again!

  23. Kathleen F says:

    love the metallic letters!! awesome!!

  24. Tessa says:

    I am LOVING this french industrial paper pack!!

  25. Amy G. says:

    Great products! Can’t wait to use them. I especially live the paper, the new sizes of tissue tape and that amazing book binding.

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  27. Audrey L. says:

    Remnant Rubs…check! Industrious Stickers…check! Cabinet Cards…check! I need them! I can’t wait to get them!

  28. Each CHA I say “this is the best release yet”. This is no exception. The products are still fresh, exciting,& a must have!

  29. Beej says:

    Can’t believe i missed this post earlier. Everything is awesome. really love the new config. box. Ideas are already poppin into my head and the rubs and stickers yumm!

  30. Anna says:

    Everything is simply delicious!

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  32. I can’t wai:-) t to get my hands on these. Love the configuration book.

  33. cheryl c says:

    Love those tissue tapes! And the bindings and binder. Yay!

  34. Julianne says:

    Oh, my…I’m a big fan of the tissue tape, love the new additions. Love the metal looking embossed stickers, so much good stuff to behold!

  35. Paulette S. in MO says:

    What a grand bit of sneek peeking was done. LOL Those papers just remind me of things I would find in Grandma’s trunk! Love Love Love it!! I’m not much into hardware yet, but it sure looks interesting. The tissue tapes are yummy even though I’m still holding out on them too. What can I say? I’m a Stamp and Die kinda girl! haha! Thanks for sharing all that you do Tim. Happy New Year!

  36. Gina H says:

    WOW!!!! I LOVE the worn cover & the configuration book. I can so see myself making cool stuff with them! I really love it all! Keep those previews coming!

  37. Patti Krauss says:

    Wow – what’s not to love? Can’t wait to get my hands on almost all of these – when will they get added to the app so I can put them on my wish list? lol

  38. Kym says:

    Oh man! I just died and went to heaven…that paper stash rocks!!!!!!

  39. Marzee Carnes says:

    Does your creative well never get low? I can’t believe all the ideas you come up with! Love all of it!

  40. Pam Bray says:

    Always love all of the sneak peeks, just hate the thought of what it will do to my wallet, oh well that is how it is… When you got to have, you got to have. TFS

  41. Valerie R. says:

    I’m gonna be in some serious T.R.O.U.B.L.E!!! I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with that new French Industrial paper stack!! Those papers are gorgeous!! I’m always picking up papers with that kind of French script & ticking, etc.! The industrious stickers are incredible & I’m really loving those worn book covers & the cabinet card frames!! Oh!! Be still my depleted bank account!!! LOL I’m WAY excited over these new products & can’t wait to get my hands on them!!! Thanks for all you do Tim – you’re the man!! 😉

    And a HUGE shout out of congratulations to all the winners of the December tags – Amazing & well done!! 🙂

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