cha-winter 2013 recap… sizzix alterations

hey bloggers!  thanks again for sharing in the excitement of all the new releases from cha.  it’s always such fun to design new things, but even more fun to see ideas on how they work with the stuff we already have.  i appreciate all of the comments you’ve left on the blog so be sure to read at the of today’s post to see if you’re a winner.  today i’m excited to share a recap of my new products from sizzix alterations.  one thing i really love about dies and embossing folders is just how easy it is to always incorporate the old with the new.  the booth samples were amazing once again thanks to the many talented designers who continue to push the limits of traditional die cutting.  also in today’s post i have several videos to share with you featuring my latest alterations products thanks to my friends christine and mark from scrap time who always do a great job capturing many of my demos throughout the show – so let’s get right to it…

the alterations area is just a section of the massive overall sizzix booth where each designer has a vignette showcasing their products.  i love the displays that marty and debi collaborate on to decorate the alterations booth, some pretty amazing and clever ideas from the vintage style building front, to my fave at the show, this umbrella chandelier – amazing…

of course we all know that the creative samples play a big role in the inspiration this booth shares.  with valentines day just around the corner, these samples are the perfect creative jump start using mostly dies that have already been released last year. (love xo: richele christensen, all others: debi adams)

easter will be right around the corner since it’s at the end of march this year so these card ideas are wonderful for creating some of your own once again with mostly dies that were released last year. (debi adams)

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – The Tapered Fringe Die from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

one of the new dies “tapered fringe” is used to cut fringe strips with a tapered edge.  whether using it for grass like this clever card from (richele christensen), or roll up the strip to make pom-pom flowers.  check out the quick video too.

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – The Clipboard Die from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

another new die is the clipboard mini movers & shapers which i have to say this is one of my favorites.  use it to create an actual functioning clipboard to hold gift cards, photos, etc. like i did on this card with this great pic of mario’s twin boys – classic.  you have to see how this die works to really get it’s possibilities, and thanks to scrap time they’ve captured the demo on video for you to see.

moustaches also continue to be a trend, and i have to say it’s just something about them that makes me smile.  the new moustache mini movers & shapers was a hit too so i wanted to share these cards i made using both the positive and negative shape of this classic icon.

next up is the picture wheel die which was amazing to see all of the projects the various designers made with it.  everything from using it in a cool travel journal project by (debi adams), to a steampunk viewer by (jim hankins aka gentleman crafter), to even a wonderfully layered and dimensional prize ribbon by (amy baldwin).  see what i mean?

of course there were so many samples in this sizzix alterations booth that i wish i could capture them all, but here are a few more to inspire…

(mou saha) thought the the new compass texture fade would make a wonderful background to color in.  it certainly does.

(jan hobbins) created this layered grunged fan card using some of the new idea-ology stuff too.

(amy baldwin) designed another layered masterpiece with this colorful card using the regal crest die and some favortie older texture fades.

(jim hankins) shows off more of his steampunk side with this altered burlap panel using lots of the new bigs dies.

(shelly hickox) decided the new pocket watch movers and shapers die would act as a dimensional shadow box on a card.  love the steampunk look of this one and the new blueprint texture fade background is perfect for this one.

another project from (shelly hickox) showcasing the new union jack texture fade.  just by inking the folder before you emboss it, allows the color for this flag to be de-bossed into the paper for the perfect worn union jack look.

if you’re looking for wonderfully layered cards, (tammy tutterow) shows off her amazing talents using stamp2cut and my stamps from stampers anonymous.  these were some of my favorites.

i couldn’t resist asking (paula cheney) to bring her wonderland village made from the artful dwellings die.  paula actually shared a tutorial on how she created this on her blog here so check it out.

now each day at the show i got to demo an hour a day in the sizzix alterations booth so i did my best to share snippets of what’s new.  check out this series of videos once again thanks to our friends at scrap time

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – The Dimensional Cutting Pad from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

first up is a brand new release i didn’t even mention on my blog during the sneak peeks.  this of course created lots of interest when people saw it at the show.  i didn’t mention it, because you really have to see this one to truly get all that it can do.  get ready because die cutting just got a lot more dimensional…

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – Movers and Shapers from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

there are quite a few new movers & shapers base dies but these new ones feature crease rule.  if you don’t know what crease rule is, check out this video and learn all about it and of course using a crease pad.  plus i get to introduce you to my partner in crime at sizzix e.l. who is the mastermind behind taking all of my crazy ideas and making them into products – i love her…

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – The Pocket Watch Die from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – Gears Texture Fade from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

if you’re a steampunk lover, these are a couple great videos to see featuring the new pocketwatch movers & shapers die and the new gears texture fade…

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – Dies with Co-Ordinating Texture Fades from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

another new release that seems to be a favorite of many is the new eiffel tower and fleur de lis die.  as i mentioned during the sneak peeks, i also created a texture fade to work with this die to add dimension.  check out this video to see how…

Scrap Time – CHA Winter 2013 – Tim Holtz at Sizzix – Texture Fades with Diffusers from Mark Giles on Vimeo.

finally a quick video showing how to use the diffusers with one of the new texture fades.  i have to say that diffusers sure have allowed me to incorporate more stamping with my embossing folders…

wow – what a recap for sizzix alterations filled with so many ideas on this single post.  thanks again to all of the designers for sharing their creative skills in making projects for the booth.  also thanks again to christine and mark from scrap time for taking the time to film, edit, and upload these great video demos from the show.  sizzix is am amazing company to design for and once again i thank them (including e.l. of course) for always being willing to push the creative boundaries and explore new thoughts and ideas.  i hope you take the time to watch the videos today and be sure to click the links to the designers as well.  i’ll be back on friday with the final cha recap showcasing stampers anonymous, and another giveaway you won’t want to miss out on…t!m

congrats to the following random winners of the promo idea-ology bag.  thanks for sharing your comments so if you see your name and comment listed, please email to claim your prize…

1. Lisa Byers: I think I am falling in love with the worn covers. They are so versital and fun. I can’t wait to make one. Thanks to everyone for their inspiration!!!  Loved watching your enthusiasm with all the designers.

2. Glen: My favorite has to be the French paper pad and the entire French industrial theme in the new line, my prayers were certainly answered!  Thanks Tim

3. Shirley: I absolutely love the clock. My mind raced as I realized what wonderful things could be created inside of it. The booths at CHA were absolutely stunning.

4. Kathy O’Brien Meyer: First, I want to say how nice it is to hear Tim give credit to all the designers! Not every “big name” does. I knew he had to be a nice guy, because Carol Duvall was so fond of him! I am loving the new clock! I would be so fun to fill to mark a graduation, a wedding, a new house, a new baby …..

5. Kathy G.: Oh I would kill to get this give-away! My favorites of the new releases are the rub-ons (since I am a card maker and use flat items for mailing purposes), and the cool clock for me to play with and maybe give as gifts. Thank you for all these new ideas – never enough time to use all of them!

6. Patty N.: I am lusting over those run-ons- I have all kinds of ideas for them. What amazing samples! The creativity staggers the imagination!Thanks for the sharing!

7. Olive: Such talent! All I can say us WOW! My favorites are the worn book covers and the burlap panels. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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445 Comments to “cha-winter 2013 recap… sizzix alterations”

  1. Nurse Ratchet says:

    Congrats winners!!! Great to see all the designers work and Christine and Mark’s wonderful videos!! I love that they are during the show and often impromptu comments and questions are overheard! Well done Scraptime!!! Products are fab!!

  2. Diana says:

    everything is so inspiring. thanks for the videos because they really help me by seeing it in action. Congrats to the winners!

  3. Lauren says:

    I am in love with this entire release, but that picture wheel, and the clipboard are going to be first out of the gate for me. Great job Tim, and thanks to all of your talented guest designers for the wonderful inspiration!

  4. sandysewin says:

    Wow, Tim, I’m loving all those videos. So many of the products I would have never taken a second look at without your demos. The clipboard is especially cool, but I kinda need everything!

    Thanks for all your tips and tricks, very helpful. 🙂 So many great ideas, so little time…

  5. Nimue says:

    Love the videos. So many great ideas.

  6. elle says:

    I just got my Pro and I am so thrilled with all the stuff that I am seeing. Thanks for all the inspiration. oh, and BTW, gotta luv that umbrella chandy!

  7. DANEE says:

    I see myself filing for bankruptcy after getting all the Alteration product I need. NOT want but NEED.

    Tim, I Love you but I Hate your captcha…I always get it wrong at least once sometimes twice and yesterday I gave up.

  8. Julie Heyer says:

    I can’t wait to get out all of my alterations and fades and play! These videos really get your creative juices flowing! Thanks 🙂

  9. Jackie QH says:

    The blog was worth waiting for all day!! I love the sizzix line! I like the pocket watch………….Cute picture of Joe and Mario JR!

  10. Deborah Sorenson says:

    Congratulations to the winners. I am such a visual learner that seeing the demos really help me learn. I love everything and can’t wait until it arrives in my local scrap booking store, or what passes for my local store when you live 2 hours from any town! Thanks so much for the inspiration, Tim.

  11. Carol says:

    So much creative inspiration and so many videos. Thanks!

  12. Sheri K says:

    Congrats to the winners–and thanks to Scraptime for the wonderful videos–I’d seen most of them already, but the products are so cool, I just had to take another peek!

  13. karenajo says:

    WOW – thanks for all the cool Sizzix videos and super hints for using all the great new products.

  14. Sue McRae says:

    I really enjoyed all the videos and getting glimpses of the goodies yet to come and I think the picture wheel die is going to be a big seller, it’s such a fun idea for projects.

  15. Chris Dark says:

    Fantastic review and such wonderful samples and video’s, I’ve enjoyed watchIng x

  16. Dawn Bourgette says:

    Simply…. in awe.. amazing!!! wonderful!!! I love!

  17. Barbara L says:

    I do hate that captcha!! I’ve lost my whole thought. Grrr. Anyway, I do appreciate having all these videos. Now I “get” some of the dies and texture fades and the diffusers. I must mention that I managed to cut star bright out of my crease pad when I inadvertently added the top clear plate. My Vagabond is a mighty machine and I love it.

  18. Dorrie says:

    The wish list just keeps on growing, fantastic to view some on the stand in more details. Thanks for sharing

  19. Margaret in NY says:

    HOLY COW!!! I was excited with the sneak peeks of the sizzix products but seeing all the samples just makes me want them ALL!!! I am thinking that the Stamp2Cut system is going to be moving up on my wish list 🙂

  20. Claudine C. says:

    Wonderful samples and videos Tim. I am loving the entire line, it’s all so versatile and everyone really captured what all you can do with these items. Thanks so much!!! And thanks for all you do!!

  21. Beej says:

    i’ll say it again. everything is always amazing and i can’t wait to get my hands on the empty alarm clock, mustashe die, pocket watch die and all the new trinkets!

  22. Maxine Hodges says:

    I love everything, but I cannot wait to work with the watch and viewmaster film die. I can see so many uses. Tim, you never fail to amaze me with new releases, Just when I don’t know how you can top the last release, you come up with even more exciting tools to help us make more look so creative!!!

  23. Lynn Sweet says:

    The pocket watch die and the gears texture fade are at the top
    of my wish list. I think the possiblities are endless with them.
    Great job at CHA

  24. What an awesome release, my head is spinning and my list is getting longer and longer

  25. Liz B. says:

    So much inspiration here! I can’t wait to get my hands on that Inion Jack texture fade – I already have a project in mind! Love the bottle cap designs and picture wheel die too! 🙂

  26. Lots of awesome tips included in all these videos. And I finally understand the clipboard die…thanks for explaining that one! Cannot wait to get my hands on the picture wheel and the postage stamp dies.

  27. Shawn says:

    Wow … thanks Tim. It was like being at the show with all the great videos you included in this post. Can’t wait to get my hands on a lot of the new products.

  28. Teresa Godines #6857 says:

    Congrats everyone.

  29. Nancy F. says:

    :):):) I am grinning from ear to ear and realising that my next paycheck is as good as spent! Thanks for all the links to the great videos, just like you said, “sometimes you just have to see it to understand!”

  30. Kelly Long says:

    Tim you are always so generous with creativity and sharing of ideas! Thank you for all the photo’s and videos!

  31. Candida says:

    Love, Love, Love it!!! Love the umbrella made into a lamp. Love the new picture wheel made into a pize ribbon!! Can’t wait to get my hands onto these new things and try them for myself!!!

  32. Nita says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on the picture wheel and pocket watch first.

  33. Midge says:

    Congrats to the winners, but I sure hope Kathy G. doesn’t follow through with her first statement! LOL Thanks again Tim for all your inspiration. The Eiffel Tower and Fleur de lis texture fade are the first on my list!

  34. diana says:

    Wow, a great recap. The videos were amazing and the tips will be very useful as well. Looking forward to adding lots of new products to my stash, especially the dimensional cutting pad and the rulers embossing folder. Thanks for all the work you and your teams have done to bring us these great new products. Still can’t believe that you do this twice a year!!! lol

  35. marileew says:

    I have to say I am just lovin’ all the new sizzix alterations dies & texture fades. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful projects in the booth….almost (but not quite) as good as being there. I can hardly wait to get every single one of the texture fades……..

  36. Kit says:

    Very entertaining but depressing that I can’t have them all. I am inspired and need to find a partner who shares this passion and the products!

  37. Cathy Michels says:

    So much to absorb! Love the die cuts that work with the embossing folders. And the card samples that the gals have made are gorgeous!! Can’t wait to play!

  38. Pam Schmidt says:

    So many ideas for my daughter’s grunge/country chic wedding. Where do I begin??? Thank you so much Tim.

  39. Kathi R says:

    Hee. My captcha was “Ynot”.

    Ynot love all the great new Alterations and those videos? No reason! I love them all!

    Congrats to the winners. Enjoy your goodies!

  40. Steph says:

    well you are just spoiling us now!…. in fact I’m completely blown away after watching all the scrap time videos and seeing the awesome possibilities of the new (and old) products in action !
    I can now see the potential in the clipboard movers and shapers dies
    along with the new window base dies, particualy the pocket watch one used in combination with the circle die.
    You have shared so much information that my head is buzzing!!

  41. I love everything you make, but I have to say, the alterations dies are probably my favorite. They just open up so many worlds of creativity. The clipboard is awesome! Just love, love, love all the many possible uses for it. Well done!

  42. Jean McNulty says:

    HOLY COW….be still my heart….LOVE LOVE LOVE all the Sizzix items!!! Cannot wait to get my hands on that clip board die though:)

  43. Barbara T. says:

    Amazing projects . it will take me a week to go thru them all but cant wait!

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    What an amazing release! All the dies are “to die for” but the clipboard one is sheer genius!

  45. Try as I might I can’t choose a favorite. I want it all. What wonderful tools for creativity and what a wonderfully creative mind YOU have to dream up all these tools
    Linda S in SC

  46. Mo says:

    I love this post! Not just all the great new alterations but all the videos with terrific ideas and how-tos. I introduced a friend to Tim Holtz a few days ago and I think she’s still on the website.

  47. Sandra ltb says:

    I want it all!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Sandra ltb

  48. Geraldine says:

    love the new releases, wonderful sample from some amazing designers, thanks for sharing the videos from Mark and Christine with us.

  49. Patty Bjorgo says:

    OMG!!! What awesome new products and samples!!!! I’m going to have to get a job!

  50. Rosiej says:

    Congrats to the winners! It’s so exciting isn’t it?

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