cha-winter 2012…sizzix alterations (part 3)

happy friday bloggers!  thanks for all of the comments you've been leaving about the new releases, i agree the anticipation of it all is crazy.  today is the final preview of my new releases with sizzix alterations for this show and this batch will be shipping in april.  i absolutely love this collection of vintage inspired elements and just wait until you see the samples i've created using these for cha.  i'll be back on monday to kick off the week with my new stamps, can't wait…t!m

alright let's get right to these awesome new bigz dies and all of their vintage goodness.  the "vintage globe", "vintage typewriter", "vintage telephone", "vintage camera", "vintage fan", and "tick tock" are larger than life dies designed to fit the entire fronts of cards or use on scrapbook pages or canvas.  the "tick tock" was also designed so you can add a vintage clock face to it since i sized it to fit the clocks from my lost & found 12×12 paper (shown below)…

of course i had to do these in minis too and just wait until you see these for yourself.  these are mini movers & shapers so they can be added to any movers base die or die cut using the base tray.  sized from 1 1/2" to 3 1/2" when they said good things come in small packages i'm sure they were talking about these…
okay, i told you yesterday that "word play" was my dream die, but why stop at one dream right?  this cargo stencil set is my other new favorite since it is in fact a mini movers & shapers.  this set contains 11 individual dies with stencil numbers sized at just 1".  now you can create your own significant numbers for special dates and holidays with the classic look of stencils…

speaking of stencils, this new decorative strip die will allow you to cut your own stencil font from cardstock, but don't forget to save the background paper since it is in fact a stencil – think about it, cool huh?…
now these new texture fades are going to be an instant hit with steampunk enthusiasts like me.  the new "subway &
stencil" set is awesome with distress ink and great to cut apart too.  the "book covers" are great to also use with stamps since the centers will stay perfectly smooth.  the "diamond plate & riveted metal" is perfect when using it with the metal foil tape.  industrial at it's finest…

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1,200 Comments to “cha-winter 2012…sizzix alterations (part 3)”

  1. Wonderful read you got there. I agree with most of it, and am a huge supporter myself.

  2. I am going to try this sometime soon!

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  5. Laura says:

    I need all of them NOW!!!!! Great job Tim.

  6. Deb M says:

    I love all these sizzix alteration dies

  7. Carolyn says:

    Have I died and gone to ‘Tim Holtz heaven’? lol I sure could have used the numbers for my Granddaughter’s 21st b-day card, but I’ll have them in time for my Grandson’s card next year!!!

  8. OMG you’re killing my budget! I love the telephone! Just so cute. I am an embossing whore too, so they will definitely have to live in my house. LOL tfs

  9. Julianne Mason says:

    Very interesting! I ‘m new to all this but you are the one that got me interested when i saw your adirondak ink on my computer. I love all the things you do. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us. You are awesome!
    Julianne Mason

  10. Laurinda says:

    OMG!! You bad, bad man! Love this stuff! I’ll be stocking up on lots of your new products.

  11. oh dear oh dear oh dear…..I just knew I shouldn’t have looked

  12. Patty says:

    T!m, I have been tied up with a family illness so I’m just now catching up. You’re just an amazing designer, that’s all there is to it! What an amazing collection you have presented to us bloggers. And I know there is more fantastical products ahead! I’m so excited about all of it, but the movers & shakers is mind blowing. They’re so versatile too. The bags & matchbooks run a close second. It’s just all too much to take in. Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse of what is to come. All the best to you a CHA. You’ve certainly earned it.

  13. Dee M. says:

    Love those texture plate. And can’t live without the old phones and typewriters, and cameras!

  14. Theresa Nogueira says:

    Wow these are SOOOO cool! Cant wait to get my hands on them!! Love the old typewriter and the clocks are awesome!!!!

  15. Colleen says:

    must. have. every. one. of. these. oh my these are such great releases!

  16. Dodgelf says:

    Cant wait to get my hands on these!

  17. love these!! now i just need a die cute machine… sigh. 😉

  18. Milissa Miller says:

    Love, love, LOVE all of these!!! Amazine, as usual!

  19. Heather Guy says:


  20. Cheri says:

    Oh no! I need another job to pay for all of these!!!

  21. Wow need to start saving now!Goprgeous

  22. corrie says:

    I love these dies, congrats

  23. donna in Ky says:

    goodness gracious,,,,how cool is this stuff.
    i am sooo excited with all the products.
    I can’t wait until they are at the stores.
    a shopping i will go, a shopping i will go.
    hi ho the “Mario’ the shping I WILL GO….

  24. Lisa Moore says:

    I love the new embossing folders.

  25. LauraBean says:

    These look terrific!

  26. Kristin Townsend says:

    You are just amazing!

  27. Shay says:

    Love every little thing from today’s sneak peek…really awesome!

  28. steph says:

    Oooh, love th alarm clock and typewriter!!!

  29. Diane says:

    These are a definite must have. Can’t wait for them to be available.
    Again, you are amazing with what you do!!

  30. Laura says:

    SWEEEEET !!!

  31. Laura Cox says:

    Oh wow….just love it all!!!!

  32. Di F says:

    Wonderful! The only drawback is waiting till April!

  33. LisaR says:

    Damn this stuff is hot. I’m off to my suppliers to get on the preorder lists.

  34. Chick Alizadeh says:

    Too much fun for words!!!

  35. Cheryll Steinke says:

    Can’t wait to get the new dies. The texture fades are awesome. Love the book covers.

  36. Linda Cameron says:

    Love the numbers, and both the texture fade folders! Awesome!

  37. mandyb says:

    oh my!!!
    love it all

  38. cowgirlnicey says:

    Oh how I have spent my tax refund and I dnt even have it yet,lots of love…..

  39. Carrie Bumgardner says:

    Love it all!!!!!

  40. Sue Abell says:

    love these!

  41. Julianne says:

    Ack!!! I love every one of them, right up my alley!!!

  42. Fred says:

    woowww ! Love all of this !!!!

  43. Sandra says:

    Want want want want!

  44. Kathy Saltalamachia says:

    Love, love, love the new dies!!!

  45. Johnna Moore says:

    Love them all! Want them all! You are awesome!

  46. Roxanne Pafundi says:

    How great! Love the new movers & shapers….better yet…you can get them as sets and get all these great new dies!
    Love it!
    Thanks Tim!

  47. Gina Growe says:

    Tim, I have a feeling you were part of the Spanish Inquisition in another lifetime cause this is pure torture waiting to see what else you will dazzle my frazzled brain cells with.
    These are fantastic dies and embossing folders. Okay – just lay it out and tell me to send you my tax return in exchange for the new product. What a coincidence that CHA and my tax return happen the same time every year…hmmm.

  48. cardchick says:

    awesome line of products!!!!! hubby better start looking for second job…b/c I want them ALL!!!!!!!

  49. Patty Williams says:

    Lovin those clock faces!
    Patty in Akron ♥

  50. Sandy fischer says:

    i love them ALL!!!!!!!
    that covers it
    sandy in nh

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