cha-winter 2013 show recap… ranger

hi bloggers!  thanks for the kind comments yesterday.  yes, doing a trade show like cha is an incredible amount of work, but it’s all worth it.  we literally work everyday of the show and in addition to the workshops, demos, and presentations, we do in fact help set up and take down the booths each and every show.  that’s what i call being a team player right?  it takes a great deal of people to make these shows happen, and everyone works hard to make these shows as inspiring as they are…

today’s recap is from ranger where i always spend most of my time throughout the show.  each day i demoed from 4-6 hours sharing all of the latest techniques using the new ranger paint as well as sharing ideas on the new larger sized rock candy dry glitter.  the demos are my most favorite part of the show since i get to spend time creatively interacting with the show attendees – i love it…

every winter show i’m contacted months in advance by noell and izzy from to set up time to video all of my new release products from the show.  we always have such fun and they are so professional (check out that video set-up izzy is sporting – cool)…

here is one of my full demo videos they filmed showing my latest releases of distress paint and rock candy glitter from ranger – check it out…

the ranger booth is always displayed with colorful swatchboards (all hand done by us) and filled with innovative samples from so many different talented designers.  here’s just a few to share with you to inspire you along with a couple of close-ups of my faves…

layout by (mou saha)

card by (tammy tutterow)

card by (richele christensen)

hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of the ranger booth from my perspective and are inspired by some of the projects shared.  for more ranger recap from cha – visit their blog here

don’t forget, i have much more to share from other booths next week starting with idea-ology on monday.  even though it’s a crazy busy show i do my best to take time to capture what i can to share with all of you.  speaking of taking time, i appreciate it when you guys take the time to comment on the blog too, so i thought today would be a great day to do a random giveaway of some NEW stuff we smuggled brought back from the cha show.  see you monday…t!m

congrats to the lucky winners!  if you see your name and your comment listed below, please email to claim your prize:

1. Rosiej: I never realized until a couple of years ago about how much hard work it was setting up these shows. I used to think you hired a set-up crew and when they were done you just come in and did the show. I found out from Mario’s BTS that Tim, Mario and your staff are the ones who actually do the setting up. You guys sure work hard! Glad you are back and am looking forward to your blog telling us all about the CHA Show.

2. Nancy: Tim, Loved all the tweets and sneak peaks at your new designs. I watched as much as I could via Twitter links. Can’t wait to buy all of those new things. You guys certainly put up a lot and worked so hard.

3. Jann Gray: I know it is a tremendous amount of work – and that only increases our appreciation of all you do to bring such fun and creative products to inspire us on our creative journey! May you rest and recover….even as you “recap!”

4. TheresaMP: Started watching the videos that are surfacing from the show. So many wonderful things and lots of them yours. Can’t wait to play with your paints. Looking forward to what you have to share this week and thanks as always.

5. Claudine: Welcome back Tim! I am so amazing and in Awe of how hard you work and how much you do. Thanks so much for all you do Tim, it’s a heap!! I’ve seen so many fun videos of the show and there are a ton of items I really want to get, can’t wait until they are on the shelves!!

6. Dawn B: What a wonderful show! I think this is one of the best releases yet!! I’m sure it has to be exhausting, but oh how I love getting to see the new products and living vicariously through everyone! looking forward to recap and video’s.

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  14. Megan Angel says:

    i love it all you and your team need a pat on the back ,love the designs of the stamps and embelishments looks like ill be buying up again lol

  15. Janet Kurkowski says:

    Fantastic new products T!m! The only problem is going to be what to buy first! Beautiful samples too!

  16. Kathryn says:

    OMG at the projects you showcased, so much talent.

  17. trent miller says:

    Congrats to the winners and awesome. I love Ranger!

    Tim the new products and ideas this year are really great! Thanks!

  18. Sue A says:

    I just love it all; the samples are wonderful! 🙂

  19. Sue A says:

    I love the pics. I see a few items that I need to purchase! I wasn’t sure, but when I saw the samples. OMG

  20. Zena says:


  21. Oh Wow that was so cool to see the paints in action and show different ways to use them, great picture examples too 🙂 Thanks

  22. My favourite new idea ology item is the cute, tiny locket book & the french industrial paper stash LOVELY!!! Big hug!

  23. Jocelyne B. says:

    Tout est magnifique et tellement inspirant

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